Laura Vandervoort’s hotness fueled by Earth’s yellow sun and, okay, the bikini

May 16th, 2008 // 178 Comments

If you’re like me and have only been laid once in your life (Thank you, Y2K!), you’ll immediately recognize Laura Vandervoort as Kara/Supergirl on Smallville. If you’ve never seen Smallville, soon you’ll recognize Laura as Bikini Girl #2 in the Audrina Patridge vehicle Into the Blue 2: Script? Shit, We Just Put a Bunch of Chicks in Bikinis. Academy Awards, watch out!


  1. Gar

    First ! and previous has a decent cameltoe

  2. adfdsaf


  3. not first

    not first

  4. small


  5. hot mess

    holy cankles!

  6. Barack

    I suppose it’s technically possible for her ass to be flatter. Still, I stopped by IHOP this morning and saw some better-looking pancakes.

  7. Hemlock Queen

    Fuck these nobodies! Gimme that hot ass Calvin Klein model from the Macy’s ad’s in a speedo. Or naked. Naked would be better.

  8. snarky

    I’m sorry, but that girl just looks way too in love with herself; she’s not as hot as she seems to think she is… #8 is right; that is one FLAT pancake ass. And can you imagine being one of those “umbrella boys”;standing there all day in the hot sun just so you can hold umbrellas over some snobs head. Thats just got to suck major ass.

  9. adult hetero male who like adult hetero females

    So…I’m unfamiliar with these actresses, I assume this is for some Disney movie?

  10. Jackson

    She has a nice tight body. She has stretch marks on her hips but I’ll take stretch marks over cellulite any day!

  11. Tapeworm

    Pig nose.

  12. Chupacabra

    nice tramp stamp…

  13. Auntie Kryst

    About goddamn time they got around to making a sequel to Into the Blue. So many unanswered questions and that huge clffhanger were left from the first movie..

  14. k

    but her body is so plain its almost a box the typical gringo type of body, she barely has an ass.

  15. To: Kim K.

    Ok, Kim. You win. Tell Fish to stop posting these pasty sticks. But you still have to take off that fucking wrap.

  16. jake

    looks like that chick next to her in the pink bikini is farting on her thigh. Or at least it looks like it.

  17. Randal

    Not a fan and nothing else to say.


  18. NotBlonde

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flatter ass on a human being. Ever.

  19. Ted Mosby

    I’ve got Kryptonite…

    In my pants.

  20. pink bikini fart

    I haven’t been this turned on since I saw Miley Cyrus’s bare shoulder.

    p.s. Nice stretch marks. What was she before, an x-ray?

  21. NotBlonde

    Oh wait, nevermind. Pink bikini has got her beat.

  22. havoc

    No shit. After all the Kim pics, this is kind of a let down.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’d still stick it in her pooper, But it wouldn’t be much of a ride……


  23. joe

    sadie sadie sadie

  24. ph7

    Funny to see those cankles on an otherwise nice body.

  25. jesse

    Alright, so we get a skinny chick with no ass and people complain.

    We’ve also had a couple thinner chicks with nice asses and people complain.

    We get a curvy chick with an amazing ass and fantastic boobs and people complain.

    I guess there’s just no pleasing people, Fish. It’s alright though man. There are still heterosexuals (who have in fact, had sex with a real vagina before) out there that enjoy the female body in it’s many shapes and sizes. Just not very many come to this site. Unless that shape happens to be love handles and a hump on the neck, then we can all go without that.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a chick in my life that would live up to the standards of you uptight assholes.

  26. Rev. Jeremiah Wright

    Her ass is as flat as a … cracker …

  27. RAy


    I hope you are not talking about Kim Kardaskank having an amazing ass because she has a wide big cellulite sagging ass and it only looks perky when she wears a girdle or photoshopped.

  28. Fit American

    She is not fat so of course she is not going to have a big ass. If she was fat then she would have a big ass like Kim Kardaskank. You Americans are use to seeing fat asses so when you do not see a fat ass; you don’t know what to think ha! ha!

  29. Mandy


    I agree. She has a sexy tight little ass.

  30. We the Uptight Assholes

    #27 – jesse, dude, chill. You like the sloppy girls. Good for you, and good for them. No need to lash out at others.

  31. hot mess

    dang! pink bikini *is* farting on blue bikini’s thigh! LOL

  32. sad.

    she has no ass what-so-ever. The side shot of her ass is abysmal. The back shot is an illusion.

  33. blondes are overrated

    whats so hot about her, she looks like kate bosworth and sandra dee…TYPICAL AVERAGE and OVERRATED BLONDE!!!

  34. izzo

    her ass is perfect!! not flat you ghetto booty lovers

  35. I’m with 16 and 35.
    This doesn’t deserve a post, hardly seems fish-worthy. Or is the site turning into some teenage bikini masturbation place?


  36. ivegotaflatasstoo

    whats so wrong with flat asses? i think they’re cute and make her look more thin. big asses usually mean more fat and cellulite…whats so hot about that?arent the guys supposed to have round muscular butts anyways? it looks better on them:)

  37. nipolian

    10th pic… bikini…..ohhhh yeahhh!
    18th pic…….ohhh yeahhh!

  38. M.D.

    Goddamn it – who wrote her a prescription for Noassitol???

  39. Tight Butts Rule!


    I love round muscular butts on men and women! I don’t like big butts on men or women.

  40. Quinn

    I don’t know who she is, but yes yes yes

  41. jesse


    Or how about in Playboy, or in her sex tape?


    No.. I like GIRLS IN GENERAL. I don’t find the need to pick apart every girl Fish posts on here to make me feel better about myself. Granted they’re not all winners.. but jesus christ. You can’t sit here and say it’s not excessive. And seriously, where is all the bickering going to get you? Is he going to stop thinking they’re hot and stop posting them? Are they going to go on this site, see what you said, and immediately try to find and achieve your level of perfection? You guys need to fucking get over yourselves and realize that no one in this world is perfect. Not to say my bickering will do any more than your’s..

    So I guess I’ll shut up now. Have a fantastic weekend everybody!

  42. snarky

    most guys like girls that are curvy…not fat…and have bubblebutts. You know, like Britney in her prime. And I’m not just talking about black guys…most guys in general love them some bubblebutt…some shelf ass. Espc when it just pops out at you, but the rest of the body is really tight and fit. I was the bubblebutt queen back in my prime, and they all went crazy for it. Unfortunately now I look more like the present day Britney :( Damn you father time!

  43. Fit Tight Bodies Rule


    Most males like females that maintain a good weight by eating right and exercising regularly. Curvy basically means fat in American terms. Basically men want a tight and fit body but bubble butts and shelf butts are a type of a fetish. Just like females want a fit and tight body on men.

  44. Father Time

    Snarky ~ get thee to a gym, pronto lard ass.

  45. blog loser


    That’s because people who come to this site don’t get out enough, and making fun of people with great bodies makes us feel better about or own flabby, shapeless asses, which are that way because we sit in front of computers and waste time all day long.

    To those of you who don’t fit this category, I envy you.

  46. Ted from LA

    You know my favorite part of this site? Randal drives people fucking stark raving mad- to the point that they try to imitate him, but nobody can. He’s too good. Raise a glass to Randal… a very swell guy (see, I can’t do it either). As for these girls, they are too young to make shit out of…

  47. sla

    If you want to trash on someone’s body, how about the guy in pic 4 with the scars on his stomach. But at least he doesn’t look like a preening, stuck-up bitch.

  48. John from OC

    Who is Randal? I don’t see him in these pics..

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