LeAnn Rimes: Crazed stalker?

June 3rd, 2009 // 26 Comments

Brandi Glanville, the wife of LeAnn Rime’s alleged lover Eddie Cibrian, claims the country singer is still aggressively pursuing Eddie, according to Us Weekly:

“LeAnn is a stalker,” Glanville tells Us. “She refuses to leave us alone — it is shameful and scary. People are going to say it takes two to tango and I get that, but at some point LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance.”
Glanville, a model (and mother of Mason, 6, and Jake, 2) alleges that Rimes (who was caught on video sucking Cibrian’s finger during a date) intentionally tracked down her husband at a L.A. Lakers game on May 17 — two weeks after he changed his phone number to end her “constant texting and calling.”
Glanville says Rimes’ motivation for her “disgusting” behavior is to get back in the limelight.
Adds Glanville, “She’s hurting my family and messing with the wrong mom.”

Ah, the old “Honey, we’re not having sex, she’s just a psycho stalker” excuse that ultimately ends in your wife or mistress getting shot saving you a tough choice. Works every time!

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  1. not blind

    ugly dress to match an ugly woman

  2. not blind

    oh sorry, my bad.. FIRST

  3. Scorpion559

    She can stalk me anytime.

  4. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Typical Delusional Woman.

  5. She looks the unsatisfied, never enough, me-me-me, stalker type mm hmmm. So wait, where does she live again? I need a lawn to wake up on, undressed, disoriented & needy of a bathroom

  6. Who told her to wear a gown to the youthful mtv award her questionable husband?

  7. Yodle Dreadlocks

    The same as Scorpian said, she can stalk me anytime she wants. I love those awesome puffy nips of hers.

  8. I feel sorry for her :(

  9. Yodle Dreadlocks

    The same as Scorpian said, she can stalk me anytime she wants. I love those awesome puffy nips of hers.

  10. Karri

    she looks really pretty in these pictures……

  11. Ew Gross

    Whatever. He has done something to lead her on. She was “sucking on his finger.” He allowed that… all the picures of them together he looks to be smiling. Just a typical cheating guy who is trying to look like he is not cheating and therefore lying to his wife.

  12. chocomint

    Picture 8, Chris Isaak, mmmm yum yum yum!

  13. dballs

    Wait so his wife said Rimes is trying to get back into the limelight but isn’t she putting her there by dishing about her? Well done, lady.

    Also, LeAnn, we know you’re open for extramarital affairs, but don’t advertise by dressing like a roll of sushi. Lindsay’s busy snorting all of France and Britain’s coke. She didn’t see these pictures.

  14. Erica

    She’s cute. I feel bad for her because her husband is gay.

  15. Siggie Freud

    How could any of this be true?

    First of all, she was a child star. Instead of playing sports, running in the playground, learning in a classroom environment, etc. she was “handled” by adults as she lived on a bus and played to filled stadiums.

    Her parents profited mightily from this, but I’m sure that they’re every thought was about “what’s best for Leann.”

    As soon as she had the first sniff of cleavage she was being presented in slinky outfits, in videos and on stage.

    So how, possibly, could she be anything but normal? How can you say something like “she married just to get away from the Family Circus that she was living in?”

    You’re the ones who are crazy. Leann is as sane as Lindsay Lohan, or Danny Bonaduce.

  16. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    very nice, would definitely move on that, and kick sand in her gay husbands face.

  17. umm

    personally, I don’t think EC is denying the affair to his wife (who I am sure isn’t an idiot and knows better), just to the tabloids. which is the least he can do, to try to spare his wife from further humiliation. LeAnn is so fugly, gah, but then (contrary to popular belief) it is typical for the lover to have no true redeeming qualities, and are more often than not less attractive than the wife. it’s all about having someone to feel superior to, and guys know that the fugly desperate chicks are the best candidates to please their every whim.

    It’s like that old joke, “Why do fat girls give better head?” “Because they have to”

  18. This bitch is like Antarctica… not hot…

  19. Tim Thacker

    It all goes back to her screwing her family over as a kid. She’s a selfish, egocentric cunt with too much money and time on her hands who feels entitled to any and everything.

  20. Nick N

    #17, #18, #19 I AGREE 100%

  21. BallsOfCake

    Why is there such noise about this shit?
    Eddie Sybian or whatever his name is is a nobody and LeAnn Porkrinds is about a goofy looking little troll.

    Who cares…

  22. Nero

    Why is she closing her eyes? Sleepy?

  23. Shmooz

    Seriously, can this woman ever smile with her eyes OPEN?!

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  26. krystal

    Its all KARMA. they deserve each other.

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