Lauren Conrad is a shitty neighbor

Lauren Conrad’s neighbors would like to see her and Audrina Patridge relocate sooner rather than later. Preferably somewhere where bombs are tested. Production for The Hills is making life goddamn ridiculous for people on the girls’ street. Radar Online has the details:

On the never ending light show:
The neighbor continued, saying, “they’re running a soundstage over here.” Before Conrad moved into the house, she claimed MTV spent several noisy months heavily renovating it, adding at least two lighting grids in order to make every staged roommate-moment look like a glamour shot. “MTV keeps saying they’re going to end in October, that this is going to be the end,” she said, “but we don’t have it in writing.”

On having their Internet shut off during filming:
“We want some attention paid to the permits. We don’t want production crews parked in front of our homes all the time or our Internet blocked when they film.” Both complaining neighbors said they worked in the entertainment industry and were usually quite friendly to the frequent filming in their neighborhood, but that MTV was bucking regulations,

On, get the fuck out, paparazzi knife fights!?:
Another unhappy neighbor, who also spoke under conditions of anonymity with a near mafia-like fear of MTV, complained of knife fights between paps and loud parties.

A possible solution for the neighbors: Faulty meth lab. (Note: Be sure to run for “The Hills.” Ha ha ha, I’m going to slit to wrists.) That said, Jesus H. Christ, can Lauren Conrad be anymore boring? I mean, in these photos she’s doing at least two things that should get my attention: A. showing some cleave. and B. standing in front of a Batman poster. Yet I still feel myself slipping into a coma. In fact Zzzzzzzzzz….

Thanks to David who once had to choose between gnawing off his own arm or watching The Hills. He now heroically sports a badass hook.

Photos: Splash News