Leah Remini: Tom Cruise Can End Scientology Whenever He Wants

“I’m sorry, something must be wrong with my translator, I just keep hearing the question as ‘Why no lady allowed in green room?'”

Of all of the crazy shit from Leah Remini’s Scientology expose, Troublemaker, the stories about Tom Cruise’s wedding were the ones that went viral. And now that she’s turned her crusade against the church into a TV series, she knows that one of her best weapons is to keep hammering Tom Cruise, and not in the way that Will Smith probably does. That’s because Scientology has always gone to extremes – including allegedly breaking up his marriages and making slaves trick out RVs for him – to keep Tom in the fold. So last week on Real Time, Leah flopped her lady nuts on the table, and said that Tom Cruise could singlehandedly end Scientology. Via Huffington Post:

The actress confirmed that even celebrity supporters like Cruise or John Travolta are required to conform to many of the organization’s strict rules for members, including hours of studying each day.
“He [Cruise] could end this singlehandedly,” Maher interjected.
“He could end this. Correct,” Remini said, adding, “Because they are saying he singlehandedly is clearing the planet, is changing the planet, so most Scientologists believe.” In Scientology, “clearing the planet” is the process by which “body thetans,” or aliens that members believe inhabit the planet, are eliminated. The actress has previously stressed how highly Scientology members regard the “Mission Impossible” actor, whom she called their “messiah.”

Of course, that’s never going to happen, because when you have a religion full of gullible idiots forking over millions to an organization that tells them you’re an unquestionable deity, you don’t walk away from that. But I do love learning that even though we’ve always called him Space Jesus here, Scientologists really do believe that Tom Cruise is Space Jesus. Can you imagine that happening for any other religion?

“Your holiness, people believe Tom Cruise is the second coming of Christ.”
“Wait, Top Gun Tom Cruise?”
“That’s the one.”
“Awesome! This is going to be great PR!”
“Well, he has conditions. He wants us to say he can heal the sick.”
“Eh, we can manufacture that.”
“We need to say he can fly.”
“Ooh, that’s tough, be we can work with it.”
“No one’s allowed to look taller than him in pictures.”

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