Lauren Conrad didn’t make a sex tape

September 6th, 2007 // 72 Comments

Lauren Conrad’s ex Jason Wahler called Ryan Seacrest’s radio show on Wednesday to set the record straight about a certain video starring L.C.. E! Online reports:

As for the infamous sex tape of him and L.C. (a rumor purportedly started by Heidi ‘n’ Spencer)? “There is no tape, that’s the most frustrating thing. They’re such lowlifes, they have nothing better to do. I was in rehab when I found out. It was just another frustrating thing. I couldn’t have a say–I was on lockdown.”

Man, just when I thought there might be something I’d maybe watch that stars Lauren Conrad, I find out it doesn’t exist. On the bright side, this news proves that, yes, I actually can care less about The Hills. If the entire cast plummeted off a cliff, my response might be a yawn – if I have time.

NOTE: I already posted these, I just wanted to remind you who this chick is. You can check out the rest of the set here.


  1. Much better!!

  2. Finally someone DIDN’T make a sex tape to get famous
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  3. Now that must an extremely frustrating experience – despite the fact that they are picking on someone during a low point in her life :-(


    But, mommy I WANT A SEX TAPE!!!!!!

  5. jumpin_j

    She’s not famous, she’s not that attractive, so a sex tape would pretty much be a waste of time. I’d rather spend my money on well made films with extremely hot women, and lord knows there’s enough of those around.

  6. p911gt10c

    A Jenna Haze she is not. I wouldn’t even care to watch her get pissed on. That’s how insignificant this chick is.


    But, after she does a sex tape, she will have instant fame…isn’t that that way it works? Show your bottom and you’re on top?

  8. Eatman

    What are the Hills? Some horror movie about the Yeti devouring perky breasted young american girls?

  9. ***

    I don’t even know who this is… and I don’t care!

  10. lies lies lies you all know you fancy her really

    NO CLICK MY NAME … go on do it.. do it now… do it. do it. do it. do it. do it…

    god i wish i could write to the tune in my head

  11. Vince Lombardi

    Hey, look! I caught a sunbeam! (pic 7 & 8)

  12. PrettyBaby

    #8 hahahahaha!

  13. combustion8

    I so want to bone this chick.

  14. shit story

    funny i’ll give you that but you could make cat shit funny. the story is still shit

    want a good story?? click on my name

  15. Emily


    I hate people.

  16. Ascil

    Who the hell is this gal? I know she’s from MTV’s show but….what the hell is wrong with the entertaintment world!? The next thing ya know is the crazy man dancing at the streets infront your house is the next Elvis….ppffff!!!!

  17. SexTape

    There is a sex tape. Only problem is it involves Lauren and Paris Hilton’s current dog. Paris is so afraid of animal cruelty charges that she had her dog steal the tape the next time the dog was over Lauren’s house having sex. Yes Lauren and the dog are in a relationship but it is only for sex.

  18. jrzmommy

    Who ARE these fucking people?

  19. Harry

    Yup. Definitely built to f…

  20. Maybe the next story will be about “stars” on Univision. Jeezus. I mean, Hay-zeus.

  21. veggi

    This story would be awesome if she had a uniboob in the middle of her back.


  22. Darth Hater

    Still have no idea who this chick is, or anyone else mentioned in the story for that matter. She’s OK looking, no better or worse than any of the other clones running around Hollywood.

    At least it’s not more pictures of an underdressed Britney.

  23. my comment



  24. “i was in rehab” why would anyone want to cope with their addictions?

  25. me

    OK, what the fuck is going on with these girls and glasses? They even sleep with them on!!

  26. whoever made this video is NOT a fan of Jasons- soooo funny though

  27. @20 At least you are coming up with better comments troll. You still suck!!

  28. Gassy Girl

    @21 Hey Veggi… not even a uniboob would make this story awesome… and you know I like my uniboobs. Can I see yours? Again?

  29. lambman

    good for them! LC is hot and seems very sweet and classy, I never thought she had a sex tape.

  30. BaldAsBritney

    #6 come on, be nice, I’d at least watch her get pissed on.

  31. Spanktronic

    Damn, another oportunity to watch two douchebags go at it foiled! She looks like she would be real exciting in bed though. You know, like a corpse or something.

  32. Grimmace

    Lauren Cuntrad. She should do porn.

  33. stephiphany

    I can’t believe MTV managed to build an entire series around this boring and homely broad. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Looking at her face and hearing her talk makes me want to take up cutting as a hobby. Uh oh. Her bestest friend ever said her ankles looked fat. Queue the emotional music.

  34. mo-naked-hoes

    It’s a mistake she will have to live with for the rest of her life.

  35. ubee0173

    this chick sucks at life sooo bad. me.. i win at life. oh yes. i think one way to guarantee that you suck at living is to be featured on this site. you know who was really classy- that dog, wishbone. teaching kids how to read. amazing.

  36. Lizbeth

    Oomg!!.. ii love lc liike who could start such a RUMOR?!!… BUT YEAH MY hun looks much better… (HOT)… DUH… ii love the show && the girls EXCEPT 4 heidi she is such a DUMBASS!!.. her bf.. or watever he is… = UGLY!!! LOL… :)

  37. Heather

    if she is not making a sex tape she needs a bigger top for that!!
    She knows she wants to make a sex tap so BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. shell

    The chick is pretty, she has a nice body, its her teeth that are ganked up.. they make her mouth all wide. If it wasn’t for the ganked up teeth she’d be hot…

  39. hello.....

    as long as you’re reminding us through bikini photos who lauren conrad is, i’d like to see a jason-wahler-in-a-speedo photo set just to be fair.

  40. mywellrehearsedmistake

    Comment number 36 is the reason I would never watch The Hills.

    It’s another example of MTV’s lobotomy service provider.

  41. sad

    You guys I had sex with JASON and Lauren watched! and Superfish fed me a bean burrito!

  42. Team LC!!

    I personally Love lauren, ive been watching her ever since the first season of Laguna Beach! And now its just getting redicoulus. I mean I love the hills I really do! But Heidi and Spencer are gettin on my last nerve….For her to say such things and being laurens bestfriend before spencer, I think shes just a wrapped up on becoming famous and that thing she calls her boyfriend. Ive heard that heidi and spencer actually set them selfs up for pictures and sells pictures for money. It just irritates me to the fullest. I just want to beat heidi ass…..I mean I prob could break her in half and as far as spencer………hes just a pussy you jump at him and he will prob scream like a lil girl and run away…hahahahahaha they both can burn in helll!!!!!!!!

    wooooo go lauren!

  43. ^^^^^^ I found Lauren Conrad sex tape

  44. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    I found her video !!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  45. Laken Snow

    fuck her, im having an orgy, ah ohhhh, hell yea, ohhh fuck me jason crawford

  46. chris*c

    what are some of these people talking about lc is hot i think its ok that lauren filmed herself having sex as long as jason doesnt put it on the internet besides i love lc and laguna beach and lauren is super hot.luv u lauren

  47. chris*c

    what are some of these people talking about lc is hot i think its ok that lauren filmed herself having sex as long as jason doesnt put it on the internet besides i love lc and laguna beach and lauren is super hot.luv u lauren

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