Lea Michele’s New Boyfriend Is A Gigolo

Seen here playing Licensed Driver in her music video for “On My Way,” Lea Michele’s new boyfriend Matthew Paetz is apparently a gigolo. Or at least was until he found steady work in the lucrative field of schnozz-plumbing that all the other fellows can only dream about. TMZ reports:

Lea has been quietly dating Matthew Paetz for the last few months … she has very consciously kept the relationship on the down low.
Sources close to the couple tell us … Matthew has been a hired gun for Cowboys4Angels under the alias, Christian.
Cowboys4Angels — which offers male “companionship” to lonely women — is featured on Showtime’s, “Gigolos.”
According to the website … Matthew is a certified life coach, dating expert and massage therapist … charging $350 for one hour and up to $6,000 for a weekend. For $17,500 you can get a whole week.

Sources tell us … Matthew most recently took on a client for a weekend during the Stagecoach music festival in April. He’s gone on hiatus since he started dating Lea.

Holy shit! There are websites where you can rent dudes?! Keep in mind, Lea Michele’s last boyfriend was a heroin addict, so in her defense, this is a step-up for her. And unless this guy was accepting male clients, I doubt he was having lots of sex with clients because there’s no way that’s why women hire gigolos. If you asked him about his day, he’d probably tell you he made $1,000 just to pretend curtain selection is the window to the soul and the most important decision in a person’s life. After whether these shoes makes your ankles look fat. He’s practically a philosopher.

Photos: INFphoto, Pacific Coast News