LeAnn Rimes’ husband is gay?

March 22nd, 2009 // 66 Comments

In a “The Shirtless-ness Should’ve Been a Red Flag” twist, reports are sashaying in that LeAnn Rimes’ husband Dean Sheremet is gay. An alleged family member, “Cousin Pebbles,” called into Michigan’s Mojo in the Morning and outed Dean which resulted in a flurry of calls confirming his love of men. LeAnn’s rep issued an asinine denial of these allegations Saturday. Us Magazine reports:

On the radio, the so-called “Pebbles ” declared that Sheremet “doesn’t care” that Rimes had an affair with her TV movie costar Eddie Cibrian because “he’s gay.” The woman also added, “He’s been gay since he was probably five.”
Rimes’s rep’s response? “Although Dean and LeAnn never knew they had a cousin named Pebbles, they are glad to hear that she has come out of the woodwork,” he says. “Dean and LeAnn are also interested in connecting with their other long lost family members: Fred, Wilma, Barney and Bamm-Bamm. So Pebbles, please let us know if you have spoken to them, too.”

Wow, that clears up everything. Except for the part where if you’re outing a family member on the radio, you’d probably use a fictitious name, Matlock. I mean, Christ, just look at Dean. I’m pretty sure he could hold his own in a fight. And by hold his own I mean pin you down and recite poetry while giving you butterfly kisses.*

*NOT copy and pasted from my 3/20/09 dream journal entry titled “Dean Sheremet and Spider-Man Invite Me to the Park.” Despite striking similarities.


  1. It makes perfect sense! Why else would she be every so slightly underweight?
    You don’t get rail thin in a happy marriage. She’s been married for some time..no babies… maybe she just wanted to spend her money for a bit -and be a fabulous faghag -and suddenly come back with a brilliant bang!

  2. camel_toe

    she has morman face!

  3. adonistic

    Going shirtless a lot means you’re gay?

    What???????? But that would mean that I’m -

    oh, yeah.

  4. Wow I remember the first time I saw Leanns husband a long ass time ago…on like cribs or something…I SO Called it! I totally thought he was gay. I totally have Gaydar.

  5. Wow I remember the first time I saw Leanns husband a long ass time ago…on like cribs or something…I SO Called it! I totally thought he was gay. I totally have Gaydar.

  6. I hate you people

    Man, there are some stupid fucking people on this planet., and some of you top the list.

    1. wearing flip flops doesn’t make you gay dip shit, I wear flip flops because its more comfortable than shoes and it warm here all year long, plus my wife thanks it looks young and hot, you fucking douch bag. If he wears crocks thats a different story. Your still a fucking ugly fat douchbag!! I bet you wear combat boots all day. If you see him sucking cock, then you can say he is gay.

    2. jogging shirtless doesn’t make you gay, maybe a douch bag but not gay, now when are you girls going to start jogging toppless since your all about equal rights!!!!!!!!

  7. GayPornDirector

    Fish I noticed that you stole my comments about the talent Dean has for getting naked when the camera’s roll. He starred in my epic movie “The Invasion of the Bare Boy Butt”. In this film, everytime Dean saw the cameras on and I screamed action he would strip, then bend over and hold his ankles while waiting for my “Movie Magic”. What is wrong with the pictures here is that no one is screaming action. If someone would then you would see Dean the way I’ll never forget him. That boy can act.

  8. Travis

    Well I do recall seeing them both a few times @ a local drag club in Nashville. but alot of straight people frequent that club.

  9. Is he gay??? For God’s sake, he’s on Sunset Strip every weekend carrying a can of Crisco under his arm!!!

  10. Yardape

    @56 Jogging shirtless does make you a douchebag, but its all good. Douchebags unite!

  11. Bernard Shaw

    And we care about Leann Rimes why?

  12. doug

    oh this is just awesome, country’s lil miss perfect caught boning an actual straight dude after years of living with an obvious flamer, lmao

    cant wait for the spin on this one

  13. twzzlrgirl

    His forehead goes on for MILES. Good Lord.

    Gay or not, he is one ugly bastard.

  14. Randy

    Is there a guy in that pic?
    I must be toooo hetrosexual
    all I could see was yummy LeAnn looking soo hot in that tight top and those tiny blue shorts yaaaaaaaaaaaarm !!

  15. It is clear that gay. Walk painfully while her husband jumps from room to room yelling in practice,

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