LeAnn Rimes, we get it. Christ.

May 21st, 2009 // 35 Comments

LeAnn Rimes continues to work the hard sell by flashing her wedding ring again at the paparazzi yesterday. Of course, maybe this has to do with getting caught hanging out with her alleged manstress Eddie Cibrian on Sunday. I’m assuming all the smoke and mirrors is to still hide the fact her husband is gay, and c’mon, just out the guy already. It’s pretty obvious as it is. No woman married to a heterosexual man waves her wedding ring around like a goddamn sparkler. Unless I’m walking down the street, then it’s like a moth to a flame.

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  1. Sam

    Maybe she’s trying to figure out the “shocker”.

  2. Missguydead

    Thanks so much for clearing that up LeAnn! I’m sure that ring can cure cancer too, right? It can? You bitch!!!!

  3. FACE

    what a white bitch

  4. TTripp

    It’s not hte ring on your finger that defines your marriage, honey, it’s the cock that’s not your husband’s in your vagina that does.

  5. Tim

    C’mon. No shame in divorce. Ditch your gay husband and puruse your passion. Don’t let your hillbilly fans make you stay in a misreable marriage.

  6. These are obviously the photogs who got bullied out of following Paris Hilton around… talk about scraping the bottom…

  7. Holly

    Are the Super writers seriously not posting about American Idol?! I mean, even A.I. isn’t as lame as Leann whats-her-hooha.

    This A.I. business is serious!!!

    I mean, how can we determine what’s gayer:
    Adam or
    Kris’s stroke fuck-faces when he’s singing

    These are important issues that we must all get to the bottom of!!! (No pun intended)

  8. Heathen

    i would like to thank The Superficial for not posting news about a show that is irrelevant and NOT FUCKING NEWS WORTHY!!!!

  9. -Luis-

    I would like to request more american idol info…specifically a snapshot of a stripped down kara dioguardi…

  10. excuse me I need to vent

    Stupid bitch, doesn’t she realized that her ugly ass blood diamond doesn’t mean fucking shit. Your marriage could be done like Britney’s former hotness and your husband could have been having dirty motel 6 sex with Ashton Kucher, John Mayer and two french poodles and you could be off to fuck that douche from your pathetic woman’s network movie all the while flashing your stupid rock, the ring means nothing skanko.

    WHY THE FUCK do women value such a pathetic over priced trinkets? Oh right because most of them are vile materialistic shallow little gold diggers. All that ring tells us is that you bitched and moaned about what kind of giant mortgaged priced, cut, clarity, and blah blah me me me ring you wanted to your pitiable boyfriend for months until he finally decided that he better get it for you and commit to marrying a cow like you and paying for your second grade boring ass milk because otherwise you’d never shut up about it and he couldn’t continue living off you. Too bad your hubby’s gay and when he was doing you he was always picturing Justin’s Timbersnake (not that hard really since your body ain’t too girly and your face screams my name used to be David).

    And just a note, I’m a girl sick of dumb ass girls like this giving women a bad name. She screws around on her husband like and ungrateful whore and she’s clearly spoiled. When my husband told me he wanted to marry me ( I never once brought up marriage or whined about commitment with a good guy you don’t need to and you shouldn’t anyway, it’s pathetic) I said I didn’t want a ring since I don’t think it’s very romantic to put a whole into your future husband’s bank account just so that you can convince yourself that jewelry means security and compete with your other whore friends to see who has the bigger rock (and soon the bigger ass). Only snotty fugly bitches need a diamond to feel pretty.
    We were both peniless students and I think the whole tradition is vile, what does the man when the girl gets a big diamond? A taste of what a blood sucking materialistic shopaholic nagging cow their wife is gonna be and a big debt to pay off. Every girl I knew was agahst that I didn’t want a ring, like there was something wrong with me. One even said all condescendingly “oh if he can’t afford it just get a cz and then if he eventually makes enough money you can get a real diamond like mine”. My husband is very successful and always was in my eyes, but I have no desire to use him like an atm like most women do their men. Well every one of those bitches who I no longer deal with are fat and miserable, with short ugly mom hair and are popping out kids left and right, while we have money in the bank, no life sucking children, the young toned boddies and looks we had in highschool and a sex filled happy marriage based on respect not greed.

    Anyway sorry for that I just needed to get that shit off my chest since I ran into one of them recently. She totally looked at my finger and smiled when she saw my simple wedding band, like”oh you never got one”. I was polite, but I really wanted to say, fuck you cow I also never got a second ass like I see you did.

  11. Alli

    Damn…tell us how you really feel “excuse me i need to vent”. seek counseling, you seem a bit negative. i like my 1 carat diamond *shrugs* and my petite bum :)

  12. Alli

    Damn…tell us how you really feel “excuse me i need to vent”. seek counseling, you seem a bit negative. i like my 1 carat diamond *shrugs* and my petite bum :)

  13. caljenna

    @ 11 – If it truly didn’t matter to you, you wouldn’t be so bothered by other people’s comments/reactions. I’m just sayin…

  14. poozy

    I like it 11. That is how I felt but when my husband and I made all the money, you should have seen how he acted when it was time to split half and he was divorcing me. ha. So don’t judge anyone, you never know.

  15. excuse me I need to vent

    #14. Of course it bothered me that’s why I vented on-line here. EVERY woman I knew showed their true colours I was pretty shocked. These were people I’d known all my life and I never really vented about it. I don’t “shop with the girls” or go to malls so I guess i’d never really noticed their attitudes. We eloped and did it all small and lovingly and it was like sacrilege to the bridezillas who spend a mortgage downpayment on one day. Anyway it’s all good just a little vent, we all need to vent sometimes.

    15. Thanks poozy. I know what you are saying, but we’re not really rolling in it or anything, it’s just I’ve noticed most people are actually massively in debt so as much as they think they have a lot they actually own nothing. I have a lot of faith in my husband, but of course you never know that’s why you have to remain your own person. Sorry to hear about your raw deal. Sadly it goes both ways as many idiot women I’ve met I’ve met just as many looser men. Society in general blows a little too hard these days.

  16. i'm done venting

    All the power to you Alli. If you and your man are happy it’s all good and if you aren’t rubbing your choice in peoples faces then there’s no problem. 1 carat is not showy, Leanne’s sucker is a 6 carat at least.

  17. In all fairness, that is one huge rock. Perhaps she’s showing it off a as a teaser to those who might want to buy it after they split?

  18. J

    she’s such a stupid whore

  19. myrs

    @11 tl;dr

  20. JJ

    I thought her husband was gay the day they announced they were getting married. I was just waiting for everyone else to figure that out.

  21. Well color me ugly, look who’s prancing in a summer dress!

  22. DCMikeRotch

    She joined a gang. The Southside Scatta Ass. Time for some community outreach to reach her before the thug life kills her.

  23. Hold on nigga… I ain’t readin all that shit.

  24. Bob

    Keep flashin that ring cause you can stroke my penis with the wedding ring!

  25. We're Not That Dumb, LeAnn

    And who are you calling on the pay phone, when you have a cell phone? Somebody you “just ran into” the other night, perchance?

  26. on the question how many guys FUCKED her today she “answered” with this signal, folks!!

  27. Kelsey

    Wow #11, bitter much? Life’s not fair, rich people suck, blah, blah, blah. I think there are better things in life to be angry about, seriously.

  28. eggs

    I have to agree with the essence of 11′s statement, although the way she expressed it was uncouth. Diamonds are just shiny bits of overpriced crap, and a horrible ploy to extract one from one’s money (or rather, one’s husband’s money). @29 You sound slightly bitter youself.

  29. Kelsey

    How am I bitter by saying there are better things in life to be angry about??
    You and 11 can’t afford things, others can, big deal, get over it.

  30. eggs

    @31 Quite the contrary, I come from privilege. Doesn’t mean I can’t see things for what they really are. In fact, it is because I can have these things so easily that I cannot truly value them, much less see them as a symbol of pure love or whatever it is people do these days.

    And I meant no offence, although your second statement is quite telling about your character.

  31. Get Real

    Well, we all know who really paid for the diamond anyway. Not a former abck-up dancer, I’ll bet.

  32. Get Real

    Well, we all know who really paid for the diamond anyway. Not a former back-up dancer, I’ll bet.

  33. herbiefrog

    we’re not cross about it…

    …we jusdt thouhjt [assumed [[[lol ?]


    ok we’re done
    used up all the enegy
    doesnt hava lot )

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