LeAnn Rimes is wearing her wedding ring. Okay?!

May 15th, 2009 // 37 Comments

LeAnn Rimes was out and about in LA last night and made sure the paparazzi could get a good look at her wedding ring. You know who else would’ve been good person to show her ring to? The guy who stuck his penis in her who wasn’t her husband. Just sayin’.

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  1. Who Cares

    Who cares about Lee Ann Rhimes with my ass? She isn’t hot, her music sucks, and she doesn’t even have an interesting personal life. NEXT!!!!

  2. You should see the picture of Kim Kardaskank on tmz.com. She is not wearing a butt girdle and you can see her saggy ass with a lot of cellulite on her ugly loose ass and on her thighs. She is wearing spandex work out pants. It is gross looking!


    Notice how TheSuperficial does not post these pictures of Kim’s big fat cellulite butt with cellulite lumpy lipo thighs because they are too busy kissing Kim’s big fat saggy cellulite butt!

  3. bone

    Remember when lee ann rhimes used to be huge?

    @2 I actually appreciate that the superficial doesnt post those pics! I can’t replace any more work computers

  4. Alison

    I can’t believe this boring ass chick got it on with the hottest man on the face of the earth

  5. havoc

    She’s okay. But not smokin’ hot like Kim…..


  6. Johnson

    Rings don’t plug holes!

  7. Johnson

    Rings don’t plug holes!

  8. tootsie majors

    Albino in a onsie – ewww

  9. She looks like every other backwoods hick in any part of the south…. except with more teeth.

  10. Zanna

    @11- that means her ring is DEFINATELY QVC Diamonique…..

  11. bone

    @8 fat huge, not like huge popular

  12. Z, I have a sneaky suspicion it’s set on a genuine fabricated manufactured gold plated non toxic realistic looking band.

  13. ph7

    And her husband is wearing a cockring while he pounds his boyfriends

  14. Zanna

    I agree, Rich. And the “stone”….it delivers the fire and brilliance of real diamonds–at a mere fraction of the cost.

  15. Deacon Jones

    (wipes vomit from mouth)

    Her legs look like Stormtrooper armor.

    Fuck this bitch FISH. Take us out with some T&A. I got a date with Johnny Walker in 20 minutes.

  16. I think the ring is as big as her tits, which are quite disappointing.

  17. AJ

    She looks like Tanya Harding. You know the trailer trash ice skater chick.

  18. I dont know, maybe something is wrong with me, i find this chic skanky sexy! I dont like that dress though not flattering!

  19. Galtacticus

    It’s about time that she’s wearing her wedding ring.

  20. Superbiggerevil

    Filthy white southern trailer trash.

    So What?

  21. Terri897

    Miss Rimes calls the photogs so they know where she will be. She has become obsessed with publicity. She likes the game. As for the wedding ring, she takes that off when she’s banging some guy like Eddie and then puts it back on to play with the press. Has anyone seen her husband lately? They never use to be photoed alone but again this is part of LeAnn’s game. She only brings her husband out of the closet for her purposes.

  22. saw her @ JFK Airport

    I saw her in the airport with her gay husband, NO ONE noticed her, she is SOOOOO ugly in person, I mean GROSS

  23. tarts n' cream

    She’s wearing her wedding ring? Look at what else she’s wearing, the ring is the least of her problems.

  24. db


  25. Americans like to show FAKE-DIAMONDS as REAL ONES.
    Especally when it’s a gift!!

  26. Stack

    LeAnn is still pretty cute. However, I’m surprised no one has commented on that fugly dress she’s wearing…. I MEAN WTF IS SHE WEARING!!!??

  27. Who knows what goes on in people’s lives? She is only human! LeAnn is, without a doubt, a remarkable, talented young woman. Very, beautiful!

  28. Skillet Face
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  29. kwasterp

    He is reminding me my ex-girlfriend about the Roxi name


  30. Justin

    She’s no doubt beautiful; but I gotta say, hot and sensual models on ___Tallmingle . c o m___ are more attractive to me! Man, tell ya what? If you dig hot Milfs, that’s the place!! LOL

  31. Valerie

    “You know who else would’ve been good person to show her ring to? The guy who stuck his penis in her who wasn’t her husband. Just sayin’.”–actually some people have a wedding ring fetish. Like it turns them on to fuck someone’s wife, who’s wearing her ring. Just sayin’

  32. Bob

    She can give me a hand tug with that wedding ring all over my penis + lube.

  33. You know what?

    @2 – Shut the fuck up! Who is talking about Kim Kardashian? Who cares?? The Superficial isn’t posting it because you’re a dick! Shut up and go away. Stop redirecting everyone to virus laden websites for the sake of seeing some fat ass.

    @ 32, shut your fucking ass pipe and stop plugging shitty websites for desperate people!!! Is that website where tall desperate people go to hook up with 45 year old losers who live in their mom’s basements?

    @ 27, what the fuck are you talking about? You looked at the ring???? She’s either hot or she’s not, and in this case, uhhhhh, well, you figure it out. You are probably the guy who always bought Playboy to read the articles!

    @ 26, good fuckin’ work! Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa” Skillet Face”!!!! Ha ha haaaaa, I gotta use that one. Finally, someone who amuses me! Simple but sweet.

    @ 28, No ne asked if she was cute! You’re either gay or some closet lesbian who lives in her mom’s basement. He heeeee, did I use that one already???.

    @ 31, you’re plugging some other lame ass website? Find another place to post douche face! Please, no one go to these lame sites or they’re gonna keep posting them.

    @33, Thank you for adding something so non-lame.

  34. 1moreidiotintheworld

    She needs to go shopping for a pair of tits….. and a spray-on tan. She looks like a skeleton draped with grandma’s curtains…….

  35. 36 posts and no one stated the obvious, … “skeletor”. If I wanted to have sex with a bag of bones I’d fuck Zanna, again. My hips are still bruised.

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