LeAnn Rimes Is Probably Pregnant

October 7th, 2013 // 11 Comments

We’ve already seen evidence that LeAnn Rimes finally kicked that eating disorder, and now here she is taking it a step further by looking pregnant (You’re damn right I’m feeling cocky.) at Eddie Cibrian‘s son’s soccer game. Which is great news because if there’s one thing that traps Eddie Cibrian in a relationship, it’s being the mother of his children. He doesn’t at all come up with hare-brained escape plans like shame-boning a skeleton’s vagina. I don’t know where you get these ideas from.

Photos: FameFlynet, Splash News


  1. The Dude

    Aw, the poor thing is foaling.

  2. She’s not eating for two now.

  3. How does she live without food? I want to know.

  4. This Girl

    You should read justsayjenn.net blind items on her,she is crazy

  5. LeAnn Rimes Pregnant Baby Bump
    Commented on this photo:

    “maybe if i poke her with it, it’ll put her in the mood…”

  6. HannahMontana is a slut

    If she is pregnant, when that baby is born,it will come out wrapped in a Budweiser label…..

  7. Mike

    Now Eddie can K-Fed her crazy ass. Way to go-big money for 18 years.

  8. Truthh

    Her child will be autistic, mark my words. Given the amount of antidepressants and adderall she’s on, there is no question.

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