Leah Remini Filed A Missing Persons Report On David Miscavige’s Wife? DAMN.

Earlier in the week, there was talk that Leah Remini was shopping a multi-million dollar book deal that would expose the innermost workings of the Church of Scientology. Turns out she had other more epic plans to directly cock-punch the church starting with, oh I dunno, filling a missing persons report on David Miscavige’s wife. Don’t fuck with Brooklyn. The Underground Bunker reports:

After speaking with the Los Angeles Police Department, we have confirmed that on Wednesday Remini filed a missing-person report for Scientology leader David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly Miscavige, who has not been seen in public in six years.
As we reported when we broke the news July 8 of Remini’s departure from Scientology, one of the main reasons she began to question her involvement in the church was discovering at the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in November 2006 that Miscavige was there without his wife, who had disappeared without explanation. When Leah asked about it, then church spokesman Tommy Davis told her, “You don’t have the fucking rank to ask about Shelly.”

For those of you who don’t get why this is a big fucking deal, Shelly Miscavige has been missing since 2005 and has reportedly been locked in a secret Los Angeles compound (or killed) for the grievous sin of.. rearranging her husband’s office. Although, in fairness, she also figured out he was constantly cheating on her, so if Leah Remini wants to leave a religion that denies a man the right to imprison the wife he’s tired of having sex with, well then, she’s free to do so. After we zap her brain with lasers to erase all memory of Tom Cruise and lock her in the belly of ship, of course. We’re reasonable people.

UPDATE: They, uh, they found her.

Photo: Getty, Splash News, WENN