LeAnn Rimes Looks ‘Perfect’

Totally pregnant.

During an appearance on Extra, Eddie Cibrian defended his skeleton bride LeAnn Rimes against accusations that she looks “too thin,” and then made sure she didn’t even smell a sandwich while he was gone:

Cibrian replied, “I think she looks wonderful. She is very healthy, and to me — perfect.”
Eddie, starring in the new TV drama “The Playboy Club,” says he and LeAnn work out together regularly and hit the gym, adding, “She [LeAnn] really loves to work out. If I had my preference, I’d rather go outside and play basketball or golf.”

“But, of course, it’s hard to play sports with someone who’s basically Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable,” he added. “You ever see that movie? It’s kind of boring, but gets good at the end. Sort of like talking to LeAnn because she knows to make with the sex or I’ll just cheat on her, too, and get a new wife. I understand marriage.”

Photo: Splash News