Laura Vandervoort’s hotness fueled by Earth’s yellow sun and, okay, the bikini

May 16th, 2008 // 178 Comments

If you’re like me and have only been laid once in your life (Thank you, Y2K!), you’ll immediately recognize Laura Vandervoort as Kara/Supergirl on Smallville. If you’ve never seen Smallville, soon you’ll recognize Laura as Bikini Girl #2 in the Audrina Patridge vehicle Into the Blue 2: Script? Shit, We Just Put a Bunch of Chicks in Bikinis. Academy Awards, watch out!


  1. debisis

    disclaimer: the wenis was invented by me around summer of 2006.

    please make a note of that. thanks.

  2. 73.52% of the above posts contain the word “flat”

  3. Is this a test ? I was almost ready to bring it up to 74 per.

  4. prince prince

    Even my penis is bigger than her tits.

    (overheard at a party for Prince Charles)

  5. Ted from LA

    I left you a post on the last thread. Hurry over for beer and excitement. I’m having a party. I’m not sure if it will be an outside deal or an INSIDE JOB?

  6. Binky

    Which link ? The one with the red stars ?
    (And I hope it’s …not Bud Lite… not that I’m that choosy…)

  7. Free Fall Collapse Speed

    Hey Ted give Bink a few shots and let us know what he talks about when he is drunk.

  8. If her ass was the ocean circa 1492, Columbus would have sailed right off of the flat motherfucker…

  9. Binky

    #158 – Don’t worry – it’s just the usual crap when happy hour strikes.

  10. Yasa

    She is very cute but her snotty expression is kind of annoying. She seems deeply in love with herself. She’s hot but not as hot as she thinks she is.

  11. Annie

    who is her?

  12. Solaera

    Meh. Boring. I noticed her stupid tattoo is crooked, these ass clown celebs really need to hop off the tattoo train.

  13. Britney looks better in a bikini

    Britney looks way better in a bikini, because at least Britney has an ass and has boobs, unlike this chick. It wouldn’t hurt her to be shaped slightly like a woman. And her face, average. How impressive. Superfish, your standards are soooo low.

  14. Joey

    You people obviously don’t get laid much or you don’t interact with women in real life if you are going to criticize this chick. She is hot anyway you look at it. I know none of you can get a hot blonde like that, but that doesn’t mean you have to hate on her for being one.

  15. 130, what a loser...

    #130 what a fucking racist moron. Hadn’t you realized you’re the scum of Earth? you know, the ultimate worthless. If you care about value so much, you must go kill yourself now because yours is zero. Oh I get it, the reason why you care so much about -money- value is because money is the only thing you could possibly have, as you have nothing else. You’re worthless as an individual, no one would ever want you or value you for other than the money you wish you owned. Poor little thing. Oh yeah, and just because your dick isn’t long enough to reach to a womanly shaped woman’s ass and you have no clue what a nice ass is because lets face it, it’s not like you’ve seen much women in your life, much less been granted the pleasure of looking at one who’s actually hot and with a nice body and looks how a woman is supposed to look like doesn’t mean the rest of people in the world are clueless losers like yourself. And BTW, I’m sorry your ancestors were hungry and poor and dirty and diseased and had to immigrate out of their homeland looking for a better life in America only to breed worthless scum like you, but mines were rich and classy, thus the reason why I live in my homeland, my beautiful homeland of Rome. It’s a sign of the poor loser wannabes to flaunt about their money and how they think they’re better because they (wish they had) money trying to get some validation and trying to be liked and accepted and treated better because they’re worthless as human beings in all aspects and no one values them for anything. Tell me what you flaunt about and I’ll tell you what you lack. muahahahaha. Now bitch, get to see a real woman! A hot woman! one with a nice body! and learn that they exist, and that women have curves and aren’t shaped like sticks, and that actually many women with curves and ASSES don’t necessarily need to have cellulite at all, but don’t forget that every female has some cellulite, more or less, but no one is free of that, just like men bald, women have cellulite, which has nothing to do with starvation, it has to do with human genetics.

  16. #165, wtf?

    #165, I don’t get your point, I think it’s the opposite. You don’t get to see much women, so anything, even if it’s average and manly-shaped, looks impressive and hot to you. Get out more

  17. how average

    It’s not only that she has no ass and no boobs and that her face is average, her ass is actually inverted, and her tummy is fat and prominent. It should be the opposite way.

  18. #166 – I’m not sure I understand, can you explain a bit more?

  19. Logic Please, Not Verbal Diarrhea


    Just a very friendly advice: don’t ever aspire to be a trial lawyer unless losing every case or making every jury fall asleep is your goal.

  20. jeff

    only a fucking faggot points out her cankles, which aren’t really that bad. okay, she has cankles. she’s a 9.9 instead of a 10.

    seriously, stop being gay.

  21. #171 – She’s a 10… if the scale is 1 -1000. No you’re right… she’s a 9.9.

  22. She's beautiful

    She’s a beautiful woman . . .

    . . . and #166 Loves The Cock . . .

  23. Vanessa

    She does have a flat droopy ass for someone so young. In response to one of the comments above every woman strives to have a round firm ass and flat asses are not attractive at all. If you have a firm round ass that doesn’t mean your fat, it just means that you are lucky genetically and that you are most likely fit. I have to laugh hysterically when reading posts that infer that women are jealous or fat if they don’t agree you. That is such an immature and infantile approach to attempting to argue your point. Anyhow, she has a supercute very feminine face but her body is very boring and lacking anything special.

  24. Jake

    WTF….. can’t believe you… She’s perfect.

    Perfect ass, perfect body, perfect face, most perfect babe! C’mon.

    Flat ass, no ass? who gives a fuck.. she is super hot.. and as long he doesn’t have a fat ass,cellulite,, he is more than fine in fact he might be the hottest babe..

  25. Natasha

    Similar to Montag -good upper body; not-so-good lower body.

  26. Coco

    You guys are all assholes. Everyone’s giving Britney’s fat ass support on her pictures in a bikini, but this chick is in very good shape. And she does have an ass and boobs. People, when you say flat, that means a flat surface you could set a plate on. This girl is cute.

  27. morton

    Her ass is in perfect proportion to the way she’s built. She has nice wide hips and her ass is great – it looks like a soft squeezable ass that any guy would love.

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