Lauren Conrad is overpaid

August 21st, 2007 // 73 Comments

provided a ball-park estimate of reality star incomes, including Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag from MTV’s series The Hills:

Well, Lauren “L.C.” Conrad does get to operate ongoing hot war with Heidi Montag in the pages of Us Weekly every week, free of charge. If that’s not a fine compensation, I don’t know what is. Oh, wait. Yes, I do. How about an estimated $10,000 to $25,000 per episode? That’s the general industry range for top reality stars such as Conrad, Montag, wannabe K-Fed or Spencer Pratt.

Lauren Conrad makes ten to fifteen grand for sipping lattes, talking on her phone and teaching teenage girls how to butcher the English language. I, on the other hand, receive no compensation for being so unbelievably sexy that my looks actually fight cancer. There is no God.

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  1. s0fa

    30 – HAHAHAH “knowledge”??? Excuse me?? if you are getting your knowledge by keeping up with the MTV world then you are the one missing out. Heidi and LC are hardly celebrities, they just get paid to prance around and have everything handed to them. I watch this for kicks (yes i admit it), but no one is missing anything by not watching it.

  2. kayla

    Lil princess is spot on. i friggen hate these ppl that write 20 comments such as “uhh never heard of them, who are they”, why are you commenting on something you know nothing about?? go read another post– and you say you have better things to do than watch the top rated mtv series this year– yet you are on a celeb blog site?? wtf. seriously go away if you cant follow what is going on.

    furthermore, i love this comment: hahah

    “it clearly says “lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag from the MTV reality series The Hills.” from that one might assume that the girls pictured are named lauren conrad and heidi montag and that they are from a fucking MTV reality show called the Hills. ”

  3. Marie

    Well…I think Lauren is pretty. That other girl has really thin lips. Gross.

    I also have no shame in knowing who they are.

  4. stinky

    52. “kayla” (and vicariously “Lil Princess”): ok, agreed, it is stupid to post a simple ass comment like that. But, I have to watch every stupid fucking show on TV to “follow what is going on”? Don’t be a jackass all your life. Sure, this is a celebrity/pop-culture gossip site. But these people are NEITHER. Contrary to your asinine ground rules, I’ll save that part of my brain that “pays attention in class” for real celebrities and pop-culture phenomenon. Not every flash-in-the-pan-forgotten-in-15-minutes wannabe who comes along. I’ll leave that to people like you who obviously have their priorities straight and lots of leisure time (moronic teenagers, the mentally challenged, and unemployed losers). I say; if you don’t attain at least Johnny Fairplay or New York level of fame, you’re unworthy of any recognition. Period. And in the words of Eric Cartman; “suck my balls.”

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Superficial, but this whole debate on whether we should know the identity of some little reality show twat, is a truly sad commentary of the times we live in. Who gives a rats ass about some chick who no one will remember in a couple years? Honestly?

    The following reflects our obsession with TV…

    “Recent studies have revealed disturbing data about our country’s understanding of how its government works. A survey of 1213 adults conducted by Zogby International last year showed that only 42% could name the three branches of the federal government. Moreover, while 77% of those surveyed could identify two of Snow White’s seven dwarfs, only 24% could name two current Supreme Court Justices.”


    “A survey released several weeks ago by the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum found that less than one percent of adults who responded to a national poll could identify the five rights protected by the First Amendment–freedom of religion, speech, the press, assembly and the right to petition the government. On the other hand, more than half (52%) of the respondents could name at least two of the characters in the animated Simpson television family, and 20% could name all five. And although half could name none of the freedoms in the First Amendment, a majority (54%) could name at least one of the three judges on the TV program American Idol, 41% could name two and one-fourth could name all three…

    But it gets worse. Many who responded to the survey had a strange conception of what was in the First Amendment. For example, 21% said the “right to own a pet” was listed someplace between “Congress shall make no law” and “redress of grievances.” Some 17% said that the First Amendment contained the “right to drive a car,” and 38% believed that “taking the Fifth” was part of the First Amendment. Think about this for a moment. How could James Madison, who depended on horses for transportation in his day, have placed the “right to drive a car” in the First Amendment?”


  6. Sexy Steph

    Isn’t your compensation for being so unbelievably sexy that your looks actually fight cancer, all the amazing ass you get from the chicks that faint at the site of your bulging muscles ripping through your shirt that you have to actually buy new shirts everyday?

    wait.. i guess buying new shirts everyday kind of counteracts the compensation…

    you’re right, there is no god.

  7. Valkyrie

    55 murph

    Your comment was very nice, albeit long, but I like long intelligent comments. Makes me feel good about realing the constitution. YEah, the gov’t is being run like a side show, but I STILL like to know what our “rights” are, even if they get infringed upon on occasion.

    Sometimes I get weepy reading what those gentlemen wrote not so long ago.

    Stinky gets props too and “kayla” all I can say is that is the one name I hate most in the world, next to Jayden, Jessica, and Ashley. It’s such a “oh my god, my name is so original.” Makes me think of big-haired mall rats who wear Von Dutch shirts cuz they’re cool, not knowing WHO Von Dutch is nor how he felt about non-whites (he disliked them, he’s a douche, but a brilliant artist).

  8. stinky

    by contrast, Valyrie is one of the coolest names ever (no sarcasm, i’m serious)
    to me, Kayla will always be a stripper name.
    we can combine our images.
    she’s a airhead mallrat by day, and a trashy stripper at night…the good news is, she’ll probably become a cokehead, eventually getting fired from the club, reduced to selling blowjobs to support her habit, and dead from an OD in a year.
    yup, that’s you Kayla.
    which would explain why you have so much time to watch MTV.

  9. Lil Princess,

    See comment # 19. What is your reply to that? Just curious.

  10. 57 – Valkyrie

    Sorry bout the length…I couldn’t figure out how to really abbreviate it without losing the entire point. Unfortunately, intelligence has become a lost art, much like cross-stitch. *shrugs* Having read your comment about Von Dutch I remembered something he said that now smacks with irony…

    “I make a point of staying right at the edge of poverty. I don’t have a pair of pants without a hole in them, and the only pair of boots I have are on my feet. I don’t mess around with unnecessary stuff, so I don’t need much money. I believe it’s meant to be that way. There’s a ‘struggle’ you have to go through, and if you make a lot of money it doesn’t make the ‘struggle’ go away. It just makes it more complicated. If you keep poor, the struggle is simple. ” (

    And now some fashion designer is making MILLIONS off his name catering to stupid rich twats, like the ones pictures above.

  11. Ally

    lauren’s a bytch. Lil Princess aka kayla if theres anything more annoying than people that diss on celebs, its people like you, who try to outsmart everyone with your ridiculous comebacks. Obviously you dont get enough verbal stimulation at home to be able to control your need to argue and be annoying. you cant control the internet.

    anyways, i love heidi but despise lauren. Shes annoying and has no friends.

  12. Lil Princess

    @59… my response to comment 19… it makes me really sad. these lil twats drive around in mercedes, have awesome internships, get paid outrageously for partying their lives away… and im going to college full time, working full time at a decent paying high-stress job just to be able to afford going to school and i cant afford to live on my own so im forced to live with roommates that distract me from the more important things in my life. believe me when i say that i hardly have time to sit down and watch stupid shows about people that i couldnt care less about… but occasionally i do get a moment to relax, but i dont know which shows to watch (except Big Love, i tivo that shit) so i channel surf and i end up on MTV and i watch a few moments of the stupid hills but i end up getting jealous and decide to take my boxer for a walk instead of watching anymore annoying TV.

  13. Lil Princess

    oh and 58… stiny… strippers dont get fired for being cokeheads… its actually encouraged.

    and Kayla… thanks, i thought it was pretty funny too. but i guess these other fools can dish shit out but cant laugh at themselves. you know, cuz they are just way to fucking cool. hahaha bitches.

  14. @62

    I appplaud your response. Very well thought out and intelligent. I also applaud your ability to go to school full-time and work to pay for it, while putting up with roommates. Trust me, dear, it gets better. I went through all that shit, well, sans the roommates (I was able to get a really, really cheap renthouse by myself), and now I can look back at all that crap and laugh before I start each day.

    I appreciate your choice to be a contribution to society.

  15. fug

    Are you kidding? This country is fucked. It really is.

  16. Lauren Conrad pics

  17. booyouuwhhore1023

    This show is soo freaking awesome :)
    I looooov it !
    But im SO jealous of Lauren & Audrina….
    their freaking gorgeous ! =)

  18. Team LC!!

    I love lauren….stop your bitchin please?

  19. Karina in T.O

    All this trash really begs the question? If these talking twats are getting paid this much, who is watching this show, and why????

    Are people honestly that stupid to think this show is ‘REAL’? And if people didn’t watch it, then maybe these idiots wouldn’t be on all the mags weekly?

    10-15K per episode??? And you actually wonder why the Taliban wants us all dead, really??? Clearly there are ‘infidels’ among us, if these shows have an audience!

  20. April

    Unfortunately you suck. Perez is way better. Stop hating on Lauren b/c shes on her shit. You get on yours.

  21. mark

    US magazine confirmed that LC made $10,200 per episode last year and this year $22,000 per episode. The show is estimated to make MTV $38 million for 2008. Lauren Conrade will be getting a small share (1%) of gross revenue making her average to really be about $47,000 per show. She is worth it as she is milking money for MTV

  22. watewrboyx89

    i cant believe i actually got sucked in to reading these stupid ass posts for 15 minutes

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