LeAnn Rimes caught cheating on video

March 19th, 2009 // 70 Comments

Seen here with her inexplicably shirtless husband Dean Sheremet on March 1, Us Weekly has made available security video of LeAnn Rimes enjoying a romantic dinner/make-out session with Eddie Cibrian just days later on March 7. Eddie is denying the affair, but there’s no denying what this video proves: Us Weekly can hire an actress who looks like LeAnn Rimes from no closer than twenty feet.

I kid. Just look at her husband. Who strips their shirt off in front of the paps like that? Besides me, but only because society demands it.


  1. amanda

    shame about his face, the rest of hims not too bad

  2. Richard McBeef

    nice legs. i bet she has a nice puss too.

  3. Ashley

    Agreed with number two.
    And by the way, the video “evidence” isn’t shit. You absolutely cannot tell who it is. US Weekly could have hired someone to make them some money. Or it could be a publicity stunt for their amazing Lifetime movie.
    Who knows, who cares?

  4. Jrz

    D’OH! Forgot about the surveillance camera!

  5. Rhialto

    Where’s my Baby!?

  6. i call 'em as I see 'em

    Seriously, you cannot tell who that is in the security vid. Plus, if she’s having a “super secret affair”, what the hell would possess her to go out to a restaurant, in public, and make out? I would hope she’s smarter than that. Him too. They ARE both married.

    Unless they want to break up their respective marriages in the most unpleasant way possible, for the attention.

    It DID make the news, after all.

  7. Rhialto

    These cameras are just like Sauron! The big difference is that there’s no sound!

  8. Sauron

    The quality is the big difference as well! It turned out that Leann Rimes ain’t that much a sweet girl!

  9. Zanna

    C’mooooooooooooooooooooooooon sex tape. I know you are out there.

  10. Rhialto

    Don’t worry babe! It’s me!

  11. Deacon Jones

    dirty girl….

    lol..oh, i love when short guys try to compensate by longer strides. They look like they shit their pants

  12. Tap

    #2 – *HIS* face?

    Have you seen *HER* face? It looks like she got run over by a goddamn steamroller?

  13. Zanna

    I’m kind of blinded by the white when I look at her.

  14. Gando

    Still there isn’t proof of they had sex! Maybe it was just a dinnerdate!?

  15. amanda

    oh haw the mighty hath fallen……

    Welcome to The Superficial

    The Superficial is a brutally honest look at society and its obsession with the superficial. It is not satire. It is not social commentary. It is the voice of our society at its worst. It is first impressions without sense of social obligation. It is the truth of our generation. It is ugly racism. It is jealousy. It is honest.

    Just kidding. Our goal is to make fun of as many people as possible.

  16. gigi

    don’t the gays love going shirtless? every time I see a gay club scene in a movie or queer as folk chests galore & low riding jeans– hot… such a pity…. I’m just sayin…….

  17. thehiso

    you cant tell shit from that video… that guy could be her husband for all we know. if it is even her

  18. Rhialto

    Do you like my new name babe??

  19. mok

    Sweet legs, nice vag mound, face sweet but ugly. Ugly girls are the first to cheat – still need validation from their teen years.

  20. Joe Blow


    Could that pussy with no shirt on possibly look more gay???

  21. Sauron

    At least they can change bras! This will make them even feel more close!

  22. gheydar

    I have a toy poodle named CoCo that looks straighter than him. LeAnn is just trying to get some fully erect loving into that tight little body, and who can blame her?

  23. Gando

    This photo proves that hard work can get you there too!

  24. Rhialto

    Hard work!? *shudder* I might change my name from time to time.Don’t know yet,i’ve to get used to it.

  25. amanda

    #13 i never said she was pretty! shes got a pretty good case of the fuglies too!

  26. In Rem

    Wait… she’s a celebrity? Really?

  27. Mike

    What a monumental bitch. She fucked her family over as a teen and is now cucking her husband. Her sense of entitlement is amazing as is her complete lack of loyalty. not to mention that she’s butt ugly.

  28. le fag

    he does have a girly mouth. nice body but that’s about it. 3 beers away from an ass-banging. she ain’t no prize either.

  29. Frank N Stein

    I would have an affair with her.

  30. Lloyd

    Typical trailer trash behavior

  31. William

    This is a first for me. She is thin, loaded with money, her body isn’t half bad, and I don’t want to have sex with her. I actually have NO DESIRE to mount her.

    I must be growing up.

  32. Seriously??

    Wow, what idiots. Doesn’t exactly look like they are hiding it, so he comes out looking like an even bigger idiot.

  33. kels

    she’s look like an asian albino…i don’t find her or him attractive at all…

  34. kels

    she’s look like an asian albino…i don’t find her or him attractive at all…

  35. evo190

    I really hate sitting that close to other people while eating… btw most blondes are cheating whores..

  36. TastyDelicious

    I do not think it is them… I am mean LeAnne Rimes maybe not that big of a celebrity, but you would think some people in the restaurant would be looking at them, staring, pointing, asking for an autograph, or picture… This just does not make sense. Plus the fact that the camera is as fuzzy as a Saturday morning for me, makes me think this is FAKE!

  37. Anonymous

    Cheating: It’s the way of the female.

  38. Speirto

    Hey! Two bags of milk walking down the street….

  39. zworgthedestroyer


    do her doggystyle, have her fetch a beer from the fridge then kick her ass outta the trailor

  40. Goombah

    She is a has-been who never-was and has a simian face

  41. Venom

    I’d do her rotten.
    She is still sexy.

  42. mikeock

    she’s got squishy face.


    What a fucking whore.

  44. LaDy gAgA

    When will weaklings like the one in the pictures learn to keep their shirt on instead of humiliating themselves?

    Who are these creepy bleeched white trash crackers anyway?

  45. Groucho

    To those who always say “if you haven’t committed any crime, don’t worry about security cameras everywhere”, is this evidence enough that cameras everywhere is indeed a violation of privacy even if you haven’t done anything illegal?

    This is a disgusting use of this technology.

  46. puhleez

    She looks so good! I hope she never has kids.

  47. Crucible of the Armpit Virgins

    Dude, this slut would already be pregnant.

    Her too!

  48. bin

    he looks like a real TOOL.

  49. bin

    he looks like a real TOOL, with pec implants. mix in a tan, dude.

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