Laura Prepon Hired To Look Like Chelsea Handler, Somehow Not Offended

February 17th, 2011 // 46 Comments

Hey! Look who’s alive… in 2008.

Because Chelsea Handler is a delusional harpie preying on the economic instability of the down-trodden – Or she just really hates Scientologists (#20.) Probably shouldn’t rule that out. – Laura Prepon has been cast to star in a new NBC series based on “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea,” according to TV Line:

The pilot — written and executive-produced by Dharma & Greg co-creator Dottie Zicklin and Julie Larson, and exec-produced by Handler — centers on Chelsea Hanson, a fresh-faced single cocktail waitress who is highly opinionated and open about her love to drink and have sex.
The project marks a return to the multicamera comedy genre for Prepon, who got her break playing witty and confident teenager Donna Pinciotti on Fox’s That ’70s Show.

Remember when you used to watch That 70′s Show and all you wanted to do was either punch Mila Kunis every time she talked or get raped by Laura Prepon in the most violent and demeaning way possible? I’m talking she’s calling you a “sad nerd bitch” while buffeting you in the face and breaking all your Star Wars figurines with her heels? You know, real sexual-like. *puts on lipstick* Mmm, yeah… Well, who would’ve guessed Mila would turn out to be the hot, awesome one? Life’s so funny sometimes, except not really because Scientology is epic horseshit and 100% made this happen. Ha! Who thought this had to do with irony? You and your thoughts. So cute.

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  1. gogo

    I need rehab! FIRSSSST…

  2. Steph

    She was SO HOT before she became a run of the mill, brainless blonde bimbette. Now there isn’t anything special about her. Epic FAIL.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Agreed. I want the long, red hair back. And I remember her tits being much larger than this….

  4. shouldn’t the words “retard scientologist” come before ‘laura prepon” now?

  5. Master Spook

    Psssssst……..! Is that true?!

  6. Cock Dr

    “Remember when you used to watch That 70’s Show ….”?
    Um, no… I guess that’s why I have no idea who this blondie is.

    The part about loving drink & sex is intriguing. But wait, don’t we already have a show like that called “Jersey Shore”?

  7. Nero

    Obviously she’s American but she’d have good knowledge of several languages …. And that’s why she’s of European descent …..

    • Rhialto

      Put this carefully specified and selected psychologic profile of her in this archive and map it in chronological order…

  8. jojo

    In order to look like Chelsea Handler she is going to need to wear a strap on dildo, have hairs surgically implanted into her neck, back and nipples and then stop a few buses with her face.

    • ooz

      Whew…I was wondering when someone was going to blast CH…thanks jojo!
      She will have to have crow’s feet added on each side of her mouth as well (wear n’ tear from all the cock smoking). She’ll also need to be put through Autotune, set to “shrill, whiny, and annoying.”

  9. Colin

    So do you think they’re going to do makeup for the wings and talons, or will she be a CGI harpy?

  10. Clarence Beeks

    she looks good, but I prefer her as a redhead.

  11. She made a FINE ginger. Always wondered what happened to her tho…
    I guess she learned the lesson Cuba Gooding failed to learn while filming Jerry McGuire. Assimilate to TC (who LTC) or die a straight to DVD death…..
    Welcome back Prepon….

    • let’s see if she is successful or will be another Alyssa Milano tv show(minus Charmed and Who’s the Boss) which will run about not three or two but one episode or have the luck of Christina Applegate(minus MWC) and will have it going for a season or two. But with Applegate she got by on talent. Prepon I only saw her from” That 70′s show” and a few movies in which someone was banging her. And like Gravy said she was a FINE ginger. i would still bang her like no tomorrow. As far as marrying her ,um no unless she gave up $cientology.

      sorry Fish and folks,I’m a bit tired today and can’t think of anything funny.

    • Johnny Cage

      Please if I met her in real life I’d have nothing but compliments, because I know she’d break one of my ribs.

      I still give her avenues more credit than Reid, Lohan, or Spears. She likes to walk around without makeup, watches sports, has a rasp, looks like Athena, and is the polar opposite of any of the girls from Jersey shore. Definitely in the line of Dina Meyer and Jessica Biel.

      • TBH I wouldn’t start up with her. If she did get outta hand and broke something in a fit, hello lawsuit time. And as far as talking to her. it would depend on my status. And she does look similar to Jessica Biel. probbly why she dyed the hair blonde. As if they want a role for Jessica Biel they’ll hire Jessica Biel not a clone.

  12. Justin

    I guess if you were deaf, blind and stupid you were surprised by how things turned out.

  13. Laura Prepon Chelsea Handler
    Commented on this photo:

    whoa I never noticed the nose job pinch marks

  14. Johnny Cage

    Finally some damn good eye candy for today and the first official post of Laura by the Fish. You just made my day Fish!

    Love her now as a blonde and glad she left the Mastersons and their scientology.

  15. She’s still a looker imo, but fuck that list of 26 is depressing.

    Why, Laura?

  16. JohnnyHildo

    highly opinionated and open about the love of sex and booze…wouldn’t that make this show 2 1/2 men??

    Laura’s hot, Handler’s not…they’ll have to go all “Monster” om her to make her look like handler

  17. Lauralover

    You called this one fish. She’s the next best what we wish we had.

  18. Laura Prepon Chelsea Handler
    Stifler's Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey dumb-a$$es…she’s a natural blonde and died it red for That 70′s Show. Know your facts frist.

  19. It’s like they deliberately constructed this story with carefully chosen elements in such a way that I would be unable give a crap about it. Impressive.

  20. Laura Prepon Chelsea Handler
    Commented on this photo:

    Her chin seems to be missing a piece.

  21. the captain

    well, she tried to look like tracy chapman…………BUT FAILED DRAMMATICELY!!

  22. Laura Prepon Chelsea Handler
    I'm on my Period.
    Commented on this photo:


  23. Laura Prepon Chelsea Handler
    Commented on this photo:

    Man she was so much hotter as a red head. She’s getting a bit bigger as well. Not that I have any problem with that.

  24. I have the hots for Donna too, but you all realize she’s a natural blonde right?

  25. jay

    I never thought she was pretty at all, blond or redhead. She was too masculine for my taste. Mila Kunis is a goddess though. She was the only reason I ever watched “That 70′s Show”. I’d watch her read the phonebook.

  26. Laura Prepon Chelsea Handler
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    hot donna

  27. Artiewhitefox

    Being in natural skin showing all in a relaxed way should not embarrass or offend anyone.

  28. BanDit82BaBy

    Cocaine is one hell of drug….

  29. blargh

    Damn scientology, they be stealin’ our womenfolk!…

  30. handler is smelly and disgusting

    in order to be Chelsea she needs to stop bathing, talk at a loud annoying pitch, laugh at nothing, gain about 40 lbs., snort lots of coke, and walk like a guy. oh and pretend you are heterosexual.

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