Lauren Conrad is kind of easy

MTV’s The Hills is once again being called out for its producers’ penchant for staging reality. This time it involves a trip Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port took to Paris where Lauren magically found romance because destiny smiled on her or whatever. Page Six reports:

Before Lauren Conrad and her Teen Vogue counterpart, Whitney Port, went to Paris to “work” at the Crillon Ball, producers were “frantically calling publicists to see if anyone knew any guys to set the girls up with in Paris. If they had a love affair there, then it would look better,” a source said.

The plan actually worked when the publicist for the originally-named band Rock & Roll came through for MTV:

“Lauren was filmed riding off with the guitar player, Matthias, on the back of his bike,” our source said. “They hooked up.”

While this further cements what anyone of modest intelligence could figure out: The Hills is full of shit. It also proves that Lauren Conrad will hook up with any man you put in front of her. I’m thinking her and I should meet for coffee. I know this great café. It’s actually in my bedroom, but it’s very romantic. I serve you Taster’s Choice in the nude, but don’t spill any on my Yoda sheets. Unless you’re turned on by seeing a grown man cry in the fetal position while surrounded by Star Wars action figures. Then by all means…

Photos: Getty Images