Lauren Conrad is overpaid

August 21st, 2007 // 73 Comments

provided a ball-park estimate of reality star incomes, including Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag from MTV’s series The Hills:

Well, Lauren “L.C.” Conrad does get to operate ongoing hot war with Heidi Montag in the pages of Us Weekly every week, free of charge. If that’s not a fine compensation, I don’t know what is. Oh, wait. Yes, I do. How about an estimated $10,000 to $25,000 per episode? That’s the general industry range for top reality stars such as Conrad, Montag, wannabe K-Fed or Spencer Pratt.

Lauren Conrad makes ten to fifteen grand for sipping lattes, talking on her phone and teaching teenage girls how to butcher the English language. I, on the other hand, receive no compensation for being so unbelievably sexy that my looks actually fight cancer. There is no God.

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  1. oahz


  2. She’s a whore

  3. jrzmommy

    Who the HELL is Lauren Conrad? and what in the fuck is The Hills? Who the hell are these fucking people???!!

  4. wackingboy

    I’d pee on her.

  5. veggi

    agreed jrz.

  6. Fritzie

    I did pee on her wackingboy .. She seemed to like it !!

  7. Hahahahhahaha!!!

    I can’t believe she makes that much per ep….. what is the world coming to? :/

  8. Crap Tonight

    I do not know who these people are
    but I hate them

  9. ph7

    She’s too young to be that sloppy and out of shape.

  10. Annie Rexia

    Don’t watch it. Don’t give a shit about this skank. Fag Perez eats up that shit, so you know it sucks ass.

  11. Hootie McBoobavich

    If there is no God, then I shouldn’t worry about the death penalty after murdering such whores, right?

    Or, better, in the next life, she’s me, and sits behind a computer all day getting under-compensated for using her brain, and I get to cavort on the beach getting paid to do nothing. MU HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……. wait… I have better boobs now…

  12. Looks like a clip out of Mr. Rogers neighborhood.(hence puppets)

    All these chics need now is the tramp target logos on their ass backs.

    Who the hell watches mtv anymore anyways?

  13. adeliza

    #9—– Get Real!

    I love bashing the ass wipes on this site, but, besides the fact that until now I had no idea who these chicks are, saying they are out of shape is crazy!

    Let’s just call them looser sluts who have no other options than this, and after this is over, betcha we see a Playboy spread.

    After that……….obscurity.

  14. Malffy Hernandes

    My kids watch the hills and I still don’t know who she is.

  15. Jimbo

    I dont know about y’all… but I’d hit it in a sec. Then bust all over Veggi’s face and neck. That’s HoTT!

  16. tony

    life just isn’t fair, is it?

  17. veggi-sammich

    I had to look them up. If you look at “the hills” under wikipedia, wherever you find the word bullshit, it was my fantastically brilliant addition to the online encyclopedia.

    Oh, and 15, YOU’RE A STUMPLICKER.

  18. Jimbo

    Then I’d take jrzymom’s hand and stick it up my ass and then suck on my fingers while Biteme and Frist open their mouths to drink my cumjuices.

  19. Let’s see…

    We live in a society where:

    -Paramedics earn roughly $10 hourly
    -Police officers earn $30k annually
    -Nurses earn $45k annually
    -School teachers earn $35k annually
    -Spencer fucking Pratt earns $10-25k per episode?

    Gotta love America!!

  20. HF



  21. reality_killer

    life seriously isnt fair! she does nothing all day & is on a completely fake & scripted HORRIBLE soap opera & she makes that much money… if i controlled the tv industry, there would be absolutely no reality tv at all… & all the stars would be taking “slut lessons & how to care for stds” from paris hilton… like they should be now.

  22. Boogie

    Never heard of her.

  23. Sam Hain

    if I could stick someone’s whole hand up my ass i would probably keep that to myself.

  24. Ganzagwenie

    Has anyone else noticed that this Lauren chick’s eyes always look as though she’s been crying? (in pics where she’s not wearing sunglasses).

    Anyway, I think she’s probably underpaid considering how much MTV probably makes off this show.

  25. Yet again…

    After seeing these tw@ts, I am thankful I don’t have cable…

    And I have to ask, am I the only one who still remembers when MTV played music videos?

  26. #24 Maybe she’s just stoned

  27. veggi

    23- good point. And it looks as though the jackass has resumed the whole “lets see if I can suck my own dick” trial again. Keep it up fuckbucket. Try removing one of your ribs. In fact, try taking out all of them. When your retarded comments no longer appear, we’ll all know you finally succeeded.

  28. Flatulent Frank

    Another scrawny, too hippy, robot with nothing on their minds but themselves. (YAWN).

    I miss the days of Russ Meyer and overly yet naturally boobalicious babes.

  29. Flatulent Frank

    #3 jrzmommy –

    That was my next question. What is the Hills, is it just another OC, One Tree abortion and waste of celluloid?

  30. Lil Princess

    to all the commenters who claim to NOT know who these people are….. where the fuck have you been? do you live under a rock? i didnt know you could receive internet access under rocks… and since you have the internet… and clearly have read this entry… where the hell did you learn reading comprehension? it clearly says “lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag from the MTV reality series The Hills.” from that one might assume that the girls pictured are named lauren conrad and heidi montag and that they are from a fucking MTV reality show called the Hills.

    stop tryin to be cool and come up with a better fucking comment.

    sorry but ive just been really disappointed with this site lately… and SOME of the comments. lame lame lame lame.

    lets make fun of their hair.. or how completely ridiculous they are… knowledge is everything my friends… so keep up with the world around you. watch the fucking lame ass show, so you can have something witty to comment with.

  31. woodhorse

    Well those paychecks kind of make up for our harshing, don’t they? Let’s see, if I had THEIR job, I would only have to work 3-4 days a year. Yes, that sucks rocks in a major way.

  32. Annie Rexia

    Sorry hon, I cause “having a life” fot in the way of my “The Hills” worship. Nice to know you don’t have the same problem. Freak.

  33. maeby

    #30… Is that you Heidi ?

  34. Lil Princess

    im not saying the hills is something you all should run out and watch, hell, i dont even think its worth being mentioned at all… but seriously… come up with some better fucking comments.

    and yes… i know someone is going to be like “this is the superficial, we make fun of people, blah blah blah.” but by leaving completely moronic comments, it makes you just as bad as the celebs you are making fun of.

    either you follow celebs and therefore have something witty and actually funny to say about them, or you completely dispise them and you should just get the fuck over making fun of them cuz you just make an ass out of yourselves.

  35. Douchebag Refill

    TO: Lil Princess – nice fucking name –

    Maybe we have better things to do than watch MTV (ahem) “reality shows.”

    D’ja ever think of that? And it’s much cooler under this rock with the centipedes and the REAL living things, as opposed to the fake vapid things that you seem to love so much.

    A bunch of nobodies, doing a show watched by a bunch of even worse nobodies. Oh, and cool is not “tried;” cool just “is.” What are you?

    (Picks up book and continues reading)

  36. FuckOffGrunions

    #34 I have no problem making fun of celebs but I have trouble caring about someone who is obviously only important to 15 year old girls. The problem is the post, not the comments. Give me someone actually famous or interesting and I will rip them to shreds. give me shit like this and I give you a great big MEH.

  37. adeliza

    “them cuz you just make an ass out of yourselves. ”

    Kinda like you are doing?????

  38. lambman

    Well considering MTV makes a few million an eppisode in advertising I’d say Lauren isn’t getting that great a deal. Those reality shows cost nothing to produce and can make big bucks in advertising, so paying LC $10,000 an eppisode is really not much at all. Most WB stars make 10 times that an eppisode.

    #3 –

    #29 – you’d think so, but no…The Hills is a ‘reality’ show on MTV not an unintentionally hilarious teen soap like One Tree Hill

  39. Lil Princess

    @36. i completely agree… as i stated in my last comment… this shit isnt even worth mentioning!

    the Superficial… just like the rest of the sad reality TV show obsessed world… has fallen under the idea that these people are “celebrities”.

    @35… douchebag refill? why yes… i completely understand you making fun of my name, since you are such an original, witty individual. good luck reading that book with those excellent reading comprehension skills you possess.

  40. Douchebag

    39 – Keep it coming princessa, I can go all day….

    This coming from a kizzunt who watches (ahem) “reality shows” and claims that WE have no originality. Hmmmm Douchebag Refill vs. Lil Princess. Yeah I’d rather be a douchebag, because princesses cry like Lil Babies. (bwaaaaahhhh!)

    Ciao for now, til the next time, cow!

  41. I feel so fortunate that Lil Princess blessed us with her presence today.
    She has clarified most all comments and actually provided some background on what we were commenting on.Go figure.
    I find it quite comforting to take advice from a twelve year old especially one with this much brilliant in site.

    I thought the kids were back in school already?

  42. adeliza


    She’s playing hookey so she can stay home and watch MTV.

  43. lil princess

    42. now that was actually kinda funny.

    as for the dirty douchebags of the world…. assume your lives away. just remember… assuming makes an ASS out of U not ME.

  44. Douchebag

    43 – Bwaaa ha ha ha

    It’s good to know that although you’re an ass, you get 1,000,000 points for the “Odd Couple” reference. You may be cooler than I thought.

    BUT I think this is not the Lil Princess, I think it’s a troll using your name.

  45. Just brilliant.
    Speaking of dirty ass douches – Lil princess could use a valium good horse fuckin…

    Please return tomorrow so we can get the run down on tonights mtv programming and some more wonderful adolescent advice.

    Thank you very much.


  46. Kristin

    That sounds like a fair amount.


  47. cat

    the show is really popular so it makes sense. why does everyone on this site have to go on and on about how they have never heard of these ppl? If you read and comment on sites like the superficial then you are probably pretty up to date with who these ppl are.

  48. lil princess

    awwww c’mon douchebag! im not so into commenting on the superficial that i am lucky enough to have a troll yet. gosh!! gimme at least some credit!

    as for 45. i’ll take the valium… you can have the horse fucking… consider it a peace offering.

  49. OMG the Answer Bitch is laughable and apparently doesn’t read her own quotes. Big Brother pays $50K PER SEASON. That’s roughly $2K per episode & that is network TV.
    I can 100% guarantee you that MTV doesn’t pay $10-25K per episode to ANYONE on that channel on ANY show. ‘Reality’ shows are non-union and thus the minimum wages don’t apply. In addition, $10-25K is a big salary for a no-name actor in the first 5 years of a shows run on NETWORK TV much less cable.
    Complete non-story.

  50. bigboydookie

    …papa bear’s right… the answer bitch is a moron… i too can guaran-damn-tee you that not one of those reality “stars” is making even close to $10k per ep… what she is mindlessly quoting is the Network (ABC, NBC, CBS, fox) Minimum wage, which is 10k per ep. for stuff like show host, and $25k per episode for actors on sitcoms & dramas… syndication (CW) is much less… cable (HBO, MTV, etc) are at the bottom of the pay scale ladder… they might make about $2k per episode/week… and that’s still WAY too much money to pay some vapid asshole to be on some poor excuse for a television show that only a few retards watch.

    …oh, and “lil’ princess” ;
    your opening remarks were clearly taking shots at the commenters because they “had no idea” who these nobodies are.. THAT is what most of the counter-attack comments were in response to… and i agree with them… i’m in TV and if i did’nt read this site (and watch “the soup”) i would have no fucking clue who the hell these people are… and, sure, i read the captions, and you know what? i STILL have no clue who they are or why they’re famous… all i know is they’re some losers on a reality show i’ve heard of in passing… sure, you also made some comments about; “my point is; stop leaving lame posts”, but, that was’nt your point at first… your initial remark was based on the fact most people had’nt heard of these nobodies… and that does make you kind of a douchebag…if i may say so.

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