Laura Vandervoort’s hotness fueled by Earth’s yellow sun and, okay, the bikini

May 16th, 2008 // 178 Comments

If you’re like me and have only been laid once in your life (Thank you, Y2K!), you’ll immediately recognize Laura Vandervoort as Kara/Supergirl on Smallville. If you’ve never seen Smallville, soon you’ll recognize Laura as Bikini Girl #2 in the Audrina Patridge vehicle Into the Blue 2: Script? Shit, We Just Put a Bunch of Chicks in Bikinis. Academy Awards, watch out!


  1. required

    I am a woman and I would love to have her body. Her butt isn’t drooping and everything else is tight. Her face I could do without, but I think her body is awesome. How can people say that it is a flat ass? I think the shape is great. What I wouldn’t give to be twenty years younger.

  2. Beyonce

    her butt is sagging and as flat as could get. I’m so lucky to have an hour glass figure and a nice round butt for my boyfriend to get handfulls off.

  3. Erica

    9. Yes pleaseeeeeeeee!
    Who the shit is this!?

  4. ron jeremy

    if this chick had her ass up in the air in YOUR roomon YOUR bed RIGHT now…..everyone here would hit it

  5. holy shit, she's shaped like a man

    Wow, this site must be full of ugly fat losers, both male and female. This chick is shaped like a man, no ass, no hips, no boobs, no curves at all, she’s like a fucking curvless stick and some of you think her body is nice? it’s the anti-feminity! 12 year old boys have more curves than this chick. The only thing I can understand some chicks finding appealing is that she’s skinny, but it’s not sexy to be a skinny curveless stick. Her face is soooo average, and her body is UGLY. If anyone find this chick or her body impressive, you’re sad, really sad, and you have really low standardards. Superfish, you should also rise your standards a little, you find ANYTHING in a bikini hot, and that’s really pathetic, I can’t wait for pictures of Kirsten Dunst in a bikini reaching the net and you posting them and claiming she’s so hot. LMAO.
    Now give us more Kim Kardashian (female perfection) and her jealous haters can fuck off and die in jealousy!

  6. Heterosexuals Only please

    New rule. ONLY white men and women who are not gay are allowed to speak here from now on out? My vote.

  7. just wondering, why is it that we always compare the “curveless” women to “12 year old boys” and not, say, 11 year olds? what is it about this magical digit? I am really just curious.


  8. kevin

    #107. Remove all the “FLAT”s, and that’s what you are.

    If she hit on you at a bar (even before you were drunk, though you undoubtedly always are), you would chat her up and try to get in her pants, and you’d enjoy it and brag about it and video tape it to whack off to later.

    Yeah, she doesn’t have anything like Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie, but she’s still hot in a bikini. Her ass is flatter than most “hotties” in magazines, but it does still have a nice tight shape to it. She shows some good “cheeky” action from behind, which is my favorite position to watch when a girl is in a bikini or underwear, not from the side.

    I want to know who the girl is in the pink POLKA-DOT bikini, viewed only in shots 13-14 (with no face). As viewed from the side, she also has a flatter ass than the common FHM girl, but I like the curvature of her hips.

    To me, a flat stomach and hip curves (and cheekiness from behind–difficutl to get with the curvier asses, though J-Lo had it in a couple of videos) are more important than having an ass that sticks way out. Take a look at the Brazilian Victoria’s Secret models–AWESOME view from behind when those panties ride up, but from the side in undoctored photos, they don’t stick out much.

    90 percent of the photos you see have been doctored to the point of adjusting curves, lengthening legs, etc. — it is not just done to remove blemishes any more, but to completely change the model’s figure. Those of us who actually sleep with hot women and don’t just wish we could, know what hot women look like in real life. This girl is not amazizng, but she’s still hot.

  9. Whose Standards Are Low?


    I’m totally with you on this chick: there is nothing more disturbing than a flat ass that can still managed to be droopy.

    But Kardarshian being “female perfection”? She even has to cover and to have plastic surgeries on her ass because of the severe case of cellullite.

    Standards, dude, standards.

  10. kati

    she has the body of a little boy….flat ass, flat chest….no meat on her bones….haha whatever

  11. Be honest:
    HOW MANY WOMEN, do you think, ARE HOT IN BIKINI?
    So many Sexy girls that if you want, you could walk the whole fucking day with a “LOADED PISTOL” in your trunks!!

  12. Lucy

    stomach pooch ew

  13. 111 likes flat booty, has low standards

    #111 muahahahahaha, you haven’t slept with a hot woman in your life, heck, you probably haven’t even seen one in person in your whole life. Just admit you’re desperate and have low standards and that you find anything hot. Oh yeah, and just admit you’re into FLAT ASS, you loser! You have no idea what a nice ass or a nice female body is, you just dig the flat pancake ass and you probably only have fucked ugly chicks with flat asses in your life and the saddest thing is that you thought you were fucking something hot or with a nice body, if you have fucked any at all, that’s it. Get a taste!

  14. Mohammed

    She’s not ugly but she’s not much to write home about. Very skinny and boyish like figure, average face, and died blonde hair?

    Big deal. I’d rather fuck my camels.

  15. Lauren

    She should play the Ass-less Wonder, not Wonder Girl. Ick.

  16. yup, 111 is into flat ass

    wow 111, you suffer from a serious case of flat ass lovin’. Victoria’s Secret’s models have some of the worst asses ever, heck, they just are skinny, they don’t even have nice bodies because they have no curves, so if you consider a skinny chick with no curves and a flat ass to have a nice body alright, but to me, a woman must have a curvy body with a nice ass in order to have a nice body. No flat ass for me, ever, please. You seem like you have no idea what a nice ass is. You’re a flat ass lover, man! You probably have only fucked manly shaped chicks with no asses and you thought they had nice bodies? how… pathetic. You should learn what a hot woman with a nice body looks like.
    I just have to sing you dat song,

    I’m tired of magazines
    Sayin’ flat butts are the thing
    Take the average black man and ask him that (not only black men know what a nice ass is)
    She gotta pack much back
    Yeah, baby … when it comes to females, Cosmo ain’t got nothin’
    to do with my selection.
    So Cosmo says you’re fat
    Well I ain’t down with that!
    ‘Cause your waist is small and your curves are kickin’
    And I’m thinkin’ bout stickin’
    To the beanpole dames in the magazines:
    You ain’t it, Miss Thing!


    And #112, WTF you talkin about? Kim Kardashian is like the hottest woman in the world. Too jealous?

  17. WTF?


    Your ass must be concave.

  18. megan

    Oh shut up, you are all just jealous. She is gorgeous and not a snob. She’s awesome on Smallville. Watch her on her show before you start judging her you ignorant jerks.

  19. Ugly White Woman

    She drivin a car with no goods in da back. I hate blondes. No bodys and sharp noses. Devil eyes no warmth. No warmth like a sister.
    But I bet she like a brother in side tha Kootchay though. They all do. White boys aint got no dick. I had a white man before and it looked like a little pink baby rat. Nasty. Show some fine big ass and rack sistahs for a change.

  20. gay

    im 100% posotive everyone on that comments on this site is either gay, into fat chicks, or is a fat piece of shit with nothing to do but pick out any imperfections possible. shes hot and if you wouldn hit it youre gay.

  21. Very Gay

    All women are fat. I hate them. This is a site for sweet folk such as me, you raging breeder. (Where’s Randal?)

  22. m-dawg for shizzle

    You’re a towl.

  23. nicolas

    perfect! it is very short penetration!

  24. Average Guy

    Thank GOD we get to see a bikini shot of a woman without goofy fake breasts.

    She looks great. Sure the ass is a little flat, but let’s face it, she is looking good.

    Please, to the women, note that her small breasts look JUST FINE. In fact, if she had implants, they would look stupid.

    Remember, do NOT wreck your bodies by getting breast implants. We guys like your bodies the way they are!

  25. Ewwww McEwwwwww

    She has no muscle-tone and a droopy arse. Skinny sucks if there’s no muscle tone. Gotta at least have enough to hold things up.

  26. dude_on

    @125 – I think you missed the recent Neve Campbell post. She should be the poster child for breast enhancement. Yes, we like girls the way they are naturally, unless they need some help with their rack.

    Nonetheless Laura’s caboose is just fine. If she had bent over for the money shot this trivial discussion about her ass wouldn’t even be an issue. Reason once again why women should bend over more often – it is very flattering for presenting their figure.

    Now… if all women would simply quit resisting their natural urge to be with other women and start making out in public, then perhaps we could possibly move on as a species and cure horrific disease and end starvation. Hey – it’s just one theory.

  27. Pixie

    I have Cankles too! I’m a dancer though and they give me powa! Not sure it looks so great on an actress though =P

  28. Lola1

    Really boring.
    Got any interesting women ?

  29. Idiots Should Not Breed

    What is it about idiots who think that anyone who does not share their taste must be jealous or gay? Or, even more pathetic, that anyone who does not find cellulite ridden ass perfect must have low standards?

    Just because you originated from starving countries who think cellulite (read: fat) is the sign of wealth doesn’t mean the rest of us have to agree. Please don’t be upset – it’s not our fault that our ancestors were much more fortunate than yours.

    Everyone is entitled to his/her preferences, but if you want to argue about standards, sweetheart, ask men from different wealth categories who they think is the hottest woman? I can bet you that your “perfect” woman has the most votes among the lowest income.

  30. alisa

    now i know that only jealous fat chicks comment this site… big ass and tits because they are FAT yet hate on the skinny chicks … so funny… anyone can have curves if theyre fat! dont be jealous… most guys would muchhhh rather have a skinny girl than a fat girl with “curves”

    and for the guys….. just go look at instead of complaining about the skinny chicks on this site that would probably give you a dirty look after you stare at them for too long

  31. TakeUrExperienceOnlyJobPostingsAndShoveThemUpUrA$$kthnx

    I think asses are fucking nasty to look at, stop taking pictures of them. Which sick fuck decided there was something even mildly attractive about asses? it neighbors the cornhole -barf-


    Dude, this chick has no difference between her thighs, quads, and knees. What does that say? She has never been to a gym, and likely never walked up stairs. Total wanna be…she’ll be stright to video, one and one…

  33. Rick

    I went to Karate with her like 10 years ago… who would have thought she’d be here now!

  34. hot mess

    you go pixie! CNAKEL POWER UNTIE!

  35. bootlips

    She’s got a very nice body. I wish she didn’t have the tramp stamp. When will women figure out the tramp stamps are ugly.

  36. Arden

    Say what? She has no ass, she has no tits. Unless you are 12, or just LIKE 12 year olds, I’m not seeing it.

  37. James

    Someone call the police. Somebody stole her ass. LOL.

  38. James

    Call the police. Somebody stole her ass. LOL

  39. Muscular Women are Awesome

    I agree that this bitch does not look unnatural. She does not have any muscles. What kind of man or woman does not have hypertrphied abs these days, and giant arm muscles with some sexy blue veins popping out of the skin. Or a giant ass hangout out.
    I hate normal pretty women. I love them augmented! Fake tits, lips, nose, labia, muscles, submission chip in the brain.
    You got one gram of fat? Outtda there!
    Cuz we are all gay here!
    Go boys, oooooooooohhhhhhhh!

  40. Frybread

    A little too skinny and flat-assed for my taste.

  41. Alright nice. Now this babe is smoking hot. Sleek and she’s kept her natural titties instead of going for implants like all these dime a dozen hoes. And thanks for attributing what she’s actually done rather than posting her as a random driveby name.

    PS: Laura Vandervoort it’s time to step up to this!

  42. bargati

    Each time I read this headline; I keep seeing: Lord Voldemort’s hotness fueled…

  43. 4 people dissing people dissing her butt

    small tight asses are cute too, see the girl in the green bikini.

    but that ass isn’t tight

    it is an ugly flat saggy ass, and she has no tits.

  44. To all you chubby chasers and fat hags: Laura Vandervoort’s ass is not flat, it’s got an excellent rounded shape. And it’s refreshing to see an actress who’s fine with her small tits. Implants suck, they all look the same.

    PS: Laura Vandervoort holla Da Man will spank your cute little ass three times!

  45. sharpeidude

    WTF are you retard haters talking about? She’s not perfect, but she can hold her own. You dickwads that critique her looks couldn’t get this girl to piss on you if you’re sorry asses were on fire by the side of the road!

  46. sharpeidude

    WTF are you retard haters talking about? She’s not perfect, but she can hold her own. You dickwads that critique her looks couldn’t get this girl to piss on you if you’re sorry asses were on fire by the side of the road!

  47. Dave

    she got jewed out of a bigger bikini:)

  48. harkin

    Tramp stamp on a child – so cute.

  49. #99 Oh. I don’t think it IS benefiting us.
    And, by the way, I’m not really a tattoo fan. But learned on this thread that ‘tramp stamp’ is better lingo than ‘ass antlers’.
    You never know what you’ll discover at this dive.
    (Half the time they look more like bruises than antlers anyway… etc)

  50. debisis

    wow. i can’t believe you posters and your intelligence over this girl. and right on. only pastey unattractive white guys like girls like that, pignosed, flabby, no structure…esp if they have a tiny wenis.

    cheers yall

    –white girl with an ass

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