Lea Michele is Sorry

January 12th, 2011 // 79 Comments

After word got out that Lea Michele snubbed potential Oscar contender Hailee Steinfeld and not some annoying kid stealing her precious oxygen, the Glee star has since apologized for the incident if throwing a production assistant under the bus counts as an apology. Popeater reports:

“I heard Hailee was upset and feel terrible,” she said. “The ‘Glee’ schedule is so jam-packed that the PA probably pulled me so that I wouldn’t be late to set. I never meant to hurt her feelings. She’s an extraordinary talent, and I look forward to meeting her one day.”

She then added, “Now here’s $20. Don’t tell anyone I made you lay across a mud puddle so I didn’t get my shoes dirty. I know they were just my workout shoes, but I don’t like dirt. At all. Especially road dirt, eww. On second thought, can you use that money to get me an Evian? I’d do it myself, but I’m so pretty. You understand.”

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  1. gogo


  2. Sorry for looking like a drag queen? Apology not accepted, Bruce.

  3. Hemingway

    Who is this bitch again?

  4. Glenn Beck

    slow news day?

  5. tits

    it’s the long lost Kardashian sister!! she finally found her way out of the woods!

  6. anna

    wow so much of profissionalism from the one that wrote this, she was working so much of drama for this.

  7. whata bitch

    Isn’t GLEE that show that celebrates political correctness?

    • The Listener

      Think of it as a raunchy, sexed up version of Disney’s High School Musical with a little less of a Christian spin to the stories and a lot more political correctness as you stated.

  8. Beth

    What are you trying to do? Get attention? The guy is hired exactly to make sure that not any fan who approaches the Glee set will come in, so they won’t interrupt the filming schedule. Even Haille said herself it was “a guy” who told her that wasn’t a good time.

  9. burton

    i dont fin her attractive, she looks plain, take away he makeup and its meh…nothing special here, folks…move along.

  10. debra

    As first sated may be it wasn’t a good time. So even if she did rush past her and didn’t sign and apologize people won’t care. No one is allowed to make mistakes. People are so judgemental you have no idea what was happening that day. At this point Lea could cure cancer and people would still bitch at her jsut becasue they like to bitch about things.
    it is funny because the people that works or worked with her are her close friends (like jonathan groff , on Groff, John G, Remy, Pheobe Stobe,, Michael Myers, jonh galahander jr…), those ones really know her.

  11. Marley

    This comments on this post are full of illiterate idiots. I mean, more so than usual. It’s strange.

    • Bubba

      LOL…oh, sweet irony…

    • Lender

      Why? Because we hate an ugly cunt? Bitch is ugly UG LEE. Hideous in fact. She is only sorry because of the bad publicity.
      Now fuck off.

      • Sam

        You clearly don’t know what “illiterate” means. Or do you, based upon the fact you didn’t understand the content of what Marley said. Regardless, quit embarassing yourself and take your little rant elsewhere.

      • Sam

        My sister looks like her and I have always had a crush on her as well. And a couple of deformed retarded children.

      • ilikesake

        So why are we “illiterate SAM? Because people don’t care about FUCKING GRAMMER MISTAKES ON THE INTERNET??

        God, shut up and die already.

    • The Listener

      Marley, did you mean to say “These comments…” and not “This comments..”? If you want to nitpick at the posts, couldn’t your own mistake in grammar be used to demonstrate illiteracy?
      Also, illiterate can mean anything from inability to read or write to lack of culture, education, or knowledge in a specific field. Your statement was vague enough for any one of those meanings to be inferred from your comment.

  12. wh'gizafuck?

    Lea who snubbed Hailee who?

  13. ee

    Shes pretty I just dont like her nose. It messes up her entire face.

    • Yeezy's Son

      Finally a comment I sort of agree with. Is she the prettiest girl in Hollywood? Certainly not. But based solely on the superficial, surprisingly enough, I would slam this chick if given the chance. I don’t understand male commentors that say, “this chick is ugly, I’d never do her.” Come on! Given the opportunity most dudes would. Most of us aren’t Leonardo DiCaprio. We don’t go home to Bar every night. If you disagree post a picture of your wives/GFs and I’ll make a retraction. Maybe I have low standards but an above average bod is all I need. (The above statement does not include Khloe Kardashian or Snooki, etc… those women are just busted!)

      • Yeezy's schlong

        Bar? You pathetic soft Mama’s boy. My girlfriend is Irish and 10 times better that her. Because for one, she is obtainable. I am with her. The other one? I would not go near because, well, she is not attractive in the least.

    • pee

      her face messes up her entire face

  14. barbara

    I think the reaction to Lea not signing an autograph for Hailee has been absolutely absurd. Sometimes “not a good time” means just that, and considering she was on-set and not on the street just walking around, I completely understand her just not having the time. Everyone knows the Glee actors’ schedules are crazy, and Lea’s is definitely one of the most hectic.
    gossip bloggers love to hate her is like a new sport, the reporter of hollywood life wrote she has club to hate on her.

  15. Spoken like a true ass kissing to save her career BITCH..

  16. Joey

    I met an actor once and he asked me “Do you want my autograph?” And I said
    “No” and he was shocked.

    I think autographs are stupid.

  17. Lea Michele
    Commented on this photo:

    anna paquin – teeth + shnoz = lea michele. what can i say, i took math in college.

  18. Well, this story is just getting more fascinating by the minute! I wonder Hailee is going to say!

  19. ohlawd

    Not even news. If you didn’t gather what Lea said here from the original story, then you clearly already hate Lea Michele and/or Glee anyways.

    If you’re working and on your way somewhere, someone comes up ask for an autograph, and some OTHER person tells them that it’s not a good time, how the HELL is it your fault? “Oh, I’m sorry that I was busy working on set and the PA told you no!”

    Hailee Steinfeld is a talented girl, but she needs to suck it up.

  20. GravyLeg

    Don’t hate her for being a C%&#. She may be the most “Real” person in Hollywood. She actually looks like a Spanish Italian Sephardic Jew from the Bronx.

    • JR

      What the hell does her ethnicity have to do with her being an insufferable twat? I hate people for the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

      …Or the overwhelming manliness of their faces.

      • GravyLeg

        Very little! It has everything to do with why she has a honking nose and obviously shaves between those eyebrows daily… I bet it is a RIOT when her dad does the “NO SOUP FOR YOU!” bit at Thanksgiving…

        And good for you JR!! You hate for all the “right” reasons. Jesus would be proud.

    • dee

      Why don’t you forget about hideous half-Jew Lea Michele, and write about the Jewishness of full Jews Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Logan Lerman, Mila Kunis, Paul Rudd, etc.

  21. If I were her I’d apologize for any close-ups on her face.

  22. Elle

    So would it have been justified if this girl was in fact a filthy period hobo?

  23. Gene







  24. I don’t understand why this is news. She was at work, someone wanted an autograph and a production assistant told the fan it wasn’t a good time. It just so happens that the fan was another actress and that makes it newsworthy? I’m sure stuff like that happens to regular people seeking autographs all the time.

  25. somebody needs to remind lea that she used to be a fat cunt. When fat chicks get thin, they are supposed to be humble…not skinny cunts.

  26. What’s up with all the boner killers today?

  27. Mia

    Oh, dear…some apologies are way worse than the offense they should make up for…

  28. Lea Michele
    Commented on this photo:

    Why does her chest/dress look so lopsided in this picture. She got an uneven rack.

  29. Lea Michele
    Commented on this photo:

    her right boob looks deflated

  30. Mike Walker

    Lea Michele posts turn the Superficial into a Jersey rest stop.

  31. Cardinal Fang

    I’d do him..I mean her.

  32. uh...

    She’s nowhere near hot enough to be such a conceited bitch. Even if she were otherworldly gorgeous, her attitude would make her ugly. She’s an overhyped, unattractive goober who needs to go away.

  33. mad_twatter

    Enjoy your 15 minutes baby girl.

  34. wim

    psst: Americans & *sskissers always are……………

  35. She’s still a cunt.

  36. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    This girl is so fugly. Yech.

  37. Venereal disease

    this manface needs to go back behind the counter at a new jersey dairy queen where she belongs. fuck you autotune.

  38. Lea Michele
    Jim Liu
    Commented on this photo:

    That girl is smoking HOT!

  39. Reggie Rhino

    Proof positive that putting lipstick on a pig leaves you with something that is still a pig but one wearing lipstick.
    As for VD’s comment about autotune, maybe it is autotune and maybe it is Memorex, that doesn’t really matter. I knew a chick in high school who had the most beautiful soprano voice but was a queen bitch who everyone hated!
    People who believe that this is just so much filler and not newsworthy may be right. It probably would not even have been reported except for the fact that Lea has been repeatedly accused of being a divaesque bitch on the set of Glee. If that is the truth of the matter, then this fugly manface needs to get over herself . Being part of an ensemble cast isn’t like being a major star and taking your clothes off for a magazine pictorial doesn’t make you special unless you are Lindsay Lohan. Of course, if you are Lilo, your mom is the only one who thinks posing for a magazine makes you special but who’s keepin’ track!

  40. Mortimer Duke

    Ive always commended her for not giving in to Hollywood pressure and getting a nose job. She is a role model for ugly faced chicks everywhere.

  41. Cris

    I do not agree at all! There are fans who may wait hours in the cold to also have his autograph and haven’t had one. Her because she wore an outfit uncomfortable, has the right to cry to the press !!!!!! Hailee is the one who is the DIVA!

  42. Esol Esek

    She’s channelling very dark emotion in the first photo – like, I am so cracked out on power right now. Love me, worship me, pay attention to me, for otherwise I will wilt and blow away. She’s looks diabolical and miserable at the same time.

  43. jill

    Lea fans, stop making sorry ass excuses for her already! She is a bitch, get over it!

    Oh yeah, and she’s FUGLY too!

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