Laurence Fishburne Writes Off Montana: ‘I’m Done With You’

August 17th, 2010 // 210 Comments
Montana Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne has officially cut off his daughter Montana after she decided to launch a media circus announcing her career in pornusing her father’s last name. Though in fairness, up until now it’s only been associated with two unnecessary Matrix sequels, so was there really any harm done? Food for thought. TMZ reports:

According to Montana, her dad said, “I’m not going to speak with you ’till you turn your life around.” Laurence was referring to his daughter joining the ranks of Vivid Entertainment as a porn star.
“You used your last name. No one uses their real name in porn.”

Not to get on my soapbox here, but this is exactly why I’ve been saying for years porn stars shouldn’t even have names. A.) They’re really not people. And B.) In this magical digitized age where free porn is a mere click away, does anyone honestly care who’s in it? “That’s right, naughty babysitter, bang that pizza guy. Aw, wait, it’s Sandra Sassytits and I didn’t care much for her acting in ‘Nut Canyon 8.’ I’ll just read a book instead.” Would never happen.

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  1. Bunny Foofoo

    Nothing says “hey look, i suck as a parent.” like telling you kid you are through with them until they straighten up.

    i really didnt expect this treatment from her father. i expected him to welcome her home with a nice *stiff* -uh drink, and open legs, er, ARMS. and maybe give her a nice pearl necklace.

  2. jaybles

    this isn’t her first. Just first widely distrubuted

  3. CookieisWRONG

    RE: cookie “a) the sad lack of viable Black male partners and b) the sad inability of White men who are… compelling.”

    I usually am one to say that all people are the same, blah blah blah. But I’ve been reading too many comments on MediaTakeout. Black women are finding themselves single because Black women act all stink, and then think they should be respected as if they were the princesses they think they are. Not only are black women racist, but they are demanding and emotionally unstable, a lot of the time. White men are not interested. They go the opposite way if anything. White men are attracted to Asians because they are feminine. Black women are often more masculine than Black men. The Kim K’s will rebel because interracial marriage is still taboo enough that it makes he feel like an outlaw. It’s nothing more than that. And if its any wonder, I sometimes wish I had a smaller dick, because those sexy Asians have cervixes and aren’t all gaping holes that have been messing with boys since the age of 7.

    • Becs

      Very cute. ((sarcasm)) I’m a Black girl & I’m from the suburbs, so I’ve always been around a lot of White people, so I know how a lot of White guys are. I know BS when I see it, and a lot of White guys are full of it. You may not like the ghetto ones, but even the ones who are “feminine” and nice, will still likely reject a White guy, and you know it, so most of you just play it off and act like you could never like ANY of us. I’ve had it happen a million times. White guys are terrified of approaching Black girls, I’m in college and I come across those types ALLLLL the time! lol. But for you, if your only ideas of Black women are coming from some ghetto site like “mediatakeout” (& that site is WAY ghetto), then you’re an idiot and you shouldn’t even open your mouth about it.

      Btw, you guys need to seriously get off of this idea that Asian girls are more “feminine”, because – LMAO – they’re just the only women who are nice to you guys, that makes you feel good and all gooey and warm inside. Especially since many White girls like Black men & it makes White guys feel bad, but its doesn’t make them more feminine. Most aren’t even physically feminine – unless you only know of them from the models and porn – in real life they look like their men, sorry, but I’m around many of them. So keep whining about Black women and making excuses about why you don’t like any as if it even matters. Oh, and that “Asian have tight vaginas” thing just makes you look like a pedophile.

      • Me

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  4. CookieisWRONG

    More black women, and more black men, will continue to date outside their race. As black persons are given more of a chance to succeed in life, they will continue to date White, Asians, Persians, etc. Thats they way it is. Racism tends to be saved for the poor and the stupid. I know there are exceptions but generally educated folks have money. It’s just that way. And so those with education and money are often more civilized than those without. As blacks become more civilized, color will become less of an issue than it even is today. In the future racism will be reserved for the people that can not adjust. It’s so frustrating that the ignorant people have been given more of a voice with this internet thing. Stupids…holding back the human race for centuries.

    • cookiepuss

      “As blacks become more civilized?” Are you joking? Most of my posts were written fairly tongue in cheek, but I think you have a problem. You say that racism will be reserved for those who cannot adjust in the future. Are you aware that you’re talking about yourself? I mean, you do realize that most of what you wrote in your post was patently racist, don’t you? If not, maybe you should re-read it. I’m too bored from taunting that idiot high school kid, Cyrus, to go any deeper on this with you. Mostly, though, I just find you guys boring. All of these sweeping generalizations about what Black women are and aren’t is just meaningless. Oh, and your comment about Asian women’s vaginas made me want to vomit. You’re a class act. Hey, next time you’re chatting up some hot Asian babe, why don’t you share your views on her vag/cervix with her? Let’s see how feminine she acts when she hears that mess. Good luck to you.

  5. CookieisWRONG

    PS: At least cookie respects her daddy, that’s a good thing. Better than this greedy, disrespectful whore, Montana. Her dad is right. He worked hard to make a name for himself, and she, being a lazy, spoiled little brat, shit all over that name. BTW, Brian Pumper fakes STD tests for the talent in his movies. It’s gross. The whole thing. We should be raising our daughters to look at whores as desperate, fame hungry weak people. As it is, we’re getting great models for girls today…video hoes, porn stars, socialites that suck dick on video….

    • cookiepuss

      How do you even know what this Pumper guy does? I never even heard of him before this. And what kind of fool reads Mediatakeout and think its posters represent the whole Black race? That’s like reading The Superficial and thinking it represents all White people. I’d leave the country if I thought that were the case.

  6. Scooter

    Hey! Heyheyheyhey . . . Event Horizon was a badass movie that Laurence Fishburne stared in.
    In spite the epic fail at parenting, he is quite a good actor

  7. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d fuck her

  8. Gando

    Well,from who did she inherit her sexual appetite?

  9. Rhialto

    She’s like a reverend’s kid.Rebellious.

  10. Covert Koala

    Hey hey hey folks, relax, all chicks are pink on the inside.

  11. amanda

    If there is a white story, no racist comments are made. Anytime a African American is in a story…..white racists people cant see the story for what it is. A daughter defying her father, instead its black this black that! OMG! Oh but Blacks always bring up the race card… you guys live for it, its disgusting……..

    • Anthony

      What makes you think all of the racist comments are from white people? Last time I checked most of the comments are just saying that black girls aren’t attractive. What, so only white people can find them unattractive? Do you know how much Arabs, Indians and Asians emphasize light skin? Do you know the status of blacks in much of Latin America. Mestizos and Mulattoes look down on them all the time. I am pretty sure these people don’t find too many black women attractive either. But oh no, it must be only those evil white people. I mean hey, that Cyrus kid is Persian. So there’s an example right there

      So it appears you are the one being prejudice. You have no way of knowing the race of these posters. For all you know they are black trolls intending to stir conflict. So thanks for showing everyone what a bigot you are.

    • Ida

      Not just African Americans, these people on this site are racist towards any race BUT white.

      In the Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton/Britney Spears posts, no one ever goes and insults the multitude of things that they insult for other races. I agree with amanda in that most of these comments are made by motherfuccckin white supremacists!! Always thinking they are superior when they’re the ones wanting to be more worldly, always trying to experience other cultures.

      • Anton

        Obviously you’ve never heard of our resident Asian supremacist: “Typical.” And what are you talking about, in the Lindsay, Paris, Britney posts everyone calls them white trash. Just on another thread someone called Blake Lively a white slut with implants. You are just seeing what you want to see.

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  12. Fran P

    First of all my heart hurts for Mr. Fishburne as I am sure like most fathers they never want to see their daughters abused. Porn is a very degrading industry for women. Most women get into the business from the need of drugs or failed acting careers that they do not know how to let go of. This child is entering into the industry not because she needs money or fame but to rebel against her parents. Fist of all, she needs to go and pray that her family forgives her and next she needs to go and put some oxy on that spotted acne covered ass of hers. Filth is what I saw knowing this dog has placed his bone in more holes than you can count she allowed him to screw her mouth, feet, privates and for what so she could stare at her stupid ass in a camera. I hope she takes a good look at her debut film and realizes that she does not have longevity in the adult film business. That huge pimple on her ass and the acne scars make her look like she has herpes and pretty soon she probably will. There are young girls everywhere forced into this life to support kids and this stupid overly blessed fool did not have this to do.

  13. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    @ Cyrus

    God bless America for letting all sort of garbage into the country. Get off your high horse, and go back to your wonderful Iran, with its f******d of president and retard of spiritual leader, Ayatolla He-Man. And by the way, lots of Iranian in the country I am at the moment, but have not seen anyone remotely attractive at all. And as to morals of those people, the moment the get out of Iran, both men and women lose control and behave a lot worse that you accuse black people of, you racist asshole

  14. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    wow that turned racist fast…. typical internet behavior

  15. hera

    is this called “acting out”?

  16. That lingerie is SUPER CUTE.
    I want it. It would look so good on me.

  17. Grape Soda

    Not sure all the clown on this site are criticizing her, I’m sure their girlfriends are all over 180 and meth addicts.

    I like some black women, hell I like just about any attractive, intelligent women. She looks good to me but I guess some of you little boys dont know hay to put it down.

    Better get back to your WOW boys.
    Leave the women to me.

  18. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like her DRAG!

  19. Montana Fishburne
    Bored with life
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like Laurence Fishburne, but with tits.

  20. Montana is Beautiful

    Oh please you losers. The girl is beautiful. Get over yourselves.

  21. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:


  22. Jeez Louise.


    Most of the shit on this page is race hate when the post is merely about a porno. Can anyone stay on topic or have y’all been popping too much ritalin lately?. Thought so.

  23. Jerome

    Educated black beauty, you’re about as racist as anyone else posting crap comments.
    An educated black man.

  24. chelle

    Gaaaaah! I hope this is the end of this discussion (*_*)
    I read it ALL and now I have a terrible headache and bad vibes. Uggggh!

  25. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    difficult to type with one hand. :(

  26. court

    All of you bitches are stupid.

  27. That was disappointing. Reading the comments on this post not her movies. She’s a beautiful young woman, and is a talented porn performer. If she wants to do porn, all power to her. She’s just got to keep her head on straight, stay away from drugs and stay healthy. I can understand why her dad would be pissed, but he’s her dad he’s entitled to that.

    Porn is just a job, like any other. Some people do worse shit and it’s completely acceptable. Coporate vultures, for one. Lawyers who represent and free people they know are guilty, politicians, the list goes on an on.

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