So LeAnn Rimes Went To Rehab For Twitter?

August 31st, 2012 // 70 Comments
LeAnn Goes To Rehab
LeAnn Rimes Bikini Eddie Cibrian
But It's Not For Anorexia Or Drugs, You Guys! Read More »

Yesterday, LeAnn Rimes announced she’s in rehab – I’m sorry, a “patient treatment center.” – but not for anorexia or substance abuse because that would make sense and actually be better than the real reason: Twitter. I’m going to paraphrase this the best I can, but apparently LeAnn was constantly arguing with two women on Twitter and now claim they “cyber-bullied” her even though she called one of them up and started cursing this woman out over the phone because it’s always healthy when Internet arguments spill over into real life. Turns out this woman recorded the conversation and leaked parts of it online which while hilarious and the logical outcome LeAnn Rimes should’ve seen coming, is illegal in California, so right after her “not rehab” announcement, LeAnn’s lawyer filed a lawsuit against this woman who, yes, is a schoolteacher, but keep in mind she spends her free time constantly tweeting LeAnn Rimes because she’s a fan of Brandi Glanville, a woman she’s never personally met. So the whole thing is clearly very strange because woman are usually so rational and cordial to other women. Anyway, there’s apparently a second reason why LeAnn is in rehab, and it’s she spends every waking moment thinking Eddie Cibrian is cheating on her. RadarOnline reports:

The 30-year-old singer has been suspicious for some time about her husband not being faithful and she has grown increasingly worried recently about his extra-marital affairs.
“LeAnn called a friend of hers a few weeks ago sobbing hysterically about Eddie going out,” a source close to her exclusively told
“She was home for the weekend and he didn’t stay in with her and she was crying saying that she was so worried about what he was doing when he wasn’t with her.”

Keep in mind, Eddie cheated on his ex-wife with LeAnn and that was with the threat of paying child support dangling over his head. LeAnn Rimes carved out her ovaries to drop a bikini size, so there’s literally nothing holding him back. He’s probably reading this right now on the naked stomach of a woman who doesn’t call people on Twitter frothing crazy at them.

EDDIE: Hey, who were you on the phone with?
GIRL: My mom like a normal person.
EDDIE: I love you…

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  1. So, sounds like paranoia to me. She doesn’t need rehab, she needs anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic medications. Would any of the Internet doctors on here care to weigh in on my completely unqualified diagnosis?

    • hijkmno

      she’s paranoid for a reason. if he cheated on his wife and the mother of his children, what’s to stop him from cheating on her?

      been there. done that. burned the t-shirt.

    • USDA Prime McBeef, MD

      Yeah, obviously paranoid psychosis at play here. I would start her out with 12.5mg of clozapine b.i.d.

  2. richie

    so f-ing f-able!

  3. jd

    First world problems.

  4. bodyform

    I would be paranoid too, if I can’t open my eyes and see what is coming….

  5. Cock Dr

    She’s a baboon faced bag of batshit bones.
    Any bets on when Eddie will dump her?

  6. Grace

    What she needs is someone to show her how to hit that damn “Delete Twitter account” button.

  7. FastFoodLocal151

    This is free money for the rehab place. Everyone knows she won’t do the sensible thing and cut Twitter and all that from her life. She needs the drama to feel validated. As for the cheating – getting everyone to love her after that fiasco? Well, again – free money for therapists. It’s not as if the girl will ever duck down and live a private life.

  8. I actually remember when this girl was a singer with a music career.

    Nice body though.

  9. Batshit crazy makes her sexier.

  10. USDA Prime McBeef

    I am left with a bit of hope that one of my comments on the superficial will start a public war with a celebrity.

    *crossing fingers for Lohan*

  11. Jack Ketch

    Do you think he’d really have the sack to dump her ?? And if he did, he’d have to get a restraining order because she’d stalk him to the ends of the earth. Holy Fuck, in rehab for Twitter ganging up on her ?? Hilarious, fucking looks good on the cheating skank.

  12. Dan Quayle

    Nasal fart support girdles

  13. someone please off her

    What. A. Dumbshit.

    Definitely sounds like pharmaceutically induced paranoia. If it was just “twitter’s being mean to me”, she shoud have just cancelled her twitter account. But, now if it’s that she’s afraid the man whose marriage she broke up is stepping out on her, it sounds like every single insecurity is overwhelming her tiny little mind. Because of drugs…

  14. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Eddie Cibrian
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s got a puke taste fetish.

  15. El Jefe

    I believe this is the time to mouth the words crazy and move your finger around your ear in a circular motion.

  16. She seems like she needs a life. Why doesn’t she do anything anymore, like sing? She’s actually talented (sort of)…

    Also, reading ginormous run-on sentence posts is incredibly difficult for me!

  17. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Eddie Cibrian
    Judas Iscariot
    Commented on this photo:

    From the side, she looks like a Sleestack in a bikini…no really, look it up…

  18. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I don’t think she looks too skinny. She’s got muscle tone.
    She’s fortunate that she has a good body cuz her face is kind of busted.

    • Jenni

      Check out her stomach, those aren’t abs, that is malnutrituion-I-starve-and-vomit-belly bloat. You see it on starving african children – and Leeann Rimes. IMO shes a attention whore adulterer bitch, her shittiness manifests itself inside AND out. Rehab won’t help. Apologizing to the wife of the man she cheated with, leaving his kids alone(stop using the kids by playing mommy, trying to hurt the ex wife), then disapearing permanently from the public eye would be a fine start.

  19. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Eddie Cibrian
    Commented on this photo:

    When your you choose “It’s all good” for you Yacht, it’s certain it isnt…

    • Just another in a series of desperate self-delusions. “I’m not obsessed with my weight!” “My stepsons love me!” “My husband and I are SO HAPPY!!!”

  20. tlmck

    First she was a nymphomaniac, then addicted to bikinis, and now Twitter? Good luck rehab clinic.

  21. Jakehotep

    Is it Rehab or Recarb?

  22. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Eddie Cibrian
    Commented on this photo:

    She has a beautiful Body but I think she has a eating disorder and needs some major counseling!!

  23. “a fan of Brandi Glanville”. I’m confused. She has fans?

  24. Rehab for Twitter, Married for reality television. Gotta love stupid bitches of Hollywood.

  25. Jason

    She’s got a great body.

  26. Carla

    Thanks to that poster on last night’s story here for the link to Celebitchy (?) for the heads-up, my oh my this chick is unreal.

  27. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Eddie Cibrian
    Commented on this photo:

    Kudos to Eddie for proving that gold digging is an equal opportunity occupation!

  28. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Eddie Cibrian
    Commented on this photo:

    “You can stop sucking in your gut now, LeAnn, the pap is gone now; you only paid him to follow us for 2 hours, remember?”

  29. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Eddie Cibrian
    Commented on this photo:


  30. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Eddie Cibrian
    Commented on this photo:

    ^ the song looping in Eddie’s head since he met this twat.

  31. Jaariel

    God, I hope Eddie is cheating on LeAnne with Lindsey Lohan! I can’t even imagine the battle royale which would ensue!

  32. You’re making this up.

    • When creating a secret internet identity, LeAnn, it’s best you not use the word “horse” in your name. It tends to tip one off.

  33. Oh no, is everything not blowjobs and bikinis in paradise? My bubble of delusion has been burst.

  34. jason

    I hope the whore did get cheated on.

  35. Mama Pinkus

    I personally do not think you can “steal” a person from a marriage – more than likely, they leave because they are unhappy. But it takes a certain kind of woman to assist in that process when there are minor children involved. A kind of narcissistic bitch.

  36. Crystal

    How can the schoolteacher spend her free time constantly tweeting LeAnn Rimes because she’s a fan of Brandi Glanville when she’s blocked from LeAnn’s twitter. If the woman cyberbullied/harrassed the hypocrite (LeAnn is also guilty of doing those things) it would have stopped the second LeAnn blocked her. Not to mention the woman’s account is private, only her followers can see what she posts and it’s unlikely LeAnn is one of them.

  37. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Eddie Cibrian
    Commented on this photo:

    I am willing to doatne my services to LeAnn which will be to school her in the art of appreciating freedom. Having been released from a sham of a marriage myself, I now have a resume of things I have done the last 10 years that were prohibited during the previous 20. One of which is having fun with abandon. Another is taking a nice long deep breath and then screaming, Let the fun begin.!’Oh LeAnn, honey, and you escaped with no kids to bind you to him for the next 20 years. Please, fly me down to Nashville for the weekend. I’d love to spread the message. Come to Mama.

  38. mercedes

    they remind me a little too much of heidi and spencer.

  39. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Eddie Cibrian
    Commented on this photo:

    “yep!! still face like a dogs ass!! no change”

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