LeAnn Rimes’ affair actually worked

March 24th, 2009 // 24 Comments

Seen here with her potentially gay husband, LeAnn Rimes’ affair with Northern Lights co-star Eddie Cibrian gave the Lifetime movie the highest ratings for the network this year, according to E! News. How something like this even works is beyond me. What exactly do people hope to see by watching? “Ooh, this must be how they kissed during the affair. Now a pot of gold has to appear in my lap!”

Photos: Flynet

  1. Randal

    This is no surprise to anyone who is part of the industry. LeAnn Rimes is very young attractive lady that will fall for many men as she vaults up the ladder of fame.


  2. le fag

    i’ll bet when he farts it doesn’t even make a sound, like a faint sigh in a wind tunnel.

  3. R2-D2

    Blip,bloop! Eeww! Blop!

  4. Darth

    Gaay or not gaay,it will come out if he is somedaay! Lean Rimes!?

  5. Nero

    Wtf,their business is smoking and they’re not that hypocrite.Aren’t they!?

  6. Galtacticus

    Who are they!? What are they doing here!? And who’s repsonsible!?

  7. feckless

    She either did have an affair or she hates sex because hubby is gay as perky nipples in a mesh tube top and lederhosen in a biker bar singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”.

  8. WhatDoesRandalHaveInCommonWithLeann

    both have taken it up the ass from Leann’s husband

  9. If that’s a straight guy, he’s amongst the most faggotorious I’ve encountered.

    Seriously. Pink shirt, mincing gait, those flip flops.

    Can anyone spell SHAM.

  10. Jamie's Uterus

    Anytime you put a guy in jeans and flip flops, they look gay, no matter what. Sorry, its just a totally gay look. I blame that awful TV show, ‘queer eye for the straight guy’. So glad it got canceled.

  11. Will

    That forehead is absolutely fucking HUGE. That motherfucker belongs in Castle Crashers.

  12. adonistic

    Would hit.

    although, yeah, the pink tshirt and flip flops are a bit much even for me

  13. Megan

    Notice her crucifix necklace, the symbol of a Christian. A Christian, one who strives to be Christ-like. Jesus totally went around cheating on people. It was kind of his thing. Because believing in Santa is just silly and, let’s face it, she wouldn’t get any presents this Christmas!

  14. anne

    Once again, the homo in wearing flip flops.

  15. omg

    dude her husband is a fucking gay. can people seriously not tell? ever since the cribs episode they were on, its a dead give away. just look at his smile, the way he looks, blah blah blah

  16. 1moreidiotintheworld

    “How something like this even works is beyond me”???????
    Pretty fucking simple… they staged the whole thing to boost ratings for a stinky turd of a show. And it worked, because this world is full of empty-headed dopes who eat up this shit by the spoonful.

  17. Hellen Keller

    I did not know she existed outside of the suburbia I quickly departed in 2001.

  18. thanks for the information:
    this means: PROFESSIONALLY FAGGOT, folks!!

  19. thanks for the information:
    this means: PROFESSIONALLY FAGGOT, folks!!

  20. They could be toilets, and I could have explosive diarrhea and still not give a shit.

  21. Jrz


    They sure are an unfortunate looking couple.

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  23. Christian, one who seeks to be Christ like. Jesus went completely around the fraud on the people. The sort of thing to him.

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