The LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville Feud Doesn’t Look Out of Hand At All

Last week, Brandi Glanville revealed in an interview with some obscure Australian magazine that she wanted to kill LeAnn Rimes, which prompted LeAnn to immediately act scared for her life and latch onto the free publicity even though it didn’t involve wearing a bikini. So, of course, yesterday she Tweeted pics of herself at the shooting range, most likely to let Brandi know that firing a gun surprisingly won’t snap LeAnn’s arms right the fuck off. Which is honestly a smart move because I would’ve counted on the same thing in my murder plans. “Let’s see, waltz into her house, wait for kickback to send bullet into the ceiling as her arms splinter like dry bamboo shoots, apply murder to face, frame Eddie and BOOM. Time for pedis.”

Photos: Twitter