Lauren Conrad continues journey to become most uninteresting person alive

The National Hockey League recruited celebrity bloggers including Kevin Smith and Dierks Bentley to help draw attention to the sport. Somehow, presumably by accident, they also enlisted Lauren Conrad of The Hills. Someone should tell the NHL she has the star power of Dave Coulier. (Actually, that’s an insult to Uncle Joey, may he rest in peace.) Anyway, her NHL blog launched today and here’s a look at Lauren’s riveting prose:

Hi hockey fans!
My name is Lauren Conrad and I’m a casual hockey fan who has gotten into going to Kings games over the past 2 seasons. I’m blogging about the NHL playoffs because I LOVE live hockey and I thought this would be a fun way to get more involved with the Post-Season.
I grew up in Orange County but now live in LA, so its easier for me to get to Kings games and I’ve become a Kings fan. Funny enough though, I’ve been going to Kings games with friends I grew up with in Laguna Beach, in the heart of Ducks country.
Since the Kings are out of it, I’ll adopt my fellow Orange County Anaheim Ducks as my team for the playoffs. Is there anything you guys think I should know as I watch the Ducks?
Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon. Enjoy the playoffs!

*takes gun out of mouth* Holy shit, that was close. For a minute there, I thought I’d die without fulfilling my life’s ambition of seeing Hayden Panettiere naked. Oh, and curing cancer too, I guess. Sort of. Okay, not really.

Thanks to James who doesn’t know the difference between Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad therefore earning my utmost respect. You, sir, are a god among men.

Photos: Splash News