LeAnn Rimes’ husband is gay?

March 22nd, 2009 // 66 Comments

In a “The Shirtless-ness Should’ve Been a Red Flag” twist, reports are sashaying in that LeAnn Rimes’ husband Dean Sheremet is gay. An alleged family member, “Cousin Pebbles,” called into Michigan’s Mojo in the Morning and outed Dean which resulted in a flurry of calls confirming his love of men. LeAnn’s rep issued an asinine denial of these allegations Saturday. Us Magazine reports:

On the radio, the so-called “Pebbles ” declared that Sheremet “doesn’t care” that Rimes had an affair with her TV movie costar Eddie Cibrian because “he’s gay.” The woman also added, “He’s been gay since he was probably five.”
Rimes’s rep’s response? “Although Dean and LeAnn never knew they had a cousin named Pebbles, they are glad to hear that she has come out of the woodwork,” he says. “Dean and LeAnn are also interested in connecting with their other long lost family members: Fred, Wilma, Barney and Bamm-Bamm. So Pebbles, please let us know if you have spoken to them, too.”

Wow, that clears up everything. Except for the part where if you’re outing a family member on the radio, you’d probably use a fictitious name, Matlock. I mean, Christ, just look at Dean. I’m pretty sure he could hold his own in a fight. And by hold his own I mean pin you down and recite poetry while giving you butterfly kisses.*

*NOT copy and pasted from my 3/20/09 dream journal entry titled “Dean Sheremet and Spider-Man Invite Me to the Park.” Despite striking similarities.


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  2. Smarg


  3. Smarg


  4. Smarg

    Damn. Well, anyway, the dude got hold of some ‘roids, probably to look better for his boyfriends because he’s sickened by his wife’s pasty white look. Eew.



  6. Monkey's Bone

    She’s kinda cute ~ in a homely sort of way

  7. Richport's Ghost

    Thank God! Showtunes & gay sex for old RichPort’s Ghost!

    Call me Dean!

    I have the vegetable oil & condoms ready to go!

  8. Jennyjenjen

    @7 Still White, let it go… you are really starting to look obsessed. How much time do you take out of your day obsessing over Rich? Get a grip.

  9. sin

    You had to put up a post to say he was gay? One look should have told you that. Oh, by the way, what is his job? A dancer. Flaming queer there.

  10. trix

    i believe it.

    i’ve seen this guy’s pic many times, including this specific pic and something seemed odd about them as a couple but i could never put my finger on it.

    looks fruitier than my aunt martha’s christmas nutcake. :)

  11. trix

    i keep looking at that pic and it doesn’t even look like a man and wife… it looks like two gal pals hitting the mall.

    i can’t believe i never noticed this before! lol

  12. Leann is one of them fugsexy chicks, who looks starve for meat injection,,,and him you make your own conclusions, flammering is in the eye of the beholder…

  13. That's gay?

    I’d suck his cock if I could fuck her. After he dipped it in her of course. So what?

  14. Darth

    He’s a married guy and that suggests he’s straight.We don’t believe all ‘cousins’ right away.

  15. trix

    lmfaoooo #14…

    so all married men are straight??

    wow, you must live in a small town.

  16. Nero

    If he’s gay than Leann Rimes should have noticed this!?

  17. sarajane

    Seriously, if your husband is wearing flip flops more often than you are then that should be a red flag right there.

  18. Gando

    Marriage is a big commitment! All gays should know this before they marry a woman!

  19. Darth

    @15 Uh,whut!? Am i saying that!?

  20. Minge

    “He’s been gay since he was probably five.”

    Getting raped by his uncle when he was five years old doesn’t make him gay, Aunt… sorry, “Cousin” Pebbles.

  21. haha yea he looks like he’s in the closet….

  22. Galtacticus

    Hm,it’s hard to say from here whether it’s true or not! Are there any serious proofs!?

  23. Erica

    I told you so. Did I not tell you so? Yeah, I told you so.

  24. Sauron

    His hairdo looks pretty straight to me! Still that doesn’t say anything ofcourse!

  25. Nero

    What’s his job!? Ofcourse that doesn’t say anything!

  26. justifiable

    #20 But being caught dancing around in mommy’s high heels in front of the mirror does.

  27. Zanna

    @8- yea, #7 is making a fool of himself. And obviously doesn’t know about “sitemeter”

    Oh, and apparently there is no cousin pepples.


  28. Zanna

    But, he’s still gay.

  29. Zanna

    Oh, one more observation,. Look at his knees. They look like he’s been on them.

  30. feckless

    @9 Bite Kevin Federlines’ spare tire!! He is a dancer.

  31. soahc

    These two are going to keep the pale, easily sun burnt Aryan gene pool intact! Keep up the good work! Meanwhile, I’ll be in Rio inseminating mulattoes. That said, she is a petite Georgia peach.

  32. feckless

    @24 how does his fivehead with a razor sharp vein lining down the middle look? I’m afraid to glance at it again.

  33. kelli

    Has nobody watched the Leann Rimes episode of Cribs? It’s obvious he’s gay. She walks around awkwardly while her husband prances from room to room practically shouting, “LOOOK AT OUR FAAAABULOUS WINDOW TREATMENTS!! THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS!”

  34. Mike

    Let’s see… If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, its a duck, unless of course Chuck Norris says it’s a sheep, then OFC it’s a sheep. Now where was I? Oh yeah, this dude likes his fudge packed.

  35. Maggie From Buffalo

    Well if he is gay, that certainly explains the short shorts and black socks!

  36. Shannon

    To #14/19- #15 was making a point that if you believe all married men are straight, then you must live in a small town because people typically in small towns are perceived as being naive. I, myself, (being a performer) know TONS of homos and love them dearly, but I also have met quite a few who have not yet realized/admitted it to themselves that they are gay. These are the guys that when I first met them talk about their beautiful wife and then 3 years later they are performing in all the drag shows as gay as gay can be (true story).

  37. wet newspaper

    Wow, what a bombshell. He doesn’t look gay – - at all.

    P.S. – who are these people????

  38. wet newspaper


  39. wet newspaper


  40. wet newspaper


  41. 1 MILF Hunter

    He’s gay and she had an affair. Sounds like they both need some cock.

  42. Mike

    If I had to wake up every morning next to that trailer trash skank, I’d chow down at the local sausage fest, too.

  43. soahc

    Okay, I’m not normally one to go for such narrow hips, but she is just peachy. I’d love to lap up her juices. God. She could pass for 16.

  44. Jennyjenjen

    @27 He’s like drunk dialing sorority girl.. no self-control.

  45. Zanna

    @44 – AWESOME analogy….

  46. pebbles, no the other pebbles

    He went to a Catholic High School in Dearborn Heights, Mi & everyone thought he was Gay & were quite shocked when he married Rimes. But either way he’s a Rich Bit@h now!!!!!

  47. Most importantly…..WHO CARES about anything to do with them?

  48. bobo

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  49. Say it with me: FUNKE!

  50. ofcourse, what did you expect anyway?
    THIS IS AN AMERICAN, folks!!

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