LeAnn Rimes Hung A Bikini Off Her Dying, Emaciated Frame

August 29th, 2011 // 275 Comments

For some reason “LeAnn Rimes in a Bikini” doesn’t quite tell the whole story here. Although, I probably should’ve added cackled. “LeAnn Rimes Hung A Bikini Off Her Dying, Emaciated Frame, Then Cackled Like One Of Those Skeletons From The Movies. Army of Darkness, Maybe? You Know What I’m Talking About, She Cackled Like That.”

Photo: Flynet, Splash News


  1. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    She’s hilarious!

  2. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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  3. Nobody

    Worst tits ever? Yeah right you fuckin goon!

    Ugh, I hate fat chicks.

  4. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    Damn. Someone is trying too hard.

  5. gerg

    I thought Necrophilia was illegal in the US?

  6. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    You wanna see a picture of a blond starlet in a skimpy bikini?

    Are you sure?

  7. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    I want her to keep getting skinnier and see what happens. You know. Just for fun.

  8. The last thing that I saw with that many pointy angles and clothes hanging on it was my treadmill.

  9. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    I think she looks hot.

  10. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    “I’m walkin’, yes indeed and I’m talkin’, got no need to feed.”

  11. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    I’m pretty sure there’s a drug deal going on behind her

  12. spiderman

    my penis would enjoy expiring her anal cavity

  13. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    That woman picked the wrong person to hide behind.

  14. Aggie

    I can’t believe she paid for those. I have GOT to become a plastic surgeon.

    • Carrie

      It’s apparently quite easy. Cut a grapefruit in half and superglue to a chest. Ta-Da!

      • Gen

        You know, with the amount of money she has, you would think she’d get the best breast implants plastic surgeon in the world but I guess not!

  15. way to go LeAnn for survivng breast cancer! wait, she didn’t have breast cancer. Nevermind.

  16. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    on the bright side, if she’s that skinny she won’t be able to get pregnant.

  17. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    Sip it slllloooowwwwllllyyyy… these are my calories for the week.

  18. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    Isn’t this the look Michael Jackson was going for?

  19. Uncle Phil

    I would have sex with her. I don’t like myself very much though.

  20. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    She’s the poster child for side boob.

  21. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    Except for the tramp stamp, she looks very good. Nicely toned, even with her fake boobs.

  22. Gina

    Sad, dumb kid. Saddest is you know she works her ass off to look that nasty.

  23. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    I am actually embarrassed for her, if that is even possible. She’s clearly a narcissistic, delusional and insecure bimbo – sad, really.

  24. Frank Burns

    The Ballad of LeAnn Rimes

    One day The Grinch escaped jail
    His mental state was quite frail
    He stitched on two boob
    Had all hair removed
    But he makes that bikini a fail

  25. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    who writes this column? Are you fat and jealous or something!!?? she looks great ! so does her implanted boobs and bum!

  26. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    That’s a surprisingly good ass for someone dying from anorexia.

  27. kimmykimkim

    That chin makes her look fat.

  28. Brad Hallston

    Oh all of you shut up. I’d ride her asshole with my tongue, and you know you would too.

  29. dan

    Tits on a stick. I’ve banged worse.

  30. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    If only she were famous for being a marathon runner, then she would be the world’s most beautiful marathon runner. But alas, it was not meant to be.

  31. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    Life with bizarr tits and a bizarrer stomache seems to be fun at least.

  32. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    E! Online actually has this same photo with a gushy headline about Leann flaunting her “bikini body.” Uh, yeah, about that …

  33. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    I dunno, maybe she looks better in real life, but here would be my message to LeeAnn: Girl, eat. All women gotta except certain issues with their bodies and your issue is that it is ugly. Getting skinnier doesn’t help, in fact only exacerbates the problem. Please stop.

  34. Lola

    Clearly she is delusional and does not own a mirror. She does NOT have a nice body. Could definitely use a few lbs.

  35. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    Zombies should not get bolt-ons.

  36. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    She is just really ripped…. she really isn’t that skinny. She’s fairly short most of her meat is muscle though instead of fat… i don’t really like this body type, she looks like a teenage boy….

  37. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    ALL these negative posters wished they went to home to someone half and pretty and rich as her. She got her boobs done before she lost the weight, simple as that. I’d hit it in a new york minute.

  38. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
    The Pope
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    Mmmm, rear-quarter-implanted-boob. It’s the next big fetish.

  39. Emanuelle

    She has a inverted triangle shaped body.This body shape should not get to skinny,which will look very much like a male body.Please eat some more,it’s not healthy or beautiful.

  40. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
    Knee Grow
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    Bony as she is, she still has a big belly

  41. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    And see how they point in two totally different directions when I go like this? Ha ha, betcha Brandi’s don’t do that!

  42. cc

    Mmmm, white asparagus.

  43. Joe Blow

    She’s a filthy cheating whore.

    He’s a filthy cheating whore.

    And I wonder which one of them will be the first to realize “Hey, s/he cheated WITH me, so what’s to stop him/her from cheating ON me?”

    Nasty skanks… both of them.

  44. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
    Joe Blow
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    When Skelator comes marching home again, hoah! hoah!

  45. guestspeaker

    will someone please fix this girl’s boobs… or whatever those things are now

  46. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    Attracted from afar by cosmetic enhancements, the little fellow involuntarily vomits from the up-close stench of semen and betrayal.

  47. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    ohhh.. side boob… literally — really it’s stuck to her side of her chest instead of the front.. hehe

  48. LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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    She can’t wait to get her claws into another man … even while he’s being clawed by someone else.

    • Jake


      Your comment failed big time. You just sounded like some jealous insecure catty girl. What a puss! LOL

      • Deryn

        You sure showed MisterSuccint, Jake.

        PS: You know it’s “succinct”, right? Sorry, but that’s one of my favorite words. Ironically.

  49. Danno

    Dr.Rey could fix that mess. Create a larger pocket with low profile implants. Body wise… hate to be the odd one out but she looks like she’s got some muscle and isn’t simply starving herself to ‘skinny fat’. Her butt profile is great. That said, anyone who remembers the chub thing she started out as would agree, she’s on those ADHD med’s so popular these days. Looks fit. But that ain’t her natural weight.

  50. nom de plume

    dem boobies. not good stuff.

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