LeAnn Rimes caught cheating on video

March 19th, 2009 // 70 Comments

Seen here with her inexplicably shirtless husband Dean Sheremet on March 1, Us Weekly has made available security video of LeAnn Rimes enjoying a romantic dinner/make-out session with Eddie Cibrian just days later on March 7. Eddie is denying the affair, but there’s no denying what this video proves: Us Weekly can hire an actress who looks like LeAnn Rimes from no closer than twenty feet.

I kid. Just look at her husband. Who strips their shirt off in front of the paps like that? Besides me, but only because society demands it.


  1. BungHole

    You Fuck’in Whore! Your a disgrace to women! I hope your husband puts you in concrete!

  2. BungHoile

    You pathetic piece of rat shit! Thank the lord you don’t have any kids. If you did I would hope that they would shit on your face, And that Mother F piece of scum your cheating with. I hope his wife takes him for every penny. Serves him right.
    I hope your rotten puss was worth it. I spit on you both! KaPew!


  3. sin

    Fake ass video/ Do you really think someone like LeAnn Rimes would be standing alone, outside at night? the papparazzi follow her around just like every other celebrity. There is no way that was her. Would she go to a place that small? No . She would go to an upscale place where there was privacy and they would not show up together. If you even for one second think that is her in the video, you are a fucking retarded moron.

  4. Ryan the Canadian

    There are some decent waitresses walking about BUT the fact that people are wearing ballcaps to dinner tells me that no matter who is eating in the video, they are stock human beings. I could care less what they do or make, they are vapid. Ball Cap? Vapid.

    A ball cap is tantamount to a cowboy hat BUT even the fucking cowpokes take them off when they sit down to eat…….and they eat beans and fart after…..

    If you think I am wrong about this, look in the mirror and repeat these written words “I am trash, I have no fresh ideas….”

  5. Hahahah,,,can someone get this guy a dunce cap? Eddie is wrecking his girl’s thight quarters, while he’s prancing around shirtless….

  6. mamamiasweetpeaches

    #17. LOL! I’m just glad to know Im not the only one who watches QUEER AS FOLK! I’m a straight married woman but where else am I gonna see fine ass on parade??? The guys I see in straight nightclubs sure as shit dont look like that!!! ROW!

  7. Is it me or is she getting uglier?

    Too bad she peaked at 13..

  8. GayPornDirector

    These pictures clearly show what I always knew about Dean. The moment the cameras start to roll he’s gotta undress. It was that very talent that got him a role in my just released epic movie “The Invasion of the Buck Naked Boy Butt “. Trust me when I say this man can act.

  9. tard

    Those are some seriously white mother fuckers; I wonder if they glow in the dark.

  10. nicemusic

    emm, u are so sweet.. but I just found out your secret that you have joined the online club ***”R i c h S i n g l e . N e t”*** , by which you are seeking sexy babies!

  11. EuroNeckPain

    Don’t you think they should exchange faces ?
    She looks more masculine than him
    (I love her legs)

  12. dude

    um wtf is the big deal/smoking gun here? this tape shows 2 people eating dinner out. if i’m suposed to believe an affair is going on then lets see him eating HER out eh?

  13. amber


    hehehe, just kidding.


  14. @ #16:

    What do you have against racism? You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.

  15. Yeah, I love to cheat, I need the attention

  16. treao

    we used to date in high school..and i found out she was fucking two other guys other than me.. ,, she is a cock hound,,,,

  17. Bogus Video

    This video show nothing but two people eating together, Big deal. Celebrities oftern kiss and hold hands. That doesn’t make an affair. You need to get a life folds. The comments here are really pathetic and vulgar.

  18. Jamie Rimes

    Hey it’s your cousin Jamie Rimes,I am sorry to say this but you have a ugly boy friend and it is not about if he is ugly or not but is he supost to be guY LIKE EVERY BODY IN THE NEWS PAPPER?

  19. The people outside the club are wearing COMPLETELY different clothes than the ones that go inside! And they look totally different! This must be somebody’s idea of a dumb joke.

  20. Boaz

    Everyone who made a comment here needs to get a life.

  21. Awashesh
    Commented on this photo:

    Sorry but loathe. Even for the cotruny music awards she looks too tacky. First I will say I really don’t like these Stella M. dresses. However, I think it looks the best on LeAnn so far. My problem is not with the dress, but with the dress for the occasion and on the person. I don’t understand why she continues to perpetuate our opinion of her as a hussy. Have some class for once girl.

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