Lauren Conrad leaving The Hills. ZOMG!

February 25th, 2009 // 45 Comments

Lauren Conrad tells Seventeen magazine she’s walking from The Hills after the upcoming fifth season:

“My biggest thing with the show was that I wanted to walk away from it while it’s still a great thing.. I always want to remember it that way.”

HA! I had no idea this chick told jokes. Lauren Conrad: Surprisingly not just a bland automaton devoid of humor, personality and unscripted human emotions. Who knew?

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  1. Spencer

    FIRST you fake closeted homo cunts!

  2. well well...

    she looks really beautiful here.

  3. Jrz

    while what is still a great thing?
    who is this?

  4. Joana

    Would it kill her to put some moisturiser on those freaking dried out knees?! They’re grey, for Christ sake!…

  5. Why the Hell are the idiots on this stupid show (that no one I know has ever seen) considered “celebs”??

  6. Amy

    Who does she think she is? Jerry Seinfeld??? Hahahahahaha!

  7. Julio

    Marsha Brady never looked so goooood!

  8. Once she’s tired of blowing losers for Sonic burgers, she’ll be back.

  9. run for the hills, on second thought..

    1. no clue who this is or why i should care who it is
    2. does this mean we’ll stop seeing non-celebrities like this nobody.
    Say yes.

    no really, say yes I command you.

  10. Vince Lombardi

    I’m sorry…. who’s leaving what, again?

  11. Maria

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    If I find something else I’ll inform you.

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  12. Darth

    I don’t know what they’re talking about since i’ve never watched The Hills! Maybe she’s leaving because she’s tired to be the middle one in a trio.

  13. cheese

    who the hell is she

  14. cheese

    who the hell is she

  15. cheese

    who the hell is she

  16. jimmy beam

    i wonder what shes like in bed

  17. jimmy beam

    i wonder what shes like in bed

  18. LC

    My name is LC and I do just fine in bed

  19. Darth

    Since they make shitloads of bucks every episode,i think it’s a brave step from her to leave now (who is she?).Otherwise she’ll be that Hill girl forever and nobody will take her serious anymore.Unless your name is Snoop Dogg ofcourse.

  20. julio

    Who is this woman?

  21. Jenn

    Ok for all of you who are saying “who is she?”

    you dumbasses, if you are on the superficial website i’m PRETTY sure you know who this girl is. Stop trying to be ignorant and pretending like you dont know who she is.

  22. RichPort's Yoda

    Knowledge, Responsibilty, Literacy…. the Porch Monkey craves not these things….

  23. Ali Knievel

    They should replace her with Kristin Cavallieri. Nobody’s gonna watch The Heidi and Spencer Douchebag Half-Hour.

  24. Chris Brown

    Would hit.

  25. Sonny

    Paging David Caruso.

  26. kels

    she’s just another skank trying to make it big with her own stoopid reality show.

  27. eric

    Laff, like she’ll find another job.

  28. tanya

    I will miss her mustache.

  29. swizz

    *mixes in coctail shaker*

    one part used douche soloution
    two parts goat ejaculate
    generous gob of menstrual clots
    one dollop of Randal’s smegma
    3 used condoms
    1 pair of shit-stained boxers

    *shakes vigorously*
    *hums to self*
    *strains mixture thru pair of grandma’s crusty old church pantyhose*
    *pours into cocktail glass, garnishes with parasol*

    @ #11

    Hey Maria– I made you a cocktail. Cheers!!!

  30. for #21

    for those of us with lives, who aren’t home to watch TV, I’ve NO clue who this person is. That doesn’t change no matter how many “look at my penis” jokes
    The Superficial writer makes.

    again wHO?

  31. For all of those who don’t know how she became a” celeb”, whatever that word means, it’s because we the people and media made her into what she is today. If no one would have watched her show back in the day of Laguna she would still be in the fashion industry. We have created spencer and heidi as well. Lauren has done nothing wrong so far and idk why people are so judgemental. I think jealously is there.

  32. fabu

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  33. balls mccoy

    I’ve never seen her show, but have seen her in some ads and in Epic Movie, I have to say she is such a beautiful girl, she sort of just “pops” in front of a camera.

  34. Mike Hawk

    See you on the stripper pole got change for a dollar?

  35. I sense a comeback for Kristin Cavallari, she’s not doing anything else

  36. swizz

    got some left over for you too, # 32…

    *shakes leftover concoction from post 29 in used colostomy bag, pours frothy concoction into cocktial glass, rims glass with rat poison, tops with twist of lime, slides over to space #32*

    Bottoms up!

  37. she makes such a good point about leaving the show on a good note, a lot of fans are getting tired of the fakeness of the show and glad its coming to an end

  38. Boston_Freek

    #29 / #36 – fucking BRILLIANT.

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  41. omg, she cant leave well yes she can she can give whitney the spot light for a while. but wait i though Lauren was supposed to be in a movie??

  42. Jen

    I love Lauren jerk!

  43. pay attention: “ANOTHER NOBODY IN HOLLYWOOD”.
    (a new talent for an “AMERICA-CRASHER”, folks?)

  44. penis

    who is she?????

  45. Should be replaced with Kristin Cavallieri. Nobody goes to see Heidi and Spencer The Douchebag half hour.

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