Leah Remini Said The Words ‘Tom Cruise,’ Everybody Freak Out!

Ever since Leah Remini publicly left the Church of Scientology over two years ago, the Internet has waited patiently for her to reveal just how many dead bodies the church has buried after Tom Cruise had gay sex with them. “Allegedly.” And apparently that time has come because here’s Leah saying exactly one sentence about Flying Space Jesus for her upcoming interview with 20/20, except judging by the coverage it’s received, you’d think she said the words, “Then his penis opened the Stargate, which we later found out was just some guy’s butthole with stickers on it.” And now I’m even more pissed that isn’t what happened. Goddammit.

Being critical of Tom Cruise is being critical of Scientology itself… you are evil,” Remini told ABC’s Dan Harris in a new promotional clip from the interview.

And that’s it. That’s literally all Leah Remini has said so far. “Richest member of money-obsessed cult is very important to money-obsessed cult.” Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t start digging up Walter Kronkite because he’ll want to see this groundbreaking news, but again, maybe wait until she talks about the cock-beams. If Leah Remini mentions cock-beams, then get the shovel.

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Photo: Getty