Lauren E. Hubbard Slangin’ Bikini Selfies

Ever wonder where selfies come from? Here’s a little behind the scenes look at Lauren E. Hubbard, AKA bargain bin Ivanka Trump-lookalike with an elvish tattoo, creating her art. Because Lauren is a professional snake oil saleswoman on the Home Shopping Network (as well as a bikini model), she knows what it means to make money off of nothing. At the end of the day, it’s about the craft. Notice how the angle, ever so slightly raised above her head, makes for the perfect shot. You never know when you’ll capture that exact moment that encapsulates your thirstyness, so Lauren here likes to take at least a hundred before going with her final product.

Which looked like this…

Welcome to The Superficial, Ms. Hubbard. We’ll check in with you again if you bang a famous person or throw up in an Uber or something.

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