Leah Remini Isn’t Going To Shut Up About Scientology

July 29th, 2013 // 37 Comments
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“I know it was you, Mario.”

Ever since Leah Remini quit Scientology, she’s been on damage control with her sister from so-far silent moves made by the church against her like ex-communicating anyone who doesn’t defriend her on Facebook. Twisted shit, to say the least. Except it’s only strengthened Leah’s resolve because she’s not only appearing in public now, but letting the church know she can’t be intimidated. People reports:

“I believe that people should be able to question things. I believe that people should value family, and value friendships, and hold those things sacrosanct. That for me, that’s what I’m about. It wouldn’t matter what it was, simply because no one is going to tell me how I need to think, no one is going to tell me who I can, and cannot, talk to.”
The actress – who was defended by the niece of David Miscavige, the most powerful man in Scientology – explained, “It doesn’t matter, it could be anything. I thought about the family being broken up for some other cause, and I’m not about to shut up.”

Of course, this all sounds awesome except for the fact that Leah Remini really hasn’t said anything that’s worth shutting up about. Not counting the whole missing, probably dead wife thing, but pbttttt. I’m talking about the good shit:

How many penises does Tom Cruise eat for breakfast?
How many of those penises are John Travolta‘s?
When Travolta rubbed Marlo Brando’s leg and tried to heal it with his space magic, that was an elaborate ruse to touch his penis, right?
Is our reality simply a construct in L. Ron Hubbard’s mind? How about his mind-penis?
Why are Travolta and Cruise so obsessed with planes when reaching OT level VIII grants you the power of levitation? Is it because they look like penises with wings?
When Katie Holmes was re-educated, did they steal her breasts?
More importantly, how far did they get installing a penis before she deactivated her shock collar? Will I think she just has a really big clitoris on our first date? Because I’m cool with that.
Let’s say I’m on a slave ship staffed by women locked in the engine room and attractive men with penises, and I order the Eggs Benedict. Do I have to pay for that or does the church comp it as part of the recruitment process?
More importantly, did Scientology grant someone the power to convince Laura Prepon to do nudity on Orange is The New Black? If so, do you have a pamphlet I could look at?

As you can see, Leah Remini, pretty basic questions. That’s all I’m saying.

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  1. Laura Prepon has nude scenes available? I, uh, suddenly remembered an…errand I need to run. Yeah. that’s the ticket. Later! *don’t you judge me*

  2. I guarangoddamtee you have to pay for the eggs benny.

  3. Leah Remini
    Commented on this photo:

    shut up and take it off Leah

  4. Parker

    I just want to fill Leah Remini’s butt full of my pork sausage.

  5. Jack Napier

    She is not aging well. A few more years and she’ll look like Rosie O’Donnell.

  6. More power her to her and F*CK the Co$!!!!

  7. Leah Remini
    Commented on this photo:

    “… and then … and then … they show you naked pictures of L. Ron Hubbard.”

  8. Leah Remini
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    “The E-meter clips on right *here* …”

  9. Leah Remini
    Commented on this photo:

    “So Tom Cruise comes in, running straight for Travolta, like this …”

  10. It’s a good start, but she isn’t a big enough star to take down the whole Scientology cult. It’ll take someone more powerful than her.

  11. TheListener

    Many religions shun former members who have either left the faith voluntarily or have been expelled for their conduct. It’s common. Often family members who are part of that faith are not to associate with those ones unless absolutely necessary. And sometimes former members speak against their former religion. This is hardly unique to scientology.

    • If that’s true then all religions are evil. It’s not though, because I have a large family that still talk to me and like me even though I have no religion. It’s been the case for decades that some of them have different religions and the rest have never had any. Catholics, Protestants, Presbyterians, and even a Mormon.

    • Citation needed, Listener. Somehow, I’m not prepared to just take your word on that one.

      • Kenny McCormick

        Jezzer; a few sects of main-line religions do encourge their congregation to shun members that have left the fold, though most are on the fringe [ie. the Westboro Baptist church] of the parent religion.
        Fundamentalist Mormons [the same sect that practices polygamy], a few Amish, and some Ultra-Orthodox Jewish sects also engage in shunning.

    • Cults do that, not religions. Jehhovah’s Witnesses are notorious for it – they are also very much cult-like.

      I know plenty of people who have left Christianity, Judaism, or Islam without issue. Yes, they try to convince you to stay, but no, they do not tell you to shun people who have left. If anything, they do the opposite, trying to ‘win them back’ all the time.

    • The Listener

      When I said “many” religions, I did NOT mean most religions, just a lot of them. And yes, I AM including those religions people commonly call “cults” and “sects,” not just the mainstream religions. Sorry, I have no numbers because I just remembered that fact from a religious studies course I took several years ago.

  12. Jolting Joe

    Love Leah but time is not her friend. In her day she was a delicious little slice of hotness with a major NY attitude.

    At least she still has the attitude.

  13. Molly

    Let’s be serious, did anyone here knew who this woman was when you woke up this morning, a week ago, a month ago or 10 years ago? NO. So by saying she left her church of 30 yrs, she’s front page news. People be careful of what you are encouraging and promoting. B/c I swear to God it won’t stop with Scientology. This attacking of our Constitution and Bill of Rights will fester to all civil liberties way after this Scientology stuff is over. Do hear me black people, women, gays and other cults or regions out there. When one dominant religion (stupid right-wingers) that want to impose their choices on one sector, and “we the people” allow it, they will continue and take away of all our rights the Forefathers and God himself has bestowed on us as individuals. I will think that black folks and Gay people should understand this the most. Yes Scientology today, but what out that what we as a society created and accepted don’t bit us in the back side. We all have the right to CHOSE. Take away one person’s right today, tomorrow yours. Are we still fighting abortion women – WHY?

    Black people do you see that chains of slavery now (Travon Martin) and in the future again, Gays are you still fighting for marriage equality, women how about equal pay and family planning rights. When any one’s CIVIL LIBERTIES & THE RIGHT TO CHOSE according to our OWN CONCIOUSNESS is attacked we should all worry. We are all protected under the USA constitution and Bill of Rights. RELIGION is the #1 protected rights. Know your country and LAWS before you petition for HATE. Remember the FOREFATHERS did not say anything about a cult. USA CONSTITUTION says you have the NUMBER RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

  14. Molly, darling girl, you are certifiable! You certainly do retain the right to believe in any invisible all knowing make believe being that lets little kids starve and lets a kazillion other atrocities occur on a daily basis. Go have a look at the Richard Dawkins official Facebook site and enlighten yourself. What am I saying!? You can’t confuse a Christian with facts…they start quoting scripture at you as rebuttals.

    • ChaCha

      Did you read Molly’s post? I certainly wouldn’t blame you for not wading through all that; but really, “God” is just kind of uncerimoniously flung in there; bible scripture is actually the only thing missing the whole rant; I honestly have no idea if she’s even Christian; there seemed to be some railing against the “dominant” religion. Hey, maybe Molly will get back on and explain in great detail her religious and philisophical belief system! I certainly hope so!

      • Her statement is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. But perhaps there is a key. The key is Russian national interest.

      • my 2 cents

        Cha Cha, I hear you..it is kind of hard to tell where Molly is coming from. I think (think, not sure) from reading between the crazy or perhaps it is just disjointed logic, that perhaps Molly belongs to a fringe religion (not the “religion of stupid right-wingers”). She certainly doesn’t like that the rights our forefathers (and apparently god) have bestowed upon us are being taken away. I think she is a Christian because she refers to God and religion several times. Come on Molly, fill in the gaps!

  15. Leah Remini
    Commented on this photo:

    “OoH, I could just sit on those dimples”…

  16. weevil

    OK is it just me but….Why are all the guys gay/bi? Not that I have anything against gays/bi men. But seriously, all the guys are like ..gay. Is that a special requirement to be apart of the church?
    must be flamboyant bi/gay male? Treat women weirdly and separate the family? Believe in aliens?

    ^ actually now that I’ve wrote it. Maybe it’s all those alien probing incidents is the reason.

  17. Good for her. I hope she keeps speaking out, until more idiot celebrities start cluing in and leaving the Cult of Idiocy.

  18. Skeeter

    There was a time when I might’ve eaten Leah’s asshole. Not these days though.

  19. Leah Remini
    Commented on this photo:

    When Mario Lopez asked them to bring him a cute Scientologist, he was hoping for Tom Cruise, not Leah Remini.

  20. Martin

    I can’t believe anyone would elect to give a group the right to run their life . I don’t get it . Is it a movie star thing like the casting couch , not what you know but who you blow ? I mean is that it , ? “

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