LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Are Engaged (For Real This Time)

November 4th, 2010 // 62 Comments

Disneyland: Make your next affair magical!

After cheating on, then eventually leaving their spouses, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have decided marriage really does mean something after all and are going to give it another shot because, clearly, they both have incredible track records. E! News reports:

Though it didn’t happen on Halloween, the recently divorced actor indeed popped the question recently and the duo are engaged, a source tells E! News.
So no wonder Brandi Glanville wants to have a civil sit-down with her kids’ future stepmom…
Glanville, who has two children with Cibrian, told E! News today that she planned to meet with her sworn enemy pal-in-the-making next week.

Shit like this will never make sense to me. If I somehow found myself committing to a relationship long enough for it to end in divorce, I swear to God the last thing I’d do is get married again. That’s like escaping Auschwitz only to turn around and go, “You know what? I probably just picked a bad day. Let’s give it another whirl.”

UPDATE: Okay, so maybe they’re not. Sort of.

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  1. Datmexican


    • Randal

      Congratulations to the both of you and may happiness and joy surround your hearts during this magical moment. All the best to you both!


  2. gogo

    FIRST reaally?

  3. Livinius Nwambe

    Props to the mom for being big enough to sit down and deal with all this for her kids’ benefit.

  4. TracyJ

    not a gas chamber… more when they drip water on your forehead until you can’t stand it anymore.

  5. I like how they got a personalized pumpkin. Though to be honest, I’m not sure how he’s a “Treat”…

  6. Joe Blow

    What a skank.

  7. Gallo

    we should all pitch in and get them something nice.

  8. Ash Bones

    OH BOY!!! That’s a cool mickey pumpkin in the background, i want one..

  9. venomous

    Home wrecking whore. I don’t know who he is I guess nobody other than a handsome face that our harlot couldn’t resist and had to take away from his family so she could fuck him for her own.
    I wish them unhappiness.

    • Lol good call. I give it 18 mos tops. Only reason their rel was exciting to begin with is cos it was forbidden. Take away the taboo once their married and theyre just two more assholes with no loyalty.

  10. michiez

    if u are not happy in a marriage.. get out dont stay in until u meet someone new.. or if u have kids. i guess i mine as well stay misrable lol

  11. Carolyn

    I think she’s funny looking and they’re both cheating pieces of shit.

  12. SamIam

    She puts the cunt back in country.

    and he’s a douchebag… but he’s still hot.

  13. Danielle

    I don’t know if it’s just me… but those two are starting to look like siblings!
    It’s in the face, but they do kind of look-alike. I think it’s the squinty eyes and chipmunk cheeks.

    This unholy alliance just got unholier…

  14. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Engaged
    Commented on this photo:

    Dont know who is worse. The home wrecker to coulndt keep her hands to herself or the Womanizer who couldnt keep hes vows! The least they could do is get the divorce first then hook up.

  15. yall are just goaded into reaction

    Honestly, how is this different than paul Newman and Joanne woodward, Jlo & Marc Anthony? etc. etc.

    I swear, the media picks and chooses who it wants to crap on and for what reason. Marriage is supposed to last forever in my book, but Im not gonna lie and pretend like it’s unheard of to leave your spouse for another man or woman in Hollywood. Please, these crazy fools get in hot the pants for people while they’re filming movies and efore you know it they’ve adopted 12 kids from Africa.

    So why are people acting like these 2 are the doing something so different?

  16. LeAnn Rimes is ugly and who the F is Eddie Cibrian? And…why do we care?

  17. Jack

    This bitch will NOT age well. Fortunately (I guess…?) he’s going to cheat on her in five minutes and make that a moot point anyway. Also… do we even really know who the fuck LeAnn Rimes is? Sure, she’s the skank who cheated and hooked up with a married man, but is anyone besides my parents really old enough to remember her as the pre-washed up teen arsehole who play-acted at Patsy back in the day?

    • Kerri

      i totally agree. i don’t think i’ve ever even heard her sing! i just get the impression she’s awful because she looks like a total loser nerd. one of those girls in highschool that was really homely and sang in the choir but had no friends and suddenly someone thought she had talent (wrong), gave her a makeover and now she’s only slightly below average!

  18. BRick

    No one else notices that Disneyland photo is faked? The lighting and exposure of the background are completely different from the people. Somebody photoshopped a new background in, wonder why.

  19. James

    I guess that’s what he wanted: a squinty-eyed chipmunk face. Who has annoying songs.

  20. anonymous

    i was just standing in that same spot @ Disneyland three weeks ago.

  21. wim

    well, american boy’s never ever grow up:

  22. Rhialto

    Despite all you can tell from their faces that they’d fit well together! Congrats!

  23. bimbamboing

    Probably at twelve sharp midnight they’d both turn into Minnie and Mickey Mouse.Ofcourse the pumpkin does turn into a royal carriage as well.

  24. Nero

    Most of the girls posted her are annoying the hell out of me.But Leann Rimes looks different…

  25. Samualson

    If anyone out there has been lucky enough to see this chicks boobs, they are awesome! She has a couple pics with no bra on where you can easily see her nips, and a couple vids as well if you can catch em in HD. VERY suckable!

  26. Rough unite the "internets"

    Good for him…

    She brings home the bacon, and she’s a good little Christian who accept communion in the bedroom I’d bless her with a ring too…

  27. Lol happened upon them this very morning on lazygirls :-) not a nip but nip thru seethru bra. Pretty but theres way hotter out there already

  28. GravyLeg

    So funny… Cheaters always think that their cheating partner is THE ONE…
    And guess what will happen next… Someone will CHEAT again…
    Fucking idiots…

  29. ghost

    If he/she will cheat with you, he/she will cheat on you.

  30. Kelley

    I can’t imagine the number of people who can’t WAIT for this to blow up in their faces … wow … and I am one of them !!

  31. dumbass

    sheesh, idk but I think she looks great. smoking hot tight little body, nice ya yas, just as cute as can be. i don’t think i’ve heard her ‘sing’ since she was 15 years old and a really big deal, all i remember is she always sounded like somebody who sucked helium trying to yodel. i bet she’s wild in the sack.

  32. Angie

    She looks like a muppet.

  33. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Engaged
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m torn.

    I like this girl, I like her music but I’m kinda turned off by the whole stealing someone else’s man thing.

  34. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Engaged
    Commented on this photo:

    This broad is ugly; he’s no prize, either. Two squinty-eyed nerds.

  35. seth

    She’s a Grenade no more like a landmine, she has a rat face like Taylor Swift!

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