Lauren Conrad’s clothing line stops production

March 23rd, 2009 // 48 Comments

Lauren Conrad is putting her clothing line on hiatus and blames the economy, according to Page Six:

Some showrooms got a message from her camp saying, “In light of the economic climate, Lauren has decided to completely rethink her line.” As a result, shipment of the last spring and summer delivery has been canceled, the memo said. Page Six previously reported that the line wasn’t moving in stores like Kitson and Bloomingdale’s.

Of course, instead of blaming the economy, maybe Lauren Conrad should’ve considered the following factors before starting a clothing line:

1. Starring on The Hills is not the equivalent of a degree in fashion design. No matter how many lattes you drink.
2. 15-year-old girls don’t have credit cards. At least outside of Orange County, so honestly, I shouldn’t have expected you to know that. My bad.
3. Nobody knows who or what a Lauren Conrad is. For about 14 months I thought you were some sort of snowmobile. True story.

But, hey, hindsight’s 20/20 and there’s nothing wrong with using the economy as an excuse. Unless you’re my date last night and didn’t believe the Dow Jones was responsible for only 20 seconds of sex. I swear, baby!

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  1. Jrz

    Um….just a wild guess here but maybe….just maybe….the clothes ain’t selling because they’re butt ugly?

  2. bone

    #1–good call, especially if what she’s wearing is any indication.

    and that mug–we will have a lot of trouble explaining to future generations why anyone even could have achieved a semi from her

  3. Bobby Malone

    I might rape it, but I sure as shit wouldn’t do it consensually.

  4. Zanna

    There is always Wal*Mart and K*Mart. And the jewish Wal*Mart : SteinMart.

  5. A

    The girl in the red dress posing next to Lauren Conrad, whatshername? Isn’t her dress the same one as what Angelina Jolie ones wore when she was pregnant with twins, only Jolie’s dress was the color of caca brown.

  6. BadAssMuthaFucka

    Hey Lauren Conrad, Debra Messing called, she says you have no tits.

  7. Jennyjenjen

    Pic 4 looks like a mannequin, an evil soap star and some bizarre exotic bird of paradise all came together for a photograph…

  8. Drunk Again


    Is THAT what Stein-Mart is? I thought they sold glassware…

  9. Zanna

    @8. If one of the 4 horsemen of the apocolypse was gay, those three would be the other one’s girlfriends.

  10. Jennyjenjen

    @10 I see the future and it is grim…

  11. EuroNeckPain

    I like her dress, though. Is it part of her collection ?

  12. Zanna

    @ 9- That’s what I think SteinMart is, so I’m going with that.

    @11 – Not your future, Jenny. It’s so bright you gotta wear shades.


  13. interesting

    her right armpit looks like a vagina

  14. Nichole

    If her clothes hadn’t been so overpriced, this MIGHT not have happened.

  15. this post made my day. The only possible way that it could be better is if she was struck by a car or died a horribly slow and painful death.

  16. Tom K

    They need to blow up California, because this state is a breeding ground no talent trash who actually think they are important! Why couldn’t this bitch die instead of real people with actual talent.

  17. Jeezy


  18. I am so so shocked. Really.

  19. who told all these look alike actresses they were dress designers?? They can barely act & yet they take on other things,clothes,perfumes,shoes, In a year nobody will know who these women are..

  20. Lance Armstrong's Remaining Testicle (call me Testecles like Hercules)
  21. @14… Ewww.. what’s up with that? It really does!

  22. Walter

    I’m so old, I thought that she was the voice of Matt Dillon.

  23. Mr. Jones

    FAIL *

    * due to macro-economic conditions, and has absolutely nothing to do with lack of talent, intelligence, and general business sense.

  24. justifiable

    Please tell me Heidi Montag’s line tanked before Conrad’s and she and SphinterSpencer have driven off a cliff to celebrate being first. Is just one little ray of sunshine this month too fuckin’ much to ask for?

  25. chupacabra

    Actually, I think the company that kept up the robots, “heidi and spence” finally went out of business/had to sell them for parts to cash out the CEO. Haven’t seen them in awhile. Hope their robot bodies went to scrap and the SIM cards went to battered womens cell phones or something…

  26. Jenna

    What a sad group of people are. People who enjoy seeing others fail, makes their meaningless loser lives seem better. I wish Lauren the best and I hope her new line is successful.

  27. Jrz

    Sentence structure is not Jenna’s strong point…is it Oh Mighty Queen of the Sentence Fragment.

  28. Galtacticus

    Who’s she!?

  29. R2-D2

    Beep,boop! Who’s this piece of useless s***!?

  30. R2-D2

    Ugly piece of useless f***! Blip!

  31. JohnStark

    This girl is bombed out and depleted! And sorry to say Lauren Ur not attractive at any level people make you seem. You have a body of a 40 year old women with 5 kids….nice sagging tits Hun. Come to Texas and see what beautiful women are…. I promise you will go home crying to mommy and Ur plastic surgeon.

    btw take a look a some fashion mags out there… guess what!? those people are educated in bossiness and fashion design. Guess being on some tenny booper TV show on MTV doesn’t give you everything.

    Ohh and last thing…Hedi might be a dumb blond bimbo….but at least shes smokin hott! ;)

  32. arealcad

    @4 & @9 – too bad EJ Korvetts doesn’t exist anymore.

    EJ Korvettes = Eight Jewish Korean War Vets

  33. scabbeus

    These girls look like starlets from the AVN Awards! It is quite possible that this will be the next step for each them.

  34. Jennyjenjen

    @13 As long as they aren’t anything Miss Lohan would sport.. The coke has gone straight to that part of her brain that affects her sunglass buying judgement.

  35. Jennyjenjen

    @28 But she may not have done well in grammar but her but her teachers gave her high marks for “plays well with others”.. The rest of us however, scored below average.

  36. Jennyjenjen

    oops.. I stuttered..

  37. mikeock

    her left armpit looks like a shaved vagina.

  38. 1moreidiotintheworld

    She’s 15?????????? she looks thirty-something. Oh well, she still has a few years to grow up and realize how retarded her clothing line looked and understand fully why it tanked big time…. I mean her dress looks like someone puked Fruity Pebbles all over her…….

  39. wowgirl

    So pretty she is! but I am wondering why she created a pro file at “C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M”? It is a site for single rich people and celebrities.

  40. ………………………………………………………WEIRD?
    this is what they call: JUSTICE!!

  41. camel_toe

    looks like a remake of sabrina the teenage witch. stinky.

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  43. Jrz

    No I don’t play well with others JennyJen you obnoxious fucking twit.

  44. Anna

    Who wrote this piece of crap?

    Lauren has got degree in fashion, she worked for teen vogue for two years and then at people’s revolution..

    All the drunk episodes u’d seen show on tv they were filmed after work evening. In fact, all girls at the show are working and they are older then 15 of course. Loran is about 22-23 now.

  45. Amanda

    You guys are all haters on lauren.
    Yea maybe she was spoiled but at least she made something of it and actually went to school and got a good job when she moved out of her parents.
    Believe it or not Lauren actually did work to get somewhere.

    Why dont you all grow up.
    Lauren i loved your clothing line and hope to see it again!

  46. Rachel

    if you lot dont like Lauren or anyone else from the hills why are you actually on here? why dont you just get a life of your own, just because your jelous that she has made something out of herself, seriously GROW UP,
    i am a fan of Laurens and have got all the series of the hills and laguna beach an i have both of her books :D

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