LeAnn Rimes Doesn’t Know What Abs Are

LeAnn Rimes posted the above photo on Twitter over the weekend prompting the following exchange with a fan who expressed understandable concern that her favorite country artist is dying in front of her eyes:

@AJPaterson1987: Whoa, you’re scary skinny! Sorry don’t mean to offend but that’s a lot of bones showing through skin…
@leannrimes: those are called abs not bones love.
@AJPaterson1987: Maybe it’s just the pic, it just looks to me like your hip bones were protruding. Again didn’t mean to offend, I am a big fan x
@leannrimes: thx but this is my body and I can promise you I’m a healthy girl. I’m just lean. Thx for your concern but no need too be.

Look, I’m not a doctor or even a person who could name parts of the female anatomy with a gynecologist sitting on his shoulder, but that bitch’s got some bones sticking out of her. If Hitler had a time machine, he’d probably take this picture back to the past and go, “This. This is what I’m talking about. Make this stuff happen.”

Adding… Tossed in some pics of Audrina Patridge in a bikini because maybe looking at another horrifically emaciated chick with implants will help shed some light on things. Or at the very least, engulf our entire existence into the gap between her breasts so we don’t have to think about it anymore. Either one.

Photo: Twitter, Flynet