LaToya Jackson: ‘Michael was murdered’

July 13th, 2009 // 69 Comments

In an interview with News of the World, LaToya Jackson reveals she’s convinced Michael was killed by his handlers and is determined to bring those responsible to justice:

“Michael WAS murdered,” declared La Toya, 53. “And we don’t think just one person was involved. Rather, it was a conspiracy of people. I feel it was all about money. Michael was worth well over a billion in music publishing assets and somebody killed him for that. He was worth more dead than alive.”
As she posed a series of vital questions about 50-year-old Jacko’s sudden death 17 days ago at his rented mansion in Los Angeles, La Toya said the pop icon was:
* FED a series of addictive drugs to keep him submissive and controlled.
* KEPT from his family by manipulative people who blocked their visits.
* WORKED to exhaustion even though he DIDN’T want to do the gruelling string of 50 shows due to start at London’s O2 arena tomorrow.
* ROBBED of TWO MILLION in cash and gems as he lay dying.
Because of her close bond with Michael, La Toya was chosen by the family to sign the death certificate. Now the first step in her battle for justice is underway, with the second, independent, autopsy she ordered.

I’m going to trust LaToya on this one because I believe twins share a special, telepathic bond that modern science has yet to quantify. Sure, maybe Michael and LaToya are three years apart, but my God, look at her and tell me that’s not Michael’s identical clone. Seriously, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars for him to look like that. Oh, wait.

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  1. timmy the frisky virus

    She’s just pissed because Bruno made her look stupid. Let me help.


  2. zyko

    This is the most fucked up family on the face of the earth.

  3. Insecthero

    “He was worth more dead than alive.”

    Quoted For Truth. And Zyko, you’re absolutely right. Well, I’m sure there are worse families, but the fact that these freak shows are famous, wealthy, and have legions of slobbering idiots who would likely commit mass suicide for them, makes this one of the biggest failures of mankind in history.

  4. Insecthero

    Incidentally Fish, my sister once was on a flight with LaToya…or at least, that’s what everyone said. When the freakish lump, wrapped up in high collars and sunglasses, was ushered off the plane amid masses of security, one passenger noted quite loudly, “Hell, that could’ve been Michael judging by the looks!”

  5. el ces

    It IS pretty suspicious.

    Any news on the Dave Carradine death?

  6. meltdown09

    Oh my G…I always wondered what happened to Captain Stuebing! Man she has had as much work done as the MJ. What do these Jackson’s have against noses? The saga continues….

  7. Monique

    I think that if his family feels that he was murdered that they should look into geting him justice. As far as his personal affairs go , we dont know if he was gay or not and if he was so what. I think these reporters and the media is mad because they could get any of his money. If he liked men so what, these reporters better stop talkin about the king of pop, you know what they probly wanted a peice of micheal too, i mean they are obbsessed with his private lie dont you think.

  8. fred

    Didn’t she used to be black also?

  9. BigKaTuna

    **** It seems like this woman will do or say anything to get the limelight on her. Pretty pathetic. ****

    ………..BTW, WTF happended to her nose… she paid for that?

  10. LifeVox

    Latoya, wouldn’t they wait until AFTER the tour to murder him? Wouldn’t they milk the 50 London shows first? Thing logically…I know that’s impossible for the Jacksons, but still.

  11. missywissy

    Aye yaye, captain Latoya! He was murdered by pirates!

  12. rip michael jackson

    shes making alot of sence because 1 the doctor was an un liscence idot and 2 gave michael cpr on a bed. im sure michaels monkey would have been smarter den that and would have know cpr can only be given on a hard surface lastly 3 the doctor had a cell phone but didnt call 911 because he “didnt know the address” … please not only did mkchael live in the most popular place in california but now a days the police can track were a call is coming from. im not sayin the ” doctor” wanted to kill him but he was an idiot

  13. yvon

    everybody wants to blame someone for micheal ‘s passing, but i think he was old enough to know the danger of the medication he was taking.i feel bad for the famely and again i hope they’ll find peace in there heart to let him go .p.s hopefully he’ll be burried in neverland, where he felt in peace and that he built to get away . with love s.y.payant

  14. yvon

    everybody wants to blame someone for micheal ‘s passing, but i think he was old enough to know the danger of the medication he was taking.i feel bad for the famely and again i hope they’ll find peace in there heart to let him go .p.s hopefully he’ll be burried in neverland, where he felt in peace and that he built to get away . with love s.y.payant

  15. He was a beautiful, talanted, child that grew in to an amazing young man. On one can understand what it was like to be MJ. His life was a bizzard circle of events that we will never understand. If he took advantage of children, god will punish. As for all the harsh comments remember a brother is flesh and blood. As for his music there is no denying his talent was brusting out his seams.

  16. Maeleine Giraud

    He was deffinently murdered ! he had a heart of gold, hope that justce shall be found . I miss you M.J. I listened to you since I was 10 years we only have 6 years apart .

  17. Micheal jackson was murdered by his own stupidity. He should not have been taking these drugs. Just like he should not have been having sexual contact with children.

  18. Rcoxx4U

    I see “bull horn” at work here.

    Most of the comments are fake. The Media, Hollywood,Sony/AEG are involved.

    Ask John Branca these question?

    Why would Michael Jackson rehire you?

    Why would you still have a seven year old will that was no longer legal; since you did not represent him?

    Michael Jackson fired John Branca in 2003

    In 2003, Branca was investigated and it was discovered that Branca had an offshore account in which Sony transfered funds to Branca while Branca was representing Michael. Branca was then fired. Mesereau questioned the investigator about Branca in court in 2005.
    Court Transcript

    MESEREAU: Why did you investigate Mr. Branca?

    LEGRAND: I requested — well, let me back up. After consultation with my partner, Mr.Gibson, and discussion with I believe Mr. Joss at Paul Hastings, Mr. Gibson and I instructed the firm Interfor to investigate Mr. Branca, because Mr.Konitzer had indicated in several conversations that he was very concerned about Mr. Branca and that Mr. Jackson had expressed concern about Mr. Branca’s loyalty.

    Also, there was — Mr. Schaffel related information that also was negative of Mr. Branca. So we made collectively the decision to ask Interfor to further the background investigation, to conduct investigation into Mr. Branca.

    MESEREAU: But at the time, Konitzer didn’t know that you were also investigating him, right?

    LEGRAND: That’s correct.

    MESEREAU: At the time, Schaffel didn’t know you were also investigating Schaffel, right?

    LEGRAND: That’s correct.

    MESEREAU: At the time, Weizner didn’t know you were also investigating Weizner, right? …

    LEGRAND: That’s correct. We did not inform them of the scope of — the full scope of Interfor’s actions at our request.

    MESEREAU: And the investigator’s report indicated it appeared that Sony was involved in that account, right?

    LEGRAND: The investigator’s report indicated that Sony had transferred money to the account.

    MESEREAU: Sony had transferred money to that account for the benefit of Mr. Jackson’s lawyer, right?

    LEGRAND: That’s what was indicated in the report. …

    MESEREAU: You investigated Mr. Branca because, in your words, you thought he was involved in self-dealing, right? …

    LEGRAND: Again, you know, I want to be clear. I consulted with my partner and, you know, other lawyers, and we collectively made a decision to — that it was prudent to have our investigator look into the possibility of such actions being taken by Mr. Branca.

    MESEREAU: Isn’t it true that you were trying to investigate offshore accounts owned by Branca and someone named Tommy Motolla?

    LEGRAND: Yes.

    MESEREAU: Who was Tommy Motolla?

    LEGRAND: He was a very powerful figure in the record industry at one time. I believe he was the president of the Sony Entertainment Division in the U.S. I’m not sure of his exact title or position.

    MESEREAU: Were you concerned that Tommy Motolla and Mr. Jackson’s lawyer, John Branca, were working together to defraud Michael Jackson? …

    LEGRAND: Based on the suspicions that were expressed to me and my partner, we asked Interfor to look into these rumors.

    MESEREAU: Was it your belief when you started this investigation that Al Malnik, Tommy Motolla, John Branca and people at Sony were trying to find a way to get Mr. Jackson’s interest in that music catalog?

    AUCHINCLOSS: Objection. Argumentative; leading; relevancy.

    THE COURT: Overruled. You may answer.

    LEGRAND: I’m not sure that I would include Al Malnik in that group, but I certainly was concerned that Branca and Motolla, in particular, had set the stage, so to speak, for Sony to be able to obtain Michael’s interest in the Sony/ATV joint venture.

    Yes, Michael Jackson was murdered. It was for the 50% ownership of SONY/ATV valued at 5 billion USD. Funny the media nor the police see this motve. Feel free to call me names because you cannot refute the facts presented here.

  19. Many celebrities asinine things because, frankly, they can be assholes and they say the more ridiculous stunts, can know more and more publicity to die. They push the envelope over and over again, in hundreds of ways, and then they always “family” and “Guys coming out of the timber once they are dead and are crying foul play. Well, if anyone actually cares about MJ, he saw this crap when he was alive. It is all nonsense.

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