Leah Remini Is Still Going HAM On Scientology

“Leah, did that bitch just ask when my ‘son’ is going to move out and get his own apartment?”
“Haha, yeah…”

If you somehow haven’t seen it plastered everywhere, the new docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath premiered last night after a wave of press thanks to Leah stopping by TODAY, doing a Reddit AMA, and revealing to The Hollywood Reporter how Tom Cruise once tried to use her to squash a CBS News story by personally calling CBS president Les Moonves and saying, “Hi, this is Kevin James’ wife from that show. Could you maybe not report about my crazy space religion? There’s a midget in my kitchen with a ray gun.” (I may have paraphrased that.)

Anyway, I haven’t watched the show, but here are some of the highlights from Celebuzz. Spoiler Alert: Scientology is fucked up and does fucked up shit.

7 Claims About the Church of Scientology from Leah Remini’s A&E Special

As for me, I’m going to worry about the more pressing and dangerous cult that’s also bilking rubes out of money and sending them out in droves to vote an orange rapey frog monster into the White House along with his sidekick who wants to put women in jail for having miscarriages and electroshock gays into craving the right sex parts so a ghost hippie doesn’t get mad. It’s called Evangelical Christianity. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

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