LeAnn Rimes Says She Never Made ‘X Factor’ Statement, So Her Lawyer’s A Liar?

Yesterday, in the wake of the X Factor debacle where LeAnn Rimes looked drunk as shit, her lawyer made a statement essentially blaming 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar for botching the duet which somehow made LeAnn wobble down the stairs and be completely off her gourd the entire time she was on stage. Naturally, most people responded with, “This bitch…” so as is her wont, LeAnn went on Twitter last night and said she never gave anyone a quote because lawyers just call up TMZ out of the blue and make their clients look like colossal cunts for free. They can’t get enough of it:

“In my 18 years of performing, I have never been anything but professional onstage. It is a shame that gossip and lies are overshadowing the performance of Carly, a very talented young girl.
And while I have not given any media outlet a quote, if you want one, here it is “It was an amazing opportunity to share this experience with Carly and I know I’ll be watching for her to win tonight.”

Keep in mind, Carly didn’t win last night, so that’s a third child whose dreams LeAnn Rimes crushed. The first two being Eddie Cibrian’s kids who just wanted mommy and daddy to be a family together. When does your reign of terror end, Skeletor’s Bride?!

Photos: Getty, Splash News