Lauren Conrad might be out of a job

MTV’s ratings juggernaut The Hills may end after this season proving that perhaps there is a God after all. Turns out these jackasses, including the Laurens (above), are holding out for more money and fail to realize they could be easily replaced with chimps. Which would probably make the show exponentially more watchable. (Provided the chimps wear those little propeller hats.) OK! Magazine reports:

“No one gets along anymore,” an insider explains. “Whitney moved to New York, Audrina can’t stand to be in the same room as Lauren anymore and they all want more money.”

And, since it’s Wednesday, here are the PER EPISODE salaries of The Hills stars, so your head can explode:

LAUREN: $75,000
HEIDI: $65,000
SPENCER: $65,000
AUDRINA: $35,000
BRODY: $10,000

Okay, I get it: It’s MTV. But still, I seriously doubt one of these jokers could walk in and say they don’t make enough money without getting beaten to death with a stapler. I already want to run over Heidi & Spencer with my car, could you imagine if I had to pay them? I’d be pouring the goddamn Hanta virus in their coffee every morning.

Photos: WENN