Laura Prepon Hired To Look Like Chelsea Handler, Somehow Not Offended

Hey! Look who’s alive… in 2008.

Because Chelsea Handler is a delusional harpie preying on the economic instability of the down-trodden – Or she just really hates Scientologists (#20.) Probably shouldn’t rule that out. – Laura Prepon has been cast to star in a new NBC series based on “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea,” according to TV Line:

The pilot — written and executive-produced by Dharma & Greg co-creator Dottie Zicklin and Julie Larson, and exec-produced by Handler — centers on Chelsea Hanson, a fresh-faced single cocktail waitress who is highly opinionated and open about her love to drink and have sex.
The project marks a return to the multicamera comedy genre for Prepon, who got her break playing witty and confident teenager Donna Pinciotti on Fox’s That ’70s Show.

Remember when you used to watch That 70’s Show and all you wanted to do was either punch Mila Kunis every time she talked or get raped by Laura Prepon in the most violent and demeaning way possible? I’m talking she’s calling you a “sad nerd bitch” while buffeting you in the face and breaking all your Star Wars figurines with her heels? You know, real sexual-like. *puts on lipstick* Mmm, yeah… Well, who would’ve guessed Mila would turn out to be the hot, awesome one? Life’s so funny sometimes, except not really because Scientology is epic horseshit and 100% made this happen. Ha! Who thought this had to do with irony? You and your thoughts. So cute.

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