Fish Made Me Wait A Whole Day To Post LeBron James’ Dick

*slurp* “Hey man, you like my new shoes?”
“Oh shit, are those the new– goddammit.”

Because somewhere along the way the #Cocknaissance broke him — I’m going with pancake dick. It was the pancake dick. — Fish lost his resolve to bring you any and all sighting of celebrity penis, not matter how shockingly not hanging down to his knee it may or may not be. So, imagine my surprise when I frantically emailed him these photos of LeBron James decidedly not Hammboning it on Sunday night, and getting no response. It wasn’t until Monday morning that Fish even acknowledged the existence of these photos of a famous person’s penis outline, and even then, he said “Eh, it can wait.” And look, I’m not judging LeBron’s size, or Fish’s disinterest in any way, I’m just saying it’s going to rejigger the office dynamic a bit.

“Find anything good in the photo agencies today?”
“No. Not like you’d care anyway.”
“Aw, come on champ. I bet you found some butts. You love finding butts.”
“Even if I did I wouldn’t tell you, because you’re a selfish jerk who doesn’t appreciate what I do! *runs away crying, clutching armful of photos that could either be cameltoes or just weird shadows*

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Photo: Fame/Flynet