Lauren Pope in a bikini

August 1st, 2009 // 86 Comments

Here’s British actress Lauren Pope and her DJ Glam Girls partner Kellie Acreman relaxing in Miami Friday. You may remember Lauren as the giant breasted woman who Lindsay Lohan personally requested in London last month. Honestly, I figured Lindsay would be into a chick with a little less cellulite, but then again, I also figured she’d die of penis overdose at age 22, so what do I know?

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  1. fetus_mcnuggets

    the first time th catholic pope showed up with red leather prada shoes
    i knew from that instant he was full of shit covered oreos

  2. Danklin24

    The rest of the pics dont work. Sure wish someone would learn to post to their own blog. Since im in a bitching mood, is it possible to get the stars removed from the naked pics with only one click…you know like most other sites do? This having to click twice is bullshit.

  3. Ronko

    Danklin24 is DAMN RIGHT! *high fives*

  4. Yes small ammounts of cellulite instantly kill my fragile, timid, little boner. ladies?!

  5. RtSS

    You can tell by image #1 that this bitch has a huge out of control bush… Look at the puffiness in the love triangle region. What’s sup beyotch? Is this the ’70s? Go get yourself waxed, so that we can see a clean, smooth pussy.

  6. you are all idiots

    OH COMEEE ONNNNNNNNNNNNNN. grow up. the majority of women have cellulite

  7. Her forebrain looks highly evolved.

  8. Christina

    I feel sorry for mens perception of beauty…dimples are cute on the face right, so you better suck it up if we’re hitting the sack babydoll…

  9. What you said is true. Glad I checked out this site. Thanks!

  10. Idiots

    Grow up. Almost all women have some cellulite (and besides, pic #4 is nothing…and she’s walking), even if you work out or not. And I’m really sorry, but real life isn’t the same as those Photoshopped photoshoots where every dimple and imperfection is wiped out, and everybody has completely smooth and glowing skin like a cartoon character.

  11. frank


    Okay. Let the cellulite slide(no pun intended). How about the cankles? And the completely bowl-like implants? What about those, huh?

  12. mikeock

    Big fake tits and a forehead that rivals an IMAX screen. No thanks. I’ll pass on this bitch. I’m not getting hard these days for a women with a receding hairline.

  13. Marie

    She has a pot belly, lots of cellulite, an ugly ( and most probably soft) ass, an ugly forehead, her hair look super dry too ( not that thats what you guys care about but still!). Her boobs are very oviously fake and vulgar looking. She is disgusting and she needs to work out, ASAP!

  14. yuki

    her boobs match her forehead.

  15. oermens

    she looks like a pornstar… from outer space

  16. that’s no forehead.. it’s a fivehead!

  17. bert

    I’d hammer that, and I mean HAMMER!

  18. tahnee

    her legs look like tree trunks..

  19. Bubba Rednex

    How are the teeth ?

  20. HMMM..I remember commenting on how unattractive she was and caught so much shit on here!!! It’s amazing what clothes and gobbbbsss of make up can do for a woman. I’m not saying that I’m not included on that…but yeah. HA! Nevermind. I win.

  21. Venom

    Meh… but that is one weird-shaped head. It’s almost… alien-like…

    … alien evolution… if this is what they look like now, I’m not so scared anymore…

  22. I don’t trust her. She looks like the type who would point over there and say “Look!” and then steal your cookies..

  23. Are these two from no mans land? they look like the characters Jodie Foster likes to play, man hunters…and dont stuff your chest if youre not interested in man you know guys are going to flock toward that…

  24. observer

    The lady in black has the dolphin tattoo but the lady in the red/orange bikini has the dolphin forehead! Talk about Irony, wheres Flipper?

  25. el ces

    Mmm, that pink bikini is smexy.

  26. pig

    Never heard of the cunt and she doesn’t even look fuckable

  27. Kelley

    Real tits are not square at the sides !!

  28. kitty_kat

    Yet another blonde with ridiculously obvious breast implants? Yawn.

  29. Are you saying she’s SpongeBoob SquareTits??

  30. G&T

    Hey! hey, hey!
    What’s with all the surgery bashing?
    I say there’s nothing wrong with symmetry, volume, and gravity defiance… nice!

  31. Dis

    Who the hell is this person to deserve celebrity treatment? And why is she on the so F’n hot site? Christ she has cellulite all over her legs! Get a clue. If my legs or ass looked like that I’d wear pants. Any celebrities that have cellulite and think they are “hot” need to take a long hard look in the mirror and hit a treadmill. Maybe she should have spent her money to suck the fat out of her ass than to get implants to better proportion her body to her flabby ass.

  32. sam

    fat, flabby, fivehead with fakies, four years from cankles…


  33. jimmmy

    both of these girls are busted.

    let’s move on shall we?

  34. She should do some strength training and get some more tone. Skinny w/ no tone is not sexy!

  35. i would put it in

    you people judge sooooooo much you know damn well if she was in your bed naked saying “take me” you know you would with out hesitation. god knows i would.

  36. Dis

    “i would put it in – August 1, 2009 5:10 PM”

    “you people judge sooooooo much you know damn well if she was in your bed naked saying “take me” you know you would with out hesitation. god knows i would.”

    You’d put it in a toaster. You have no standards.


    that’s the same girl!!

    how about if all you little boys saw that picture? i’m sure you’d be drooling.
    you all are wayyyy too used to seeing photoshopped women after 3 hours of hair and make up. its so sad that men(boys) have such a warped perception of what women are supposed to look like. EVERY girl you see in a printed picture… in a magazine.. on the internet etc is photoshopped. therefore she doesn’t look like that in real life. tear

  38. Dis

    Hey Idiot,

    (you are all idiots)

    I work in the industry and yes they ALL have a bit of photoshop work done. BUT they don’t have cottage cheese on their legs and trying to pass it off as sexy. Big difference. Yes regular women have cellulite and that’s not a problem, BUT if you’re gonna flaunt it all over the place and are in the public eye then be prepared for scrutiny if your legs look like ass.

  39. Normally I’d look straight at the tits and call it a day with this but I decided to enter no man’s land and venture down below in these pics and totally felt like kicking the shit out of a container full of cottage cheese..btw I’m digging her achilles heels sandals..nice..

  40. Harold^Sick

    @6 Yes, that’s because the majority of women are fat slobs. That’s what happens when you party your life away and wake up at 30, single and unattractive. Women who exercise and take care of themselves don’t have cellulite.

  41. Jose

    I miss Britney Tit :(

  42. Everyone sucks.

    Quit making excuses to have cellulite and be a fatass.
    It’s inexcusable ESPECIALLY if your dripping in benjamins.

  43. Lorenzo

    Actually with the way she looks gives me reason not to work out. She can’t be a hypocrite and ask for a 6 pack when it is obvious she drinks a 12 pack.

  44. MOOLY

    why is her head shrinking in pic 5?

  45. Big Mofo

    LMAO You 15 year old limp dicks are funny. You expect a girl to be perfect so she goes out and gets 10k worth of plastic surgery to meet your schoolboy, video game induced expectations, and the second it starts to go south, you fist pumpers throw her under the bus. If she was on your door step to screw you and your mom let her down into your basement kingdom, you’d blow your load before she made it 2 steps down the stairs. You basement lurkers are a joke. Go play some WoW and dry hump your pillow while watching the dancing elf chick you created and stripped down to her bikini.

  46. Samir

    @48 Hey, Lauren Pope, welcome to the site. You’re still a dirty, skanky-looking wilted and withered stick of Slim Jim, in my humble opinion. Cheers!

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