LeBron James Tried to Bang This Lady (SPOILER: It’s Not His Wife)

LeBron James was called out by an Instagram model named Heidi Hoback after he sent her a message out of the blue asking for “hunting lessons.” LeBron is married of course, so even if he wanted to get hunting lessons, you’d think he might go for someone a little more inconspicuous than, well… this.

LeBron could probably score a private hunting lesson from the CEO of Bass Pro Shops with a tweet, but instead chose to reach out to an Instagram model with a big ass.

After the exchange, Hoback immediately shared with her Snapchat followers how James slid into her DM and how she thought he genuinely gave a shit about bow hunting… here’s the play-by-play:

  • LeBron James slid in that DM with, “Teach me how to hunt and I’ll teach you to play ball. Deal? Lol.”
  • She thought he was being serious and said something about how she just saw a deer…
  • LeBron said, “Wow!!” with disingenuous enthusiasm.
  • Then he asked where she was…

Either this chick is naive as fuck or LeBron is actually reaching out to all the hunters he can find trying to find someone to teach him the ways of the wild. Since athletes and celebrities never use social media to pick up chicks, especially while they are married, let’s just go with the latter—that’s what Heidi is doing. You can watch her exhausting eight minute “explanation” of her exchange with King James below or just take my word for it that he dropped a seemingly innocent (and easily deniable) line and she simply didn’t take the bait.

Your move, LeBron… Who’s going to be your new hunting buddy? Was Ted Nugent all booked up?

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