The Church of Scientology Thinks Leah Remini Is A Threat To Tom Cruise

In a new interview, Leah Remini’s sister Nicole reveals that despite the Church of Scientology’s claims to the contrary, Leah’s entire family has left the church after being forced to choose between her or their faith in a religion made up by a failed science fiction writer who let his wife take the fall for illegally copying hundreds of documents after infiltrating the IRS and Department of Justice. (Thanks to everyone for pointing me at this insane gem.) On top of that, the church is apparently very concerned about what kind of damage Leah could do to their omnipotent flying space prince and men’s volleyball champion for the past 24 billion glaknars. Radar reports:

“You can imagine the circle of friends that my mother has, that my sister has, they (the church) literally have pulled in these people and told them they had to choose between relationships with sister my mother or the church. People chose the church.
“And when you’re preaching morals and integrity and that is like your main teachings are underlying, you are teaching your parishioners about morals and integrity, but then you have the audacity to tell them, you have to betray your own integrity, and you have to go with us, or you’re out, too.”
She said the pressure is so great that Leah was just disinvited from one of her best friend’s wedding, a friend whose furniture the star paid for!
And Nicole added that Leah talked about Katie Holmes but they only “hung out a little bit” and only as couple friends. “It’s not like they ever hung out one on one.”
She said Leah was getting security checked “in regards to Tom.”

As to what secret information Leah might have on Tom Cruise is anyone’s guess, but it’s that he’s gay. And not just regular gay, but a kind of gay where he murders other gays for having gay sex with him because clearly they’re evil agents of Xenu sent to lead him astray from the Holy Black Hole of Knowledge. That sweet, tight black hole. So starred and beautiful in shape, it’s practically everywhere he looks- “Andrew! How’d you get in here? You’re supposed to be cleaning the pool. Oh, no no no, not again…” *pulls out Derringer*

Photo: Getty, Splash News, WENN