LeAnn Rimes Has Lost Her Damn Mind

April 8th, 2011 // 133 Comments

Earlier this week, LeAnn Rimes tweeted a photo of her emaciated form in a bikini to silence all the critics who say she has an eating disorder. Turns out it’s way crazier than that. As E! News has discovered, Eddie Cibrian‘s ex Brandi Glanville posted the exact same pose of herself three weeks ago on Facebook. So for those of you keeping score at home, not only has LeAnn stole Brandi’s husband, she’s bought implants exactly like hers and has progressed to mimicking the tiniest details of her daily life. At this rate, we’re literally days away from LeAnn carving out her obsession’s skull and wearing it as a mask which I can only hope teaches Brandi a valuable lesson about saying “Bloody Mary” three times in a mirror with the lights out.

Photos: E! News, Bauer-Griffin


  1. welldoneson

    what a lot of asshat-spawned idiocy.
    you lot are disgusting.
    especially the women who infest this site with their
    stupid misongynist brain damage.
    amazing how you dumb bitches VILIFY
    a total stranger over things men don’t even
    care about.

  2. Beatnik

    Okay, remind me again, who is LeAnn Rimes? I think I vaguely remember her being a singing teenager in the very early 90′s…? Wait, I could be remembering that wrong. Maybe that was Brandi Glanville in the late 80′s.

  3. hotpants67

    Everyone of the posters above know that LeAnn will be doing a movie this month so it is time for them to run out and try to degrade her. This is their life so let them get their rocks off or jollies or whatever. Don’t try to deprive them of the only fun they have in the whole world. Jealous bunch of trash!! Go, girls, raise your blood pressure because of someone you don’t even know. The ex should live long enough to be as great looking as LR.

    • The mob

      You’re aware your address bar on your browser shows this is ‘The Superficial’ right? This isn’t chicken soup for the white middle class soul….

    • Beatnik

      Is “hotpants67″ LeAnn Rimes super sneaky Twitter name?

    • LO

      Um, Brandi is already better looking than squinty eyed Margie (LeAnn’s real name), even though Brandi’s 10 years older and had 2 babies. Looks like Squinty’s out of luck, no matter how much plastic surgery she gets.

  4. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    she is so ugly, even makeup and pampering that comes with a celebrity status can not do anything about it…sad

  5. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    Man do I miss the days when there would be hair hanging out everywhere.

  6. I'll bring the popcorn

    I wonder how LeAnn is going to react when her adoring, devoted fiancé/husband cheats on her.

  7. LO

    LeAnn’s navel is bigger than her eye. Squinty eyed cheater.

  8. the captain

    well, this is the less lucky part of living in the united states, folks!!

  9. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    she is so classy
    Commented on this photo:

    who says you’re beautiful? fu,,, ugly b

  10. TDog

    I always wondered where the cast from “The Dark Crystal” ended up.

  11. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Jill Ess
    Commented on this photo:

    Brandi is skinner. LeAnn is such a fattie!

  12. kara

    it’s “stolen” not stole in this case. grammar dammit

  13. Suri

    There is truly something mentally wrong with her. She is vindictive, petty, hurtful and hateful. It’s as if she wants to destroy Brandi, and for what, she “got the man.” As for the eating disorder, this is a way to exert control in one’s life when they feel they have no control.

  14. jodi

    her belly button looks like an extra ear and she has lip=suction scar on inner thigh, now that’s sexy?

    • hotpants67

      Doing better at being sexy than you are I would bet. What gives you the right to criticize someone else’s appearance – or buttonhole?

  15. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    So effin’ weird.

  16. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    OK, Maybe this is us old pedos fault. I remember when she first came out that EVERY man (in private) said they would fuck ‘er like Tanya Tucker (a previous bone hardening teen.) It is hard to keep up with that image when you mature. Now the sluts are put out that way by disloedeon just because of their tits and ass. No talent fucks with an autotune. So she had talent and was cute enough to fuck, even if it meant 20 years in the pen. She needs to stop beeing 14 in her mind. Glory Days

  17. Miraygd

    OK, Maybe this is us old pedos fault. I remember when she first came out that EVERY man (in private) said they would fuck ‘er like Tanya Tucker (a previous bone hardening teen.) It is hard to keep up with that image when you mature. Now the sluts are put out that way by disloedeon just because of their tits and ass. No talent fucks with an autotune. So she had talent and was cute enough to fuck, even if it meant 20 years in the pen. She needs to stop beeing 14 in her mind. Glory Days

  18. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    She did this on purpose idiots..how can you all completely miss the point, Nicole has it right.

  19. Myclamisaninnie



  20. Ack

    Well she seems to be trying to get the rest of the Fatal attraction look going

  21. kate

    stumbled across this article, read a couple reviews. had no idea who the fu** leann was. so i looked her up.

    shes not that fu**in skinny, watch top modle if you don’t know what i mean.

    and if she does have an eating disorder and or is trying to fit into her boy toy’s x’s shoes, its probably because she feels inadequate just being herself.
    mind you that theory even has holes. most people are attracted to a certain type. its not on uncommon for a man or a woman to go for other men and women that look pretty much the same as their x’s. because they fall into that type.

    an eating disorder isnt a reason to hate on anyone. they can’t help it, its a mental disorder/addiction that’s VERY common, especially among hollywood’s overly glorified culture. and it destroys many people every day, like alcoholism.

    anyway, who gives a shit?
    i bet none of you actually KNOW this person, and from what i read you don’t like her anyway.
    if anything people should be concerned, not blurting things out like she’s a “cunt” or “a fugly whore”
    saying she’s a homewrecker and stuff, remember theres many sides to a “homewrecking” situation. the husband obviously had a say, and disagreements with his x wife. bash him too.
    most of you will have to deal with a loved one facing a deadly addiction. a handful of you will probably have to struggle with your own mental defects. i feel sorry for which ever loved one or one of you if this is the “compassion” this girl gets.

    • lowly serf

      Look! Up in the sky!! It’s “kate” from atop her ivory tower, doling out life lessons to all the untouchables.

    • Chris

      I totally agree with all you said. I’m just surprised there are so many people on this site that have nothing better to do than say bad things about someone they don’t even know.

      Regarding the “same plastic surgeon” as the ex- comments, and the same TwitPic is concerned: Couldn’t it be possible that that very same TwitPic is posted by many women? I mean, that’s certainly not the first time I’ve seen a picture of a woman’s pelvis while lying by a pool or at the beach. And maybe her fiance wants her to have bigger breasts, and recommended a great surgeon… Maybe she was okay with it. Or maybe she just really wanted them for years and finally found a surgeon with the before and after results she was looking for.

      The bottom line here is that no one really knows why she did what she did, and these gossip sites are only about getting more readers, and sparking controversy where none exists.

  22. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    check it
    Commented on this photo:

    she now officially has no ass… or a saggy one at best

  23. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    you know you’re anorexic / have an eating disorder when your inner thighs do not touch…ie, leanne rimes.

    • Vic

      You know you’re stupid/ignorant when you don’t know that everyone’s bone structure and muscle development are different.

  24. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    filo bedoe
    Commented on this photo:

    Man alive so many people are just whacked!! A woman should have some weight on her, not be stick thin so that the bones are shwoing through!! This is what hollyweird has bestowed upon our young girls and society. Women believe that if they wear a size 8,9 or a 10 that they are whales and that’s just absolutely absurd!! There’s nothing like a woman with a nice full figure, solid legs that aren’t all flabby yet big enough to fill out a pair of 501′s and the same for her plumpalicious ass too!! Our women need to get back to basics and “be a woman” not a damn walking stick no matter what or who tells them it’s the fashionable way to be!!!!

  25. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    Just waiting for LeeAnn to start boiling bunnies soon.

  26. Gringo

    I didn’t know the Egyptians let King Tut’s mummy go to premiers.

  27. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    At least she looks better with the implants. She use to be in th IBTC. (Itty Bitty Titty Committe). I’m not a fan of this skank at all. I hope Edie Cibrian gives her the Herp

  28. yawn

    Just leave her alone. To call her “emaciated” is a bit of an exaggeration.

    I’ve had the chance to work in an inpatient eating disorders clinic. It was heart-breaking…and those individuals who were battling anorexia were emaciated.

    Celebrities (and non-celebrities) lose weight, gain weight, and often to what the average person would consider an extreme. That does not qualify them as having an eating disorder. Maybe a form of temporary ‘disordered eating’…but not necessarily an eating disorder. Eating disorders are complex and painful and to immediately label those in the spotlight that lose weight as ‘anorexic’ is almost a slap in the face to those who truly suffer from it. Suffer. Consumes their life. Takes the quality away from living.

    While Leann Rimes may be too thin for many….don’t carelessly diagnose her with an eating disorder or label her ‘skeletal’ or ‘emaciated’. I can assure you she is not either of those.

  29. Buggernut

    LeAnn Rimes is a Skankosaurous Rex. Drag her out into the square and throw rocks at her!!! ADULTEROUS WHORE!

  30. Buggernut

    She has a nice adam’s apple for a homewrecking WHORE!!!

  31. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Edward Stotts
    Commented on this photo:

    Yes,the implants look good. If Eddie’s ex would have been taking care of him,
    in the bedroom,he wouldn’t have left.Pays you women for using sex as a weapon.

  32. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    this is whats left of a womans body if it has to be size zero.. fucking idiots.. women are born with curves

  33. Keiwan

    A good many valaeubls you’ve given me.

  34. Kaleigh

    Infoarmtion is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

  35. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    This truly is superficial, but it is entertaining – in a sick kind of way..

  36. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    I checked some older photos of stunning Brandi Glanville and there is no doubt Leann Rimes has major fixation with being a ‘Brandi-double’. The sightings of her literally hiding around the corner from Brandi/Eddie’s home and other locales such as bars and coffee shops proves LR WAS stalking Eddie. What chronic cheater wouldn’t be amused.LR knows how Eddie cheated numerous times t/o his marriage to Brandi.LR has only ever had two relationships at 29 yrs of age. The future is mighty dark for this unattractive woman. It’s obvious in every photo how she is emanicating herself. Bets he cheats on her with new Playboy series costars as they are all very gorgeous/voluptuous women.Hubby won’t be able to resist!

  37. Kaylynn

    Clear, ifnoratmive, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

  38. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    Resume Services
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  39. LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitter
    tv case
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