LeAnn Rimes Says Carly Rose Butchering Her Song Made Her Look Drunk. Yup.

December 20th, 2012 // 53 Comments
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LeAnn Rimes Drunk X Factor
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After the entire Internet saw LeAnn Rimes “perform” with 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar on X Factor last night, it was a pretty much a given everyone was going to assume she was drunk which is usually what happens when you can barely stand, repeatedly beef your own song and suddenly start making Christina Aguilera hands like you nailed that shit. So, of course, LeAnn Rimes is denying she was drunk, and of course, she’s doing it in the most horrible way possible because she’s a skeleton woman who feeds on the hopes and dreams of children but stills throw them up because black magic goes straight to your thighs. You don’t even know. TMZ reports:

LeAnn says she was in no way impaired, and any awkwardness was because “I was trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having some trouble with the song.”
LeAnn believes Carly Rose Sonenclar was very nervous and had difficulty with some of the notes and she was doing her best to help her get through it.
LeAnn’s lawyer, Larry Stein, who spoke with LeAnn a few minutes ago, tells TMZ “LeAnn was not performing the way she would normally perform, because she was on stage with a young girl.”

That’s right, LeAnn Rimes couldn’t just deny being drunk, she had to throw a 13-year-old girl who actually rehearsed and knew the words like a professional under the bus. Because apparently hearing her own song sung correctly turns LeAnn Rimes into a goddamn Weeble Wobble which Carly Rose should’ve known. If that’s even her real name

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  1. seth

    Grinch Face!

    • GT

      LeAnn Rimes may be awesome as a studio artist, but live, she is absolutely horrible. I heard karaoke singers easily do better (Saw her live twice – once for free, thankfully).

    • Charlie

      Rimes lost more than half of her fans because, she came off drunk in her X Factor performance. She was really bad! On the other hand if you watch the playback you can see Carley Rose face expressions when Rimes was really off. If it wasn’t for Carly Rose the song would have died completely! CARLY Rose lost the win because of Rimes!
      It’s too bad Rimes didn’t stay in treatment for a few more months it may have helped her with her obvious problem!

  2. Joanne

    holy cow that was painful to watch and listen to – yeah that chick (LeeAnn) was on something

  3. Jen

    Great. Now I am forced to admit that I watch X-Factor. The kid nailed it. Leann was a hot mess. Time for more alcohol social media rehab.

  4. Cock Dr

    She’s in the running for Super Cunt of 2012.

  5. EricLr

    I say we just replace Rimes with Carly Rose and just pretend she never happened. That milk is WAY past its expiration date anyway.

  6. what a supreme bitch. though i guess stealing another person’s husband, wait no…entire family should have been a clue.

  7. More proof that most “celebrities” are histrionic personality disorder bitches.

  8. I’m compelled to a small rant (that maybe 1 person will read) I watched X factor for the 1st time last night, and yes LeAnn SUCKED, she could barely sing a fucking note, but seriously the production values for the entire show were CRAP. Crappy ‘band’, crappy lighting, crappy choreography. And that girl group, jaysus, they could not have looked and sounded more amateurish. & Britney!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s the one thing they do have a hold of, ‘DON’T LET HER SAY MORE THAN 5 WORDS IN A ROW!’ ‘Shockingly amazing’ she called this performance, I nearly pissed myself laughing. And Cowell’s short? C’mon dude, yeah your’re known for your cleavage, but that was just ridiculous. This little girl and the country singing dude are talented but I have to think they missed people more talented just because the show is such a piece of shit. So there.

  9. Logan

    When Rimes had that song out on the radio there was another version out at the same time by Trisha Yearwood. Rimes didn’t hold a candle to Yearwood back then, and now she is just embarrassing herself. She needs to check into a serious rehab facility before she pulls an Amy Winehouse.

  10. Another graduate of the Lindsey Lohan school of etiquette.

  11. JC

    “Dear” LeAnn,

    You’re a rancid twatwaffle. Also, you’re getting some thunder thighs. Better step up the binging, pig.

    The World

  12. James Marshall

    Maybe it wasn’t alcohol , maybe it was just cough syrup , or heroin!
    Heroin is always good when you’re trying to keep your weight down

  13. Kinga laska

    fugly bitch with a monkey face, youre long gone rimes, your career has been over for centuries and to get some money you had to steal, a man, not any man, a husband and more importantly a father,you have a hideous body and you always look horrible, please go bury yourself and make hollywood and the world a favor, btw im not a brandi fan or anything i dont even like her but i mean HELL!! you look like a blonde monkey next to her, geez i mean your body is shit compared to hers, god, i dont see what eddie saw in you, he must be fucking blind cuz you seriously are ugly, may god have mercy on your ugliness

  14. I bet Brandi was at home laughing her ass off while watching Leann mutilate her own song.

  15. lori

    Maybe I should become a country singer so that I can howl and whine for a few minutes and call it “singing”.

  16. Your song ??? Screw you b***ch, you stole this song from Trisha Yearwood, the only one who butchered this song last night was you!!

  17. Fuck you, LeAnn. Carly nailed it. You suck.

  18. john

    I actually thought it was very good!

  19. gocarly

    I thought it was very good too.

  20. gocarly

    Who is to say this sick gossip is not even true. LeAnn denies it. And why people enjoy hate blogging is beyond me. Perhaps we need to take a look in the mirror and witness our own misery before pointing out the perceived and “alleged” faults of others. As for the “ex wife,” she is accountable for her part in perpetuating negative drama. But hark! Let those who have never missed the mark cast the first stone. Anyway I thought the performance last night was heartfelt and beautiful. Raw and real, shared staging, fun, etc.

    • I love it when the Google brings new people, who are actual fans of the celebrity in question being flambéed, to this site.

    • Jade

      Ty for the laugh. LeAnn released a statement that she’s now denying because she finally understood the absurdity of trying to blame her bad performance on a 13 yr old who sang better than she did. If only she had thought of that prior to releasing her statement.

      Seriously, can’t you find someone better to worship?

  21. gocarly

    Yea, maybe all this anti-LeAnn gossip is bogus anyway. Unless I hear it from the source, I do not buy into it. Media is notorious for spreading shaded truth and lies even.

  22. Brooke

    I thought it wasn’t nearly as bad as Fish made it out to be. LeAnn didn’t seem all that drunk… I mean, she didn’t seem all that different from her usual bullshit (or is she always drunk? oh). I thought the kid did pretty good, seemed nervous at first, but LeAnn didn’t make much of an attempt to harmonize with the girl. If she saw a chance to belt one out, she went for it, whether it stole the spotlight or not. I laughed out loud when the kid glared up at LeAnn and then realized the camera was on her and suddenly smiled. She did it at least twice :D

    “That was shockingly amazing.”

    And that just got her a million bucks. My god, I picked the wrong profession.

  23. anonym

    Leann looks like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast in the 80′s

  24. gocarly

    I think LeAnn looks pretty.

  25. anonym

    Britney’s face……. hahahahaha

    As a horrible singer, even Britney knew it was baaaad.

  26. Jay

    That was beyond horrendousl. It was like Leann has never, ever sang a note in her life. Carly was MEANT to WIN this competition…..after this duet….I am afraid to predict that she just lost. Was Leann HIGH or DRUNK? That was simply horrible. What were the producers thinking by allowing Leann on the show? What a disgrace to this poor 13 yr old.

  27. Carly is the winner!

    Leann’s personal life or her looks should not be the focus of this performance. Carly Rose is an outstanding and very talented young girl. Thanks to the quick action to find the obvious faults of this duet and posting it all over the internet for those that didn’t see the show, I believe it cost Carly Rose the title. Carly has proven she can sing any form of music and she can play the piano. Leann should apologize to Carly Rose for crushing her chance to win because it seems this one song is all everyone is talking about.

  28. joho777

    Carly Rose was perfect, but Leann staggered onto the stage and screwed Carly’s chance

  29. Carly Lost! Mom Pissed! Rimes at Fault?

    Was it Rimes’ fault that Carly lost? On Fox news Carly’s Mom said Rimes helped ruin Carly’s chances to win when Rimes said that it was Carly’s fault Rimes looked drunk and stumbling, since Rimes had a hard time helping Carly who could not hit the right notes and was nervous.

  30. Rimes Blamed Carly?

    Rimes apparently blamed Carly Rose for her alleged horrible performance because she was taxed coming to the aid of a nervous 13-year-old. Her Mom is apparently pissed and blames LeAnn for helping Carly Rose lose.

  31. amanda

    it is crazy obvious that these 2 never rehersed TOGETHER. what a trainwreck

  32. X Factor Is Mainy to Blame

    The main one to blame here is X Factor for sabotaging Carly Rose by pairing her with a person with REAL BAD publicity right now, LeAnn Rimes. They obviously didn’t want Carly to win because they would otherwise have placed her with a winner like the other two acts were. Placing Carly with a “trainwreck” solidified the horribly manipulative and rigged nature of this show in my mind. They were clearly grooming Tate and threw Carly under the bus by giving her Rimes. And then Rimes through Carly under the bus by blaming her for the unprofessional performance, and now Carly’s mother threw Carly under the bus by blaming Rimes and perpetuating bad drama in social media and bringing yet more “bad” publicity to Carly instead of rising above and refusing to “play this sordid game.” Carly is the only one not baming anyone! Ultimately though, Rimes had no place in a performance “for the win” as she is so “hated” right now and hardly up to par with her singing and up to par interpersonally. Ultimately it was X Factor producers who stuck Carly with a “trainwreck” obviously to derail her from winning (let’s face it, Rimes could not possibly have helped her chances and X Factor is not stupid, they knew it). I will never watch another “talent” show on TV like X Factor or Idol, as they are manipulative, rigged annoyances that crap all over people for their own gain. And obviously had this competition been about talent and the good overall package of a person, Carly would have won. Instead, sob stories and mediocrity won in the end, not to mention a bunch of alterior motives like trainwrecking and derailing of others for selfish satisfaction and gain. Everyone was a victim here instead of X Factor who started the whole bitter ball rolling. And the worst victim of all was innocent and sweet Carly Rose, a 13-year-old prodigy, the only contestant to thank the audience after each performance, who is too good for it all. Honestly, she is better off without being in the clutches of a filthy X Factor winning prize and contract. Poor Carly Rose, without much of a voice here, well compared to adults. But then, how can she be? She is a child at the whim of others. Boo hoo for all this!

    • I agree that Leann was probably drunk/high and did mess Carly up/ as did the split of the pop vote but I’ve heard from multiple sources that Carly’s team picked LeAnn in hopes of stealing away part of the country vote; although I wish they had fought her harder on that and helped her get Carried Underwood or some country star with good publicity and who can sing…
      as sad as I am she lost when I think she’s a better singer/more talented, its been said that Syco records signed all of the top 4- an official announcement for Emblem has already gone out and Fifth Harmony, and Carly Rose will have announcements in early January according to somewhere I read. Even if Simon and LA don’t go through with signing her then she’s gonna still have a crazy good career and someone else will sign her because she’s a prodigy. She should work with Trapper from The Next Big Thing NY, he gets people signed/on broadway all the time- and she’s as good as his other girls.

  33. Tino2u

    All these comments on LeAnn Don’t you have anything else better to do then put people Down it was a Nice performance
    the Girl is 13 years old and was out of Sink with the Song LeAnn did a Great Job trying to correct the song. She was not on any Drugs or Alcohol people GET OVER IT and stop the HATE..

  34. kirby

    This was both painful and sad to watch. I couldn’t finish it. But I assume in the end LeAnn pulled out a knife and stabbed the little girl in the back and then licked the knife. Or it could have been a preview for Lilo’s newest movie: Coke Fluffer Whore Galore.

  35. cattydoc

    When I saw this live I thought it was awful. It sounded like they had just met. One of them was not even attempting to synchronize with the other making it like someone didn’t know the words or melody. And the juxtaposition of Carly’s technically superior rendition, closed body language , and her forced smile, with LeAnne’s comfortable delivery that’s probably not the same each time, weird affect, odd body gestures, hand grabbing …tragic!

  36. crfan

    3:14…Brit has the expression of someone watching a neighbor’s house on fire. Her face says it all about this performance.

  37. george

    carly rose was the best on that night. leann blame’s carly but on the tonight show the night before she said she was sick had a sour throat . but carly is the best i have ever heard. go carly!!!!!

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