Leah Remini Still Has Scientology By The Balls

*cue Star Wars theme*

With Galactic Space Lord TOM CRUISE banished
to the outer reaches of Florida, intrepid SCIENTOLOGY escapee
LEAH REMINI has enacted plans to film a new television series exposing the
destructive effects of the CHURCH OF L. RON on families. Tony Ortega reports…

But what’s especially exciting for Scientology watchers is that the same network is also developing another series, also about the way Scientology rips apart families, and this one is being produced by former Scientology celebrity Leah Remini. We broke the news in 2013 that Leah ditched Scientology, which she had grown up in. The King of Queens actress came out with a bestselling memoir last November, Troublemaker, with juicy anecdotes about what it was like to be a celebrity in a celebrity-obsessed church.
These are two completely separate projects, and as far as we know they are tackling similar subjects but with different sets of people. We’ve confirmed that Leah’s series is currently shooting footage, and appears to be on a fast track.

“Lord Cruise, our scanners picked up a rebel squadron filming in Calabasas.”
“Very good, commander. I must alert Emperor Miscaviage at once. I won’t be disturbed.”
“Yes, Lord Cruise.”
“And I’m not doing butt stuff.”
“Of course not, Lord Cruise.”
“It just gets really hot in this suit, so sometimes a guard helps take my pants off.”
“Naturally, Lord Cruise.”
“I fuck pussy!”
“All of it, Lord Cruise.”
“You know it. But for real, don’t come in here.”

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