LeAnn Rimes Has A Butt? That Can’t Be Right.

Here’s LeAnn Rimes somehow getting her ass squeezed by Eddie Cibrian over the weekend which literally boggles my mind. Granted, she’s been eating again – Or at least telling the paparazzi to snap pictures when she holds a spoon up to her mouth. – I’m almost positive she slapped a wad of Silly Putty in his hand and said, “Make this look good.” Because by my calculations, Eddie Cibrian’s hand should’ve slipped into some sort of negative space/null-ass zone where butt matter disintegrates at an accelerated rate. He should’ve reached up to scratch his nose only to find a stump for a hand, or that baby from 2001 stuck to it. I’m still crunching numbers.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News, Splash News