LeAnn Rimes Has Implants? Get Out.

When photos of LeAnn Rimes in a bikini hit last week, almost everyone commented that she had to have gotten implants except for me who just thought she became cooler all of a sudden. Anyway, it turns out she did get them, but I’m not about to make fun of a woman for fixing God’s mistakes unless it’s comedically convenient. I will, however, make fun of someone who went to the same plastic surgeon as her fiance’s ex and got the same size which is exactly what LeAnn did. Us Magazine reports:

“She recently got a boob job,” a source reveals to UsMagazine.com. “She’s always, always been insecure about her size. She was a small A-cup. She often talked about wanting to get implants. She’d say, “I just want a little bit so they’re proportionate to my body.'”
To pump up her new appearance, Rimes even turned to the same plastic surgeon Cibrian’s ex wife Brandi Glanville used — and got the same cup size!
Says the insider, “When Brandi and LeAnn were constantly fighting, one of LeAnn’s jabs at Brandi was that she was plastic. Brandi replied, ‘Be careful, honey. That’s what Eddie likes. You’ll be there someday too.'”

First, you get the implants… Then, you get the marriage… Then, you get left home alone with the kids, you stupid idiot.. Are you fucking kidding me? This is the person LeAnn Rimes picked as her role model in this whole ordeal? The woman who got cheated on and ultimately kicked to the curb? Jesus. I don’t want to make a grand sweeping statement about women being insane emotional creatures devoid of all logic and reason, but only because that would paint me into a corner where I couldn’t talk about how bad you are at driving. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin