Lea Michele is Sorry

After word got out that Lea Michele snubbed potential Oscar contender Hailee Steinfeld and not some annoying kid stealing her precious oxygen, the Glee star has since apologized for the incident if throwing a production assistant under the bus counts as an apology. Popeater reports:

“I heard Hailee was upset and feel terrible,” she said. “The ‘Glee’ schedule is so jam-packed that the PA probably pulled me so that I wouldn’t be late to set. I never meant to hurt her feelings. She’s an extraordinary talent, and I look forward to meeting her one day.”

She then added, “Now here’s $20. Don’t tell anyone I made you lay across a mud puddle so I didn’t get my shoes dirty. I know they were just my workout shoes, but I don’t like dirt. At all. Especially road dirt, eww. On second thought, can you use that money to get me an Evian? I’d do it myself, but I’m so pretty. You understand.”

Photos: Getty