Laurence Fishburne Done Good

July 30th, 2010 // 77 Comments
Montana Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne‘s 19-year-old daughter Montana (above) apparently made a sex tape/porno because Kim Kardashian has shown everyone that’s how you get famous. Except I’m not being sarcastic that’s literally almost the exact words out of Montana’s mouth. TMZ reports:

I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape.
Unlike the celeb she admires — Montana is not arguing that her tape was stolen or obtained illegally.
Montana also talked to about her new gig, saying “The first time is really nerve racking … but, I have a lot of at-home experience.”

I honestly don’t know whether to be depressed that Kim Kardashian is actually influencing young girls or impressed that Montana was refreshingly honest about her intentions. No elaborate plots involving ex-boyfriends or blatant lying on an extra-special episode of her reality show. *cough*kendra*cough* Also, Montana even hired professional porn star Brian Pumper so, in a way, you’ve kind of got to respect the initiative here. Most kids today are too lazy to make sure the webcam is at least focused thanks to their iPod doodads and texting telephones. It’s a damn shame.

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  1. once upon a time

    oh yes, and because kim k is such a role model… go for it!

  2. splashsos


  3. Mr. Nice Guy


  4. Rather

    I hate to break it to her, but Kim has a few things she doesn’t… like a face that is clearly female, a huge set of boobies, and a butt that just won’t quit. But she’s a 19 year old chick who just made a sex tape. Who am I to complain?

  5. tuesday

    i’m speechless.

  6. Maybe Morpheus will hook her up with a 3way between her, Neo & Trinity. That might make the kids some dough.

  7. kris

    Damn. Hope he took the blue pill when he found out.

  8. isthisthingon

    fishbone started on the pee wee herman show. makes sense his girl wants to get peed/weed on like kim k

  9. Drew

    Good, I hope it makes those pathetic Kardashians open their eyes and realize that they are only recognized for sucking cock and being attention whores, and not because they actually have a shred of substance.

  10. Tony Gabone

    Good god, she looks like a mix of Laurence Fishburne and Julia Stiles……if they mated

    • Miked

      I was thinking the same thing. Also the left side of her lip to nose is really messed up looking. She is pretty hit.

  11. Rush

    come on, sean, i’m dying for your input.

  12. TetterkeT

    I clicked on the “Brian Pumper” link you posted because I’d never heard of the guy. I can’t believe he was talking about fucking on camera for a full four and a half minutes. I also couldn’t believe they shot this interview in a Sbarro’s.

    • I did the same thing…I think Brain Pumper is officially the scariest man I’ve ever seen. I think the best part is when he’s counting off all of the amazing things she did “Baby you sucked dick good…you was great with the spit…you did great with the oral…with the blowjob”.

      A true renaissance man who can appreciate her blowjobs AND how she sucks dick. I need to get some of his platinum too while I’m at it…

    • jkhjkh

      that was a subway, probably somewhere in north hollywood area.

  13. J

    I hope he beats her ass with a boot like he did to Angela Bassett in “What’s Love Got to Do With It”.

  14. jumpin_j

    And all this time I thought you became famous with good looks and talent. Now I found out I’m doing it wrong? Damn. Okay, where’s my Flip cam and ball gag?

  15. eatme

    Brian PUMPER

  16. Pat

    Brian Pumper? I assume Rip Hymen wasn’t available for the video.

  17. Ryan Knox

    Brian Pumper is no Brandon Iron.

  18. hehheeee

    well well well…..

  19. Since she had to hire a porn star (with daddy’s money I assume. yuck.), shouldn’t this be considered “barely legal” porn?

    …not that I know anything about the genre or anything….*clears hard drive”

  20. stinky mcpoop

    She looks just like her dad. That’s a little off-putting. I’m not sure if I want to see a nude, female Laurence Fishburne.

    Wonder what she means by having a lot of ‘at-home experience’…

  21. if any you have daughters you must feel for this guy right now.. :(

  22. truthhurtssometimes

    Classy women don’t exist anymore. :(

    • Amy

      If we had good male role-models, perhaps this wouldn’t happen. When men would rather visit strip clubs than raise a good, decent family, this is what happens. Women become desperate for male attention and care more about looking hot than being good, classy women. And instead of seeing the trend, men keep encouraging it. Eventually there won’t be any good women left and you’ll kick yourself in the asses for encouraging this in the first place.

      • Internet

        Spare me, please.

      • Randal(l)

        Yeah, but good classy women don’t let me shit on their titties or piss in their hair. I’ll stick to sluts, skanks, and whores thank you very much.


      • Anon

        Men need good female role models sadly these days there are none just a load of selfish, spoilt, man-hating feminazi’s who dont need no man and wont have any man telling her what to do but will boss and demand and order men about as much as their fragile ego tells them to.
        Women – sorry spoit little girls – who think they know everything about men so they can be as sexist and derogatory as their fragile ego tells them to be.
        Its funny how women know whether a man is a real man more than men do though i’ve yet to hear a woman say anything right when talking about men.

        Guess if thats true then that means that men know whether a woman is a real women better than the feminazi’s do.

        Wonder who works at strip clubs, women isn’t it? Unless its a strip club that lesbians go to. What does that mean Amy?

      • Mr. Lobster

        I agree Amy. If we had good male role-models you’d be in the kitchen where you belong, not on the Internet. Here’s to hoping this encourages you to make your men a sammich.

      • Amy

        You know Mr. Lobster, I’d love to be in the kitchen cooking and taking care of the house…BUT men are so undependable and the fall of the nuclear family led me to become an attorney. So you can bitch and moan all you want, but these “feminazis” are just smart women who don’t want to continually get screwed by shitty men. So yeah, until you men get your shit together, I’ll keep my $90,000 a year job and treat you like anybody else. Start becoming a role model and take care of the family and maybe we’ll give you the respect you so badly want. Until then, we’ll have to take the “man’s” place.

      • Amy

        ANON: Women work at strip clubs because they usually have shitty fathers–which leads them to seek out male attention. Also, there’s huge market for it–i.e. MEN. If men would stay home where they belong, there wouldn’t be so many strip clubs, human trafficking ,etc. Men have become so shitty that women have to take over traditionally “male” roles in order to stabalize (a) the family and (b) the economy. Men are progressively becoming dumber and dumber. If you need proof, watch tv, go to any high school and look at the grades, look at college grads, and look at the every closing gap between pay grades. I don’t hate men, I just see that because of your poor decisions you are ruining society. I know it’s crazy, but there is more to life than strip clubs, porn, bags of cheetos, mama’s basement, and WoW. Get out and influnce in a good way.

  23. Maybe she thought the “Cowboy Curtis” path to stardom was too embarrassing.

  24. Bunny Foofoo

    i really respect the honesty. she wants fame and is willing to do what it takes to get it. quite refreshing really. let’s get rid of the Tila news on this site and give Montana a shot.

  25. Internet


  26. WhatIsTheFishburne

    Somewhere Morpheus just took the BLUE pill….

  27. Funnier than yours

    Bram Stroker was busy?

  28. testington

    Um, she isn’t cute…end of story

  29. Indian

    Wow…the stupidity is just stunning.

    BTW, happy birthday to Laurence.

  30. lola

    ooh i feel bad for her- yah you have to be hot for this to work- i dont like paris or kim but they could be considered “hot” or doable by some guys- this girl just coudlnt- men would be embarassed to have her on their arm even for a night

  31. Lucion

    Furious (Boyz N Da Hood) has got to be so Furious!

  32. Jesus

    That Bossip video is fucked up.

  33. kid ROUGH

    I’m not sure if larry was an absentee father but still its not his fault she got shit for brains. She could’ve easily gone into her fathers line of work. Nevertheless, I would like to volunteer to do a double decker between her and that family matter ho if she truly likes it rough.

  34. mupp

    So I take it the gorgeous and current Mrs Fishburne, Gina Torres is not her mother?…shame.

  35. Noland

    Laurence should be glad he got blown up by that predator

  36. captain america

    well, SHE LOOKS LIKE IT?

  37. Veronica

    I hope it was a slip of the tongue but ‘At home experience’ implies that her daddy banged her. I hope this ain’t true. What wierd revenge if so. He could hardly comment on this now, could he?

  38. Sayut

    Who the fuck wants to see this girl in porn? What an ugly little troll.

  39. Take a guess

    From what I can assess, this Brian Pumper character TARGETED this girl (which makes him nothing but a sell out house ni**er in my book).

    What people don’t realize is that celeb porn tapes are BIG money right now considering that Vivid has cut lose all of their contract girls. Vivid now is heavily reliant upon sex tapes from famous people (and their kids) to stay in business. Some of you might think this situation is funny, but it’s just the beginning of male “pornstars” (pimps) targeting young women (celebs and kids of celebs) in order to make a quick buck from Vivid or other studios of the like.

    What’s interesting here is that this Brian Pumper idiot was recently fired from a major company for submitting incomplete STD testing results (check Xbiz dot com) . Hopefully he didn’t do anything remotely similar in this situation with Fishburne’s daughter.

    Fishburne – DO NOT LET THAT pimp sell your daughter and bring you down – GO AFTER HIM!

  40. cc

    Watch the A&E show ’48 hours’ and you will see a chick just like her almost everytime.

  41. ROUGH the pumper

    She would never do something like that to me. know why? I would not have fixed her cleft palate. That would actually instilled some character into her….

  42. Juggers

    Brian Pumper IS AN idiot men i hate dat dude..he has no self and for teh senseless girl..its a shame to her also

  43. Brooke

    I’m sorry, what? Laurence Fishburne’s daughter had to make a sex tape to get noticed? Uh…. didn’t she try asking dear old dad for a gig first? I’m sure he could probably drum up something better than a shitty homemade porn.

    This chick just makes me want to sob in a corner somewhere. I don’t think I really thought anyone actually considered any Kardashian to be a role model, and now I’ve lost faith in teenage girls again.

  44. tom selleck's rectum

    I want to see the tape but Im scared…

    Scared that at the moment I orgasm, I will finally see the family resemblance.

  45. stings

    She signed with vivid so the video is a professional porno, she didn’t pay anyone she was paid!

  46. Sobrietyisacrutch

    Did you read the rest of her interview? She said she was “impatient with waiting to be famous ” and basically thought this the fastest way to get there.
    I can’t believe people exist who actually think this way. She said her Dad and her talk every week so they’re obviously close. WHERE THE HELL HAS HE BEEN?!! I can make all the porn jokes in the world (Brian Pumper – heh heh heh!) but seriously? What kind of guidance did this girl’s parents give her, for Chrissake?!!
    FUCK! Now I gotta call my Mom and Dad to thank them.

  47. lola

    i feel bad for her on many many levels.

    umm how to put this- men want to look at hot white girls and they want those girls to at least look surprised and violated when it comes out. its part of the game girl…play it! i feel most bad for her that she wasnt taught this fact- like how to play the damsel in distress- no instead she HIRES her own porn star to make this nasty little film and ugh- i dont know its just not how you get famous.

    what porn star ever crossed over? other than maybe sasha grey who is incredibly smart and looks more like an actress than a porn star anyway

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