LeAnn Rimes Thinks She’s A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Now

May 29th, 2014 // 40 Comments

Above is LeAnn Rimes and two of her friends (I’m shocked, too.) attempting to recreate this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover. Which seems innocent enough until you compare all three questionable asses up top to the power and majesty of Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen below and realize LeAnn Rimes essentially spit directly in the eyes of Baby Jesus if not shook him to death in his crib:

Nina Agdal Chrissy Teigen Lily Aldridge Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue


And for the sake of overkill, here’s more of Nina, Lily and Chrissy in case I didn’t make it clear that if this were the 1800s, we could legally burn LeAnn Rimes at the stake for committing blasphemy:

Photos: Twitter / Sports Illustrated


  1. rican

    I think ALL SIX asses in this post are very much edible.

    • mark

      yeah, I could see that. you know;
      Falcor’s tits are hilariously deformed, disproportioned, look-like-like-they-live-under-her-armpit fucked up. the acres of space between her tits remind me of brandy’s unfortunate eye spacing. though her ass isn’t too bad. so she’s got really fucked up tits and a face that looks EXACTLY like Falcor! decisions, decisions…

    • Jack Hoff

      Rimming is a sure-fire way to get Hepatitis. Just some food for thought before you head-out this weekend.

  2. Those other two broads are fugly as fucking fuck. I’m worried I might pull wood off Rimes if I look at the pic for too long.

    Naw, it’s not happening.

  3. rican

    And the SI ones are obviously photoshopped, so the first three stand up pretty well to the SI ones.

  4. No. She didn’t just spit in Baby Jesus’ face with this picture. She suffocated him with his own frankincense in front of his mother.

  5. The asses in the Leann Rimes picture would have been much better if we couldn’t see any of their faces.

  6. Ok Alex, I’ll take “Show me 3 asses Leo won’t plow for $500.”

  7. Cock Dr

    I think Leann just wanted an excuse for all of them to touch one another’s butts. Such a naughty little baboon bimbo!

  8. meeps!

    LeAnn Rimes is misinformed…

  9. coljack

    hey, their asses aren’t that bad! Especially the one on the right – he looks like he works out.

  10. Because SI just loves smug-mouthed trolls with perma-French Stewart face.

  11. Chris

    Horse-faced Homewrecker

  12. Lorne

    You sure this isn’t a production still from the Pumpkinhead franchise reboot?

  13. Falcor needs to be put down.

  14. Her face is visible and they didn’t even do the hands right.

  15. K_Will

    To be honest none of their asses are anything to call home about.

  16. Jesus, LeAnn doesn’t even have the wierdest lookigng face in that bunch.

  17. Falcor’s never looked sassier.

  18. I find Leann’s face uncomfortable to look at. It always makes me wince, she’s the Chrissy Teigen face of that group.

  19. Considering the SI ones aren’t that hot, they all are pretty much on par as far as I am concerned. There hasn’t been a true Super model in at least a decade.

  20. Sport

    Another promo for the Belmont Stakes?

  21. Juniper

    Oh give me a break with the histronics. When people like Teigen make the cover of SI – I think the standards ship has already sailed. Toddler-faced basic bitch.

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